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Originally Posted by natrualmom View Post
Poet- Please hold out hope. Do you POAS?

Had my baseline US today. Big cyst. BCP until Dec 22, then a recheck.
Praying for it to be gone. Anyone with this experience? Picked out a donor. Hoping for a Christmas present.
Thanks you guys. You're the best, keeping my hopes up when I am feeling so mopey. I did poas at like 5pm today to see if the trigger was out of my system (11dpo) and there was a very faint line so I think that's the remnant of it. The crampiness has subsided too so I think that was a trigger shot effect.

So sorry about the cysts. When I had really awful clomid-induced ones, acupuncture REALLY helped and thie chinese blend of herbs that is chi detangling bupluerum or something like that, FWIW.
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poetgirl uhhh when I had a trigger shot my poas was negative after 8dpo.
I thought trigger shots only stay in your system for 7 days. Keep
keep poas and see if the line gets darker!! Keeping my fingers
crossed for you!!
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Really, Crystal? I thought it stayed longer. This is my first one so I guess we'll find out how I metabolize it. But tech I guess I am 12 dptrigger. I am really not handling this very smoothly
One side of me is saying "but your temp sunk this morning" and the other side is saying "12 dptrigger and with 5pm pee...hmmm."
This happened to Lola last time...so we'll see what tomorrow brings but I am so sensitive to meds I have a strong feeling it's the trig.

Happy Thanksgiving :. I am thankful FOR YOU!
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Poet- Like I said in our other thread, you should have cleared the trigger by 10 days post trigger at the latest. Cautiously optimistic for you
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So I was having some thoughts on IF I thought I could share here, because you all understand. This whole IF journey has been things I never wanted. I never wanted a probe stuck up 'there' every waking moment. I never wanted the whole office staff to see my crotch. I never wanted to take drugs to alter my hormones. Never wanted a tenaculum, a balloon catheter, hormone shots or BCP's! Never wanted donor sperm. But I want to be pregnant, so this other crap really doesn't count. Seems unbalanced. But here we are, doing all of this to achieve our hearts desire
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hmmm well no line at all today w. fmu, part of me really expected to see one.
though temp did jump up again today.
we'll see tomorrow.
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Happy thanksgiving to all! Got stuck working today, 12hrs so that stunk. Hope everyone had a good one.

naturalmom- i of course now how u feel. I've been off this month due to clomid induced cyst and it's so upsetting to waste a month but i don't miss sitting in that re office with everyone just staring at the walls. I've never felt emotions like this in my entire life. I am an er nurse in an extremely poor neighborhood and had an hiv+ girl on heroine pregnant for the 9th time with 7 prior abortions and 4 months prego with no prenatal care and actually asked me if prenatal care is important, not to mention the prisoners that come in prego, and the girl who tried to kill herself is prego, and the multiple girls high on heroine that can't even stay awake to give me their name are prego too. This i see a couple times a week. I want to scream and choke every single on of them. Sorry to ramble on but we are all feeling the same way here, and none of us are alone obviously. I conceived my daughter on a slip with my first husband and am very greatful for her but my husband has no children and my daughter begs for, a sibling everyday, it's heartbreaking, all i think about and dream about is being pregnant, people tell u to stop thinking about it and it will happen. Screw them it is impossible to do that. Well glad i got that out.

Good luck to all in the 2ww, it's excruciating.
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Natrualmom--I hear you girl. I never thought in my life I would be showing my crotch to so many docs and nurses. Theres a nurse at the RE office who I knew from long time ago who worked at the hospital I work at. How weird is that. She is an excellant nurse, very kind and caring but man she has to see my private stuff after all. Oh well if this what it takes to get pregnant then thats how its going to be.

AFM--got the mail just now, 3 page report, basically I was so scared to open it but screw it I needed to know what is happening.

FSH is 5.6 (I am so happy that I was so worried that I would be above 10)
Testosterone was high 0.49. It should be less than 0.1. Everything else is within normal limits. Doctor did wrote "left" next to the testosterone on the lab report. This is the only thing that is abnormal. I do have 3 cysts on my left ovary. So something is going on here but not sure. I am on bcp for this month so I can get rid of them. What does all this mean cysts and high testosterone?
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When I was tested for high testosterone they told me it could be an indicator that I was produceing abnormal quality eggs. It ended up that I didn't have high testosterone, but they were convinced at first that was what was going on with me.

