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Congrats Songbird! That is great!

I actually have my MD appt today and will probably start stims tonight now. We are going to go to a foster-to-adopt seminar next week. Our best friends just announced their third pregnancy our first are 5 weeks apart and we started our first cycle of clomid together for #2 and her little guy is now 2. So they are on their way to #3 and we still just have one. I cried so hard when I found out. Happy for them, but so sad for myself. I knew that since this is probably our last chance (financially and mentally) of IVF that I needed to know what our steps were for adoption, I have always said we will add to our family somehow. I hope it is through a pregnancy, but I need to realize that if it is not, I need another alternative. It is sooooo hard.
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Thanks for the hugs everyone; I'm feeling much better today.

Poet- great news about your FSH. I'm sure you were so relieved. You knew deep down that those tests were off.

Crystal- did you have trouble conceiving your first or were you blissfully unaware (like me) that you would be heading down this path when you TTC #2?

At least it's friday and we can have two days to rest and relax!

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Kim, I'm so glad you are feeling a little bit better today. Cont'd

Major Update: Things are rolling at a pace here.
Went in for the u/s after doing the injections for only 4 days. They scoffed at me when I requested it be this early. Turns out I KNOW my body cuz I had 3 follies, two of which are ready ready. So we triggered right there and then, a world record at only cd7 and tomorrow we do the IUI. They were all blown away but I told them, I shoot my eggs out fast. Ya gotta be standing around with a basket ready or you'll miss them. I am SO happy I followed my intuition and insisted. Anyone else respond like this???

I'm a little pissed because DH went out and got drunk last night. 4 beers. Maybe that's not the end of the world but we just had the 'what were you thinking?" conversation. I really hope it won't be too much of an issue since tech. the sperm we're using was made 3 mths ago and I am the one with the prob, but still.
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Does anyone else find that the time spent on MDC and staring at your chart increases exponentially as the 2ww drags on? I'm at 13 dpo today. I've been pretty unemotional so far, but I'm starting to get hopeful. I hate that because I know it will make it that much worse if AF shows.

How's everyone else doing this fine Friday afternoon? Any fun weekend plans?
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Originally Posted by LibbyLou View Post
Does anyone else find that the time spent on MDC and staring at your chart increases exponentially as the 2ww drags on? I'm at 13 dpo today. I've been pretty unemotional so far, but I'm starting to get hopeful. I hate that because I know it will make it that much worse if AF shows.

How's everyone else doing this fine Friday afternoon? Any fun weekend plans?
I peeked at your chart. Looking really good so far. Good luck!
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Poetgirl: You are awesome!!!!!! Way to show those doctors that you know your body!!! I am absolutely thrilled for you!!!!!!

Libbylou: I have great feelings about your chances this month=)

As for me, still on BCP and trying to decide if I should stay on them for one more month so that we can get passed the holidays. Life is too busy and emotional right now. DH and I were up till 1:00 this morning talking about the economy and how we are scared to death..........Then, this morning I took my cat to the vet and witnessed a dog that I know very well have a seizure in the vet office. It was beyond scary for me. I'm a huge pet lover and thinking about it has brought me to tears several times today.
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poet - Yay!!! that's awesome about your fsh, and your follicle scan! here's hoping...

libbylou - I'll be stalking your chart...
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CD 1 for me. Every passing month is getting harder. I feel like its not meant to be. I am in such a state of gloom. I will be getting my tests done on Monday now. I have a feeling that my eggos are crappy. I am thinking more of donor eggs if my fsh is to high. Dh is not to keen on it. At least the child will be part of him and I can carry it. No one needs to know. I wish it would be part of me but what can I do if my eggs stink.

gumby74--I am a huge animal lover and a vegetarian. I have 3 cats, 2 shelters and 1 siamese. I always grew up with a siamese cat. They are so smart and sleak. I have been begging dh for a dog. This might help fill the void I m feeling right now. Maybe I can give my love to a doggy. It help pass the time.

poetgirl--your eggs are ready in 4 days. I need to be more aware of this once we start treatments. Its looking good for you.
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Wgt- I can feel your pain through your post. I feel with you. I have had an awful bout of depression since my IUI on Tuesday. Our next option is donor sperm, which is similar to your situation.(Hubby not keen either, but willing after this IUI) My doc said I should hope, but why? So futile. I do hope your FSH comes back nice and low.

Gumby-. Find some peace with what you decide.

