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Pelvic Pressure

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I am sure there are a million threads on this, but could not find one in the multiples. I am 34 weeks pregnant with b/g twins. Today, I can barely walk from extreme pelvic pressure. I actually require help to start walking sometimes. Usually, if I do get going I am better. Stepping up or getting into bed is really painful. I rather not have my mother-in-law come yet, but I have four other girls (14,12,3 and 17 months - my older ones homeschool so they do help with way more then I am comfortable). I had an emergency c-section (prolapsed cord) two pregnancies ago, then VBAC'ed and am hoping to VBAC, again. Twin B is on the bottom and was breach, but I go to the chiropractor twice a week and I think that he may have turned last week (movement is all in a different place and heartbeat was found lower at last doctor's appointment). I do have an ultrasound on Monday so that should clear things up. Anyway, is this common? How uncomfortable is normal? I read that things could just be weak down there....any suggestions for strengthing things up? Kegels?
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I don't have an answer for you-- I'm only at the end of my first trimester with twins-- but if the pressure is getting intense, I would put myself on bedrest at the very least until your Monday appointment (I know since you already have little ones that's earlier said than done-- but you also need to take care of yourself). 34 weeks is awesome-- hopefully you can hold out a few more weeks to make VBAC possible (since I'm assuming they'll want to c-section before 36 weeks?) If things get worse, I'd call the doctor, just in case! Anyway, good luck!!
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I had pelvic pressure from 12 weeks until the end. Sorry I don't have much advice for you, but I wanted to say you go a 17 month old, and you home school and you have other kids. I will officially stop whining about having a 2 year old and twins
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What you're describing sounds a lot like SPD to me. Horribly painful and you'd really notice it when trying to sit up from lying down, roll over in bed, and begin to walk. I had to grip the wall just to walk to the bathroom after getting out of bed during my twin pregnancy. Ask your chiro about he - s/he may be able to help lessen the pain a bit but honestly, if that's what it is, it's going to take giving birth plus a few months (IME anyway) to get past the pain.
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Hey, lots of helpful information! I did have to look up SPD, but when I did find it, I do seem to have almost all the symptoms. I also think I may have come up with a reason that it came on so suddenly. We were at the park and I asked my 14-year-old to set my 17-month-old over a fence. We were by some swings that I did not give notice to as I thought she would run right to me. Instead, she headed for the swings - one of which was being used. My daughter could not get to her, as she was on the other side of the little fence, quick enough so I literally took off running after her. While running, I almost fell down three times from pain in my way lower back/hip/bottom/pelvis. I got her though!! I bet that I will feel way better after seeing the chiropractor Monday morning!! I will post and let you know as I am sort of curious to see if it will help!
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Originally Posted by 2+twins View Post
I had to grip the wall just to walk to the bathroom after getting out of bed during my twin pregnancy.
I never had this diagnosed, all my healthcare people did was to give me cocodamol :, but YEAH, PAINFUL .(

Just four weeks later mine has mainly gone though. It's crazy the relief I experienced postnatally - I felt very guilty that I was almost pain free after the births when my little ones were getting so many needles and tubes stuck in them in the NICU. It's a cliche, but I rather would have had the SPD full force again

I had some relief with arnica 200c. I hope your chiro can ease things for you.
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My SPD also started to really act up right after I had to bolt after my toddler. It was awful those last weeks. It REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY (REALLY) hurts when the chiro adjusts it but then it's better for awhile.
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Oh man, I'm definitely experiencing this. I'm 33 weeks pg with twins right now and the pelvic pressure is just unbearable. I'm on bedrest for high BP anyways, but anytime I have to get up is excruciating.
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The chiropractor helped tons! I completely agree that it is VERY uncomfortable to be adjusted once you get this, but there is definitely relief. I am also convinced that he helped get my twin B head down (he is lower and my doctor felt strongly that he needed to be head down to VBAC, again). They are both head down!! Twin A - girl - is around 5 lbs 9 oz and twin B - boy - is around 5 lbs 13 oz. Not bad for 34 weeks. I really would like to get through some more weeks, but am encouraged by all the feedback. I rather be uncomfortable now and have a healthy outcome then have them earlier then is completely healthy for their development (again, I really want to nurse these whipper snappers without supplementing, if at all possible).
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