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Wow great ideas ladies I am going to keep an eye on this thread and if I get a menu done I will post it I am trying to get better at feeding my family better foods.
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I changed last week's up alot so hopefully this week's will stick better.

9-roast, carrots, onions, mashed potatoes
10-autumn sausage casserole
11-roast beef sandwiches, fries
12-paninis, chips, fresh veggies
16-pork roast, mashed potatoes, whatever veggie looks good
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Impossible broccoli cheddar pie? I must know more about this one!

I forgot to post our first week of November but we stuck to it really well, so I'll copy it in if I can remember it, even though it's over!

3 (it's after the fact and I can't remember!)
4 crab cakes, one-hour french bread, salad
5 BBQ chicken in the crock pot (with cornbread on top); sugar snap peas
6 can't seem to remember?
7 corned beef with wilted cabbage and horseradish cream
8 leftovers
9 At Grandma's house!
10 macaroni and cheese, cucumber salad
11 hamburgers, roasted vegetables, salad
12 tamale pie (crockpot)
13 chicken leg quarters, salad
14 baked tuna, sweet potatoes, onions
15 we'll be out--?
16 leftovers
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Hi, mind if I join? so many great ideas on this thread! you ladies are so inspiring!

Money is super tight for the next couple of weeks so I am planning to do as much as possible from the pantry/fridge/freezer without shopping. And I think that posting here will help keep me on task--these are all meals I brainstormed from stuff I already have on hand.

Here's what I have planned so far:

13: dijon-tarragon sauced chicken breasts, short grain brown rice, balsamic glazed turnips, green salad
14: spaghetti with marinara sauce & cannellini beans, green salad
15: salmon-rice patties (made with leftover rice) with yogurt-tahini sauce, green salad
16: sauteed breaded pork cutlets w/ cheddar-mustard sauce, roasted fingerlings, frozen peas
17: sweet potato & black bean enchiladas, Mexican style quinoa
18: lentil minestrone w/ whole grain crusty bread (from freezer)
19: nachos with refried beans, cheese, salsa & guacamole, leftover quinoa
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gyros, french fries
chicken orzo soup
ravioli, salad, garlic bread
tuna noodle casserole
baked ham and cheese omelet roll
ham, broccoli, rice
ham, potato & green bean casserole
bean soup, rolls
spaghetti, salad, garlic bread
eat out
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I am half way with our meal plan and will post the new one soon. I usually plan 2 weeks at a time
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This week:

Sun- Pasta Pomodoro, parmesan green beans, broccoli or salad
Mon- Tacos and Black Bean Dip
Tues- Crockpot sloppy lentils, roasted broccoli, oven fries
Wed- Peanut butter pasta with peas, cauliflower
Thurs- Skillet rice and beans
Fri- spaghetti or frozen pizza

Breakfasts are bagel w/cream cheese, peanut butter toast, or cereal
Lunches are leftovers or sandwiches
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This weeks dinners-

Sunday (today)- Homemade veggie pizzas with dough and sauce from scratch
Mon.- Beef stew from scratch and fresh homemade bread
Tues- strawberry waffles and eggs
Wed.- Chuck roast with homemade noodles and gravy (gotta use up the other half of the roast ), steamed carrots
Thursday- Red beans and rice, homemade salsa and tortilla chips
Friday- Baked potato soup & biscuits
Saturday- Big green salad and homemade hummus & pita

Pizzas are in rising right now :
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Again, moved things around. I'm not doing so well with this anymore.

17-pork roast, mashed potatoes, something else
18-sausage hashbrown casserole, eggs
19-baked potatoes
21-homemade pizza
22-steak, salad, potato something
23-potato soup, breadsticks, fresh veggies

Breakfast is oatmeal, bagels, or eggs.
Lunches are leftovers, sandwiches and I've been making a big pot of soup on the weekends for lunches too. This week's is broccoli and cheese.
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17- pesto salmon with veggies
18- moroccan chicken stew with couscous(first try)
19 - quinoa and bean casserole
20 - beef stroganoff
21- pizza night (homemade!)
22 - sesame honey pork tenderloin with veggies and quinoa

that's as far ahead as i can plan these days, between a one year old, nanowrimo and organising an ecovillage... oI!
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Let's see:

Monday: fast food for supper, not telling you what
Tuesday: Navy bean soup for lunch, fettucini alfredo with broccoli for supper
Wednesday: salad for lunch, black bean enchiladas for supper
Thursday: Navy bean soup leftovers for lunch, homemade pizza for supper
Friday: veggie burgers with cheese for lunch, little smokies for supper
Saturday: brunch with extended family, take-out pizza for supper
Sunday: pasta with veggies for lunch, chicken sandwiches for supper

Snacks this week are:

peanut butter cookies
Just Tomatoes fruit salad
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I'm trying to get back into meal planning.
This is for this week (starting last Friday) and next week's dinners......
14 Homemade Nachos
15 Skillet chicken pot pie with biscuits
16 Beef Stew with cheesey herb pull apart bread
17 Baked Chicken fingers, roasted red potatoes and corn
18 Mac and cheese, ham steak, and g. beans (Ds's chosen B-day dinner )
19 Baked Salmon, baked potatoes, salad
20 Chicken fried rice
21 Homemade Pizza (bacon and pineapple?)
22 Roast chicken, mashed potatoes, broc
23 Leftovers
24 Beef, rice and veggie stirfry
25 Spicy chili and homemade chix noodle (for kids) with beer bread
26 Quesidillas
27 Chicken and veggie pasta
28 Thanksgiving (bring mashed potatoes, and cran, orange, ginger chutney)

sandwiches.... ham and cheese, grilled cheese, pb&J
go out to lunch 2xs

bagels & cr. cheese
hot cereal
ww. waffles
eggs bacon hash browns
ww pancakes
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I'm not quite finished...still working on it today:

