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Anybody else here NOT looking forward...

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... to being REALLY pregnant?

Don't get me wrong: I LOVE feeling the baby kick and I LOVE giving birth.
However, I never enjoyed pregnancy - the 7 times I was pregnant.

Anybody else?
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lol I was complaining about that all day yesterday...I have to be pregnant for 9 more months!!! blahhhh...I just got my body back lol..
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I was just starting to get back in shape and now I dread getting as big as a barn. I gained 50+lbs with my last 3 so I'm sure this one will be the same.
I also am happy to be pregnant but I just hate the stretch marks and huge thighs
I also got rid of everything baby related! On one hand it's fun to buy all new stuff but I'm frugal so the cost issue is really hard on me...
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Oh, the weight thing: I had just lost 28 pounds since joining WW in the summer!
I was feeling all excited and pumped up about getting my body back and fitting in smaller jeans and clothes ... and then I go and get knocked up!

At least I have 9 adorable lbs to look forward to in July!
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I can mostly do without the whole pregnancy and newborn phase, really! It's only because I know it's eventually worth it that I was okay with getting pregnant a second and third time. I have never functioned well with no sleep! I love the nice parts of pregnancy, feeling the baby move and such, but with both previous pregnancies I got so sick that it's mostly an incredibly miserable experience for the first, oh, 6 or 7 months.

I'm keeping up hopes that maybe I won't get horribly sick this time...and that my pelvis won't separate...and that I won't get terribly constipated....

What was I thinking??
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I am NOT looking forward to being pregnant. The heaviness, the weight gain, lack of intimacy, blech. I was just starting to feel back to normal and now we're starting it all over again
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I'm already feeling frumpier and it hasn't even really begun yet. I love to swim but I feel funny about swimming in all of that chlorine this early on...is that silly? Also, with the weather changing I'm just not exercising as much. I feel like