POET: How are you doing today?
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Originally Posted by gumby74 View Post
When I was tested for high testosterone they told me it could be an indicator that I was produceing abnormal quality eggs. It ended up that I didn't have high testosterone, but they were convinced at first that was what was going on with me.

POET: How are you doing today?
Hi Gumby, thanks for asking. Here's my update from the IUI thread:
So yeah, I really think I'm out. BFN today.
I just found out my sister's 4th ivf attempt has been cancelled again and she says it appears she is going through 'rapid ovarian failure.' I feel terrible for her. I think we will try one more inject/iui cycle (so I'm not doing ivf during the holidays) and then try ivf in Jan.
We had 3 follies and 42 mil sperm. Even though this last fsh read was 6.9, I am wondering if something is wrong w. my eggs

I'm not very hopeful because at this point, I think it's just the progesterone keeping my temps up.

Wtng4, That is an incredible # for fsh! Wow
Have they checked you for pcos? I believe there can be a link between high test. and that. Otherwise, I am not sure how that would affect things. I have low test. but I've never been told that is a problem.
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Poet- I am so sorry- I was hoping this was your month. Progesterone will keep the temps up

Wgt- What kind of BCP's are you on? Are you able to call your do Monday to get his/her impression of the lab results? I was thinikng of what Poet said in regards to PCOS.
I am on loestrone, 24 mcg of estrogen, 1mg progesterone. Makes me feel icky. Psycho dreams.
The thing that really sucks is I work closley with my doc because I am an RN at the Birthing Center he works at. The doc I see is the only man, and I have huge man anxiety due to past stuff. He is the IF specialist, so I am stuck. I am mortified because he was seen it all and its very awkward. So compound this with the fact I am super modest and anxious about all related to anything sexual, and here I am a mess. That being said, he is really super nice to me and has never violated me with the tenaculum like 2 of his female partners! My husband and I have chosen a sperm donor now. My doc walked in and said something about, 'if you are comfortable with it'. I thought long and hard about that and have come up with this. With infertility treatment, things evolve from what one is comfortable with to what one is willing to tolerate.
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poet- it isn't over till you get AF, hang in there!!

natrualmom- I also work w/ my dr and it makes it a little weird when we are having to discuss "timed intercourse",etc. But @ least I know that when I do get pregnant I will have a dr that is seriously interested and will take every necessary precaution to hopefully have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

AFM never did get anything other than high on my monitor, so after 12 days in a row of "high" i said screw it and am not going to use it till next cycle. I *believe * I O'd on cd 15, but we will see when AF shows up.
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Poetgirl and Natrualmom--I am thinking I am "borderline suggestive" PCOS. Its weird I don't have all the symptoms for a diagnoses of PCOS. My LH to FSH ratio is 1:1. I only have 3 cysts on my ovary. I do ovulate every month. What I am really worried about is the high testosterone, not severley high but high enough to cause concern. I might just call the docs next week to get their opinion. I am also thinking I should do the HSG while I am on the bcps. Then I will be totally cleaned out and be good to go when my body finally is ready for IUI.

My bcp I am on now is desogestrel 0.15mg/ethinyl estradiol 0.03mg. I am finishing 2 weeks of it now. I have one week "active pills" and one week of placebo pills left. When do I get my period? I know in the white pill time but when should it come cause I need to make a cd3 call and start clomid hopefully. I might O on xmas day from the looks of it.
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Wgt-I think your period should come after the estrogen is stopped. Ha! I feel like a remedial BCP person! When the doc said something about 'sugar pill' I was puzzled. Hsg is a great idea. Make hay while the sun shines!

Poet- How are you?

MOMTOALEXIS- I hear you; I am an OB nurse and man! how do the cards get dealt? How frustrating. I can imagine how you have to care for these girls and treat them well, all the while screaming inside! UGGG!!!
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