L-Leftover Roasted Red Pepper Soup
D-Broccoli Stalk Soup
L-Leftover Broccoli Stalk Soup
D-Savory Kale w/ chapati & refried beans
L- Broccoli Salad
D- Dinner at In-laws
L-Herbed Broccoli Sandwich (can you tell we have a ton of broccoli?)
D- Celeriac Soup
L-Leftover Celeriac Soup
D-Shredded Chicken Tacos
L-Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken
L-Lunch at Church

For special snacks I was going to make Wheat Germ Balls and Sunflower Chip Cookies.
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Hi everyone,

Just found this thread and thought I'd like to chime in, if you don't mind. I menu-plan a month at a time, and have been doing so for over 5 years now. Now and then, I fall off the wagon and wing it, but mostly I stick to it b/c it makes such a difference in both my stress level and in our grocery budget. I do my menus on the computer, and after the month is over, I just file them in the back of my recipe binder -- that way, I have years' worth of menus to look back on to give me ideas if I'm feeling uninspired. I'm all about not reinventing the wheel, yk?

Oh, and a * indicates that I doubled or tripled the recipe to freeze for later...

November 2008
1 Rotis with curried chickpea filling*, tomatillo salsa, sweet potato fries, refried black beans, sour cream
2 Vegetable tempura, miso soup, sushi rice, cuke salad, edamame
3 Pumpkin chili, cornbread
4 Crockpot tarragon chicken w/mushrooms and carrots, served over egg noodles
5 Date Night (DH and I go out, kids eat things like taquitos or dino nuggets or mac n'cheese)
6 Black bean and butternut squash burritos
7 White pizza w/rosemary and roasted tomatoes
8 Yellow Pea and coconut milk soup, flatbreads
9 Greek Chicken Souvlaki, Roasted Potatoes or orzo, Tzaziki Sauce, Greek Salad, Pita, Dolmas
10 Roasted Corn and Green Chile Soup*, Zucchini Bread
11 Pumpkin pancakes, turkey bacon, cheddar cheese, cinnamon apples
12 Pierogies, creamed spinach, homemade applesauce, baked beans
13 Date Night
14 DH's bday: chicken marsala and spinach and mushroom crepes, salad, apple pie and vanilla ice cream
15 Thai squash-fried rice, cuke salad, Thai egg rolls, sweet/spicy dipping sauce
16 Spaghetti squash, homemade tomato sauce, salad, homemade bread
17 Sweet potato chilaquiles, spinach/orange salad
18 Lentil, spinach/kale and chicken spicy sausage soup*, homemade bread, salad
19 Date Night
20 Colombian corn, chicken and potato stew, hot buttered tortillas
21 Baked ziti *, salad, bread
22 Rosemary mustard chicken, au gratin potatoes, garlic green beans or broccoli
23 Eggplant and pesto lasagna *, bread, apple, blue cheese and red leaf lettuce salad w/pumpernickel croutons
24 Tacos w/fixings
25 Potato leek soup *, pumpernickel bread, pear & walnut salad
26 Leave for Thanksgiving, eat on the road
27 Thanksgiving
28 Leftovers
29 My bday: One-pot pasta w/veggies and Texas Sheet cake
30 Return home, eat on road

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For the rest of November:

24-Baked herb & garlic trout, rice, stir fried veggies
26-steak, pepper and onion sandwiches, fries
27-hopefully Thanksgiving leftovers
29-fried potatoes and onions
30-turkey, bacon green beans, mashed potatoes, stuffing, rolls, pumpkin cheesecake

Breakfasts are oatmeal, bagels, sausage or bacon. Lunches are leftovers or sandwiches and I'm making a big pot of potato soup today for lunches too.
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Monday 24th
B- Veggie Loaded Quiche & Pumpkin Berry Muffins
L- Crockpot Quinoa casserole
D- Marinated Steak, AuGratin Potatoes, Green Beans, Asparagus & Rolls
DD- Frozen Peanut Butter Pie (DH's B-day)

Tuesday 25th
B- Banana Blueberry Oatmeal Pudding
L- Leftover - Stuffed Cabbage Rolls
D- Crockpot Autumn Sausage Bake

Wednesday 26th
B- Scrambled Eggs, Toast, Bacon
L- Leftovers
D- Church

Thursday 27th
B- GF Cinnamon Rolls & Breakfast Casserole
L/D- Thanksgiving Menu

Friday 28th
B- Baked Oatmeal
L- Turkey Sandwiches
D- Thanksgiving Leftovers

Saturday 29th
B- Pumpkin Rice Pudding
L- Egg Salad, lettuce, tomato, avocado
D- Homemade Pizza
DD- Blueberry Clafoutis

Sunday 30th
B- Waffles & Bacon
L- Hotdogs
D- Coconut Veggie Curry, Marinated Cucumber Salad, Quinoa
DD- Baked Apples and Apricots
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I missed some days in November, but here is the rest:

Wednesday: L: pasta S: take-out pizza
Thursday: pig out on dressing and pie
Friday: L: chicken breast sandwiches S: Texas Caviar with chips
Saturday: L: pancakes S: tortilla soup
Sunday: L: pasta and broccoli casserole S: minestrone
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