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tonight is chicken and proscuitto tortellini with roasted butternut squash and a brown butter/sage sauce. So perfect for autumn! Tomorrow I need to do something with some potatoes, I'm thinking maybe roast chicken and then sauteed spinach.
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Leftover potato soup from the freezer, fresh onion tops from a friend's garden with sauteed pancetta to top soup, and some cheese puffs.
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OMG it's friday already and I haven't been able to catch up all week long. Just a peek here and there what you mamas were cooking...

Anyway for dinner we had on...
...MONDAY: leftover goulash soup from saturday and yummy buttered artisan bread
...TUESDAY: scrambled eggs w/chives, carrot salad, chickpea+arugula+tomato salad, bread
...WEDNESDAY: frankfurters w/potato salad (very classic german dish, often eaten on Christmas Eve) and the leftover salads from Tuesday
...THURSDAY: impromptu tomato soup (just some tomato passata, cream, italian herbs, salt and pepper) : , bread w/cheese or ham

For lunch today DS and me just once didn't have to eat any leftovers so we had latkes with smoked salmon and I added some horseradish-applesauce *faints*
...TONIGHT: we will celebrate Martimas at our children's kindergarten (very common here in Germany!) and there will be frankfurter's, pretzles, various soups (goulash, tomato, potato, chicken noodle, mixed vegetables, pumpkin -made by me-), glühwein and such. Looking very foward to that!

Not sure what we are going to have tomorrow. Maybe some roasted veggies, rice and chicken breast.
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Quesadillas tonight. Bean for the boys and chicken, onion, pepper and cheese for me. With homemade salsa a friend made.
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shabbat dinner at my synagogue tonight
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potato pancakes for us!:
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Tonight is take out pizza.

Tomorrow we are celebrating ds's 6th b'day and he loves to watch his Dad grill. So he gets to pick out what we grill (will probably be shrimp kabobs, his fave!) and I'll make some sides to go along.
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We had the first of our twice-annual big cleaning day at DD's and DS's kindergarten (half of the parents have to come and clean in Autumn, the others have their turn in Spring). Being pregnant meant that my back really hurt in the evening and I was truly tired. So DH, DS and DD had open faced sandwiches w/ham and leftover smoked salmon, olives, cucumber and tomato slices as well as mixed pickles. I had some pre-made frozen Nasi Goreng from the supermarket which was ok but not thaaat good. Maybe I'll try making it myself next time.

In some minutes we will leave for our weekly sunday lunch at MIL and I am looking very forward to her cooking :
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(I love nasi goreng! It's incredibly easy too)

Last night, we had leftover swedish meatballs over egg noodles, peas and biscuits. Boring but I just started my period and didn't want to stand at the stove for very long!
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DH requested burgers so he will be grilling those tonight in the cold!
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grilled steak, baked potatoes.
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Tonight we had a roasted chicken, gravy, whipped potatoes, and sauteed buttered spinach.
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Originally Posted by VikingKvinna View Post
Tonight we had a roasted chicken, gravy, whipped potatoes, and sauteed buttered spinach.
Mmmm that sounds really good!
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Last night was bratwurst w/saurkraut on germam rolls

tonight we had meatloaf (I use the recipe in Deceptively Delicious) tator tots, corn and hawaiin rolls (my 4 yo chose lol)

tomorrow I am making chili in the crockpot w/cornbread
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Last night we had philly steak sandwiches.

Tonight is pork roast, mashed potatoes and something else. And rolls.
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saturday night was dinner that I had already made from the freezer - I love that. It was fish sticks and noodle kugel.

last night was supposed to be bagels & lox and egg salad and borekas and we ended up going to carrabas. I already made the borekas so I will freeze them and make that dinner next sunday....

tonight I am making matzah ball soup with meatballs. one of our family favorites.
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Did our meal plan for the week and realized I must be in a comfort food mood!

Tonight - Homemade mac n cheese with ground turkey, onion and mild peppers & a side salad

Tomorrow - Quesadillas with left over steak ,homemade refried beans & spanish rice

Wed - Cabbage roll casserole, mashed potatos & green beans

Thurs - Swedish meatballs (with ground turkey) & homemade spinach noodles & side salad
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Tonight is sausage and kidney bean stew (leftover sausages), served with rice 'cause DH forgot to buy potatoes.
Tomorrow night: homemade pizza
Thursday night: Stir fry (with leftover steak I found in the freezer)
Friday night: Date night, so for a treat we'll be making Moroccan-style lamb shanks.

Hmm, that's considerably more meat than we usually eat. The pizza'll be vegetarian though. I think I'm in a slight rut--next week I'll try making something new and exciting, like baba ganoush or some new kind of bread...
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Last night we had homemade pizza.
Tonight will be potato chowder with lots of carrots and celery and whatever else I find rolling about the produce drawer with some yeast rolls and a sour cream apple pie for dessert.
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