Libby- Does misery love company? MDC totally helps the 2WW!

Poet- YAY for big follies!
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wtg thanks for your kind words. I wish you the very best with the testing and IUI, God willing you will get your natural BFP if not soon. Looks like we are cy buddies as I was visited by my period on my birthday of all days. Oh well.

Can the threadmistress please change my age to 39 pls? I am under the taking a break category
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Kim 1st pregnancy was a huge oops!! Never dreamed I would have trouble getting preg w/ # 2.

Gumby and Natrualmom good luck w/ whatever you choose to do. This whole thing sucks!

Held Happy Birthday!!

Poetgirl good luck!! Hopefully you will get a BFP in 2 weeks!!!


chrismom I know how you feel!! My friends that started trying to get preg AFTER me have had 2 babies and I still have one. Kinda makes me a little bit bitter when they start complaining about having to stay up for late night feedings,etc. The other day my friend said (her kids were both crying and being wild) "are you sure you want another baby, these girls drive me nuts" I just stared @ her and didn't say a word. Ppl who have never had to deal w/ IF don't even know how precious it is to be able to get preg and have a baby.

AAM just waiting to see what day I "O". Have been on meds for 8 months and it is usually day 12-18 depending on if i took femara or clomid. We will see what I do w/o meds. This is my 4th 12 hour shift in 5 days... still have 2 more to go! I am soo tired!!
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Hi ladies,

I'm back in the infertility/TTC boards. I found out that my baby died during a regularly scheduled ultrasound appointment on Wednesday. The baby measured about 7 weeks and I should have been 11 and a half weeks. I took misoprostol to miscarry yesterday. It was probably the most horrible experience of my life, but I feel a little better knowing that I am on my way to physically healing. DH and I are of course still grieving our loss, but are anxious to try again in a couple of months.

So, I guess I am taking a break for a couple of months. Can I be added back on the board?
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Oregonduck- oh no. We really did not want to see you here!!! I am hurt for your loss. Please be kind to yourself.
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Updated to here

wtg4miracle - CD1 never gets any easier

Held - threadmistress...I like that! he he

oregonduck - I'm so sorry to have to move you. Take care of yourself.

AAM, temp went up this morning. I'm terrified to test. I know that the B Complex I've been taking could just be lengthening my LP. I can't handle seeing a BFN right now.
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Didn't end up getting to MD yesterday, had a mandatory TC at work that I had to present for and then the nurse was in surgery and MD was out. So went this morning and I have a follicle (bad news if it is emitting Estrogen). So if my blood work doesn't come back good, then we will trigger and re-start the whole process. Grrrr!
Maybe they could sneak in an IUI if I trigger, but I rather doubt it as my lining is thinned from AF last week. I pray I don't have to do BCP again, I was sick and nauseous the whole time on them. I actually don't get sick from stims or Lupron, but BCPs, ugh.
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THE DEED IS DONE! We had 42 million sperm after the wash and supposedly sometime today I'll be releasing 2-3 eggs. So we'll get foxy tonight as well and hope for the best. This is so bizarre...it's only cd8! I hope my lining is okay.
Had a weird trigger shot side effect last night (shortness of breath, bad stomach pains) but I feel okay now.
Thanks everyone so much for the support. I don't know how hopeful I feel, but I am just SO glad that everything went according to plan, no weird cancellations, no overstimulation, no sabotage on the drive up there. We had to wake up at 5 o clock so dh could do his thing at 7 am. Really not a sexy hour. But so happy to have this part behind me. I think the 2ww is actually much easier when you're doing an ART cycle.

SongbirdI know you had some crappy clomid cycles, but how many injectible cycles did you do?

OregonDuckI am so sorry for your loss and to see you back here. My heart is sad for you.

LibbyLou~Good Luck this go around!

C'sMom I really hope this cycle works out for you. I am sorry you may have to restart. I HOPE NOT!!!

Wtng4 I know how hard this is but try not to expect the worst. Not all 38 yr olds have terrible fsh. They really don't. I have a bunch of friends over 35, some at 40, and none of them have high fsh. I'm sorry if your doctor may have doted on that a lot, but it is not a given. AT ALL. Given that your DH's situation is better than you thought and you haven't hit the yr mark, I would encourage you not to press the panic button yet. You're doing everything right, checking your DH thoroughly, now you'll check on you. I am told by my RE that your antral follicle count is as much a factor in how you'll respond to ART as your FSH. Hang in there for now, and see what happens-easier said than done.
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Poetgirl: 42 million.............wow! That is awesome for an IUI. Well, at least in my experience I have never seen that number with an IUI! I am truly amazed that this all happened on CD8.have they talked about putting you into the medical journals yet?? I think you have all the reason in the world to think it's going to work!!!!!!!!!

Oregonduck: I'm so sorry. My first confirmed MC was done naturally and it was sooo painful, but in some ways easier to get over emotionally than the 2nd one that was a D&C. Either way it sucks, but in terms of TTC, I think it's better to have it happen naturally because your body gets back on track faster. I'm sorry though because from the day you found out you were pg, your heart was 100% invested and that's hard!
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Oregonduck- so sorry about your loss. I hope you are taking care of yourself. I felt so bad when I saw your post here. My heart goes out to you.

Poetgirl-- My goodness gracious, 42 million swimmers, wow this is really good. And you have good eggs that were ripe and ready to go early. I have a strong feeling for you this month. Your fsh good, good swimmers and follicles, you go girl. Oh thanks for encouraging me that my fsh might be alright and that they also look at the antral follicle. I know what you mean about the 2ww being easier. I am not there yet with IUIs but I am so worried that getting the right meds done, getting dh to dtd in a cup and taking time off of work, yup the pre-ov time will be nerve wracking. ALso, I felt better that we did not reach the yr mark but the literature pounds into us that over 35 ttc over 6 months that we are doomed.

LibbyLou-I had to peak at your chart, its looking good.

christophersmom--gl with the bw, I hope this cycle is still a go for you. You are already had a hard time last month.

Held--Happy Belated Birthday!! I think we are cycling together. I am so fed up with my monitor that I probably will not be using it. I am so upset now that I might change my mind later. I am seriously thinking of not temping, using opks and monitor. I just want to take a break from all the paraphenalia(sp).

natrualmom--I had to mention about DE to dh again tonight and he just looked at me like I was nuts. But I am getting serious here and trying to be realistic if this comes to it. I am sorry that you might have to go the donor route. But its a baby soul. Its the soul that comes to you and not its skin coating(outer covering). I hope I made sense here.

nummies--that is great that the timing is great now. I know how you feel about the upcomming holidays and timing things around it. I was thinking about this also that this will be not great timing for us to do IUI this month and next month cause I think I will ovulate on Thanksgiving and Christmas day. And I work both of those days. Not good to call in sick at work.

crystal-mommy--thanks for the hugs and I know how you feel. I sometimes work real long hard hours. Its so taxing on your body.

gumby74--I was thinking if you are not ready emotionally maybe wait after the holidays. Enjoy the holidays with your family. Do not think about ttc if you decide to wait. Do what is best for you. Take a week or two to think about it.

Hello to everyone I left out: Its hard to remember everybody.

AFM-my period is really light, started last night and since then its real light. Its seems like my periods are getting lighter and lighter each month. Is this a huge concern. I mentioned to my doc that my periods are really light like 2 days and he was not really worried about it. Its starting to be a real concern for me now. My lp is really great, mostly 14-16 days. I don't know if I should be worried. I am worried that my lining is not great for implantation.
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Oregonduck, I am so sorry.

Poetgirl, my fingers and toes are crossed for you!

wtng4, I second what poetgirl said. You're still a long ways away from the 1 yr. mark, so try to stay positive. I know how hard that can be.
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OregonDuck, sorry for your loss. I will reiterate what gumby said, it is easier on your body to do naturally. My twins were a D&C and it took months to get my cycle back. My last one was natural and we started IVF two weeks after the loss. (It was just in September and we have now started/stopped two IVF cycles since).

Poetgirl, that is awesome! Sending you good vibes. That is awesome.

crystalmommy, why do people have to be so insensitive, your friend is clueless. I had a girl at bunco complaining she wanted her body back after being preg for 3 years in a row, oh poor baby, sheesh!

My cycle got cancelled, I had an 18mm follicle that was emitting a lot of estrogen, I guess estrogen is not good during an IVF cycle. So we triggered last night, I go in for more BW/US on Friday (I hate Fridays cause work is crazy that morning) and then wait for a period and can look at starting stims after that, so sometime around 2 weeks, maybe. I stay on the Lupron. Ugh! It is never-ending, this is my third cancelled cycle. (My first was the month before I had IVF last year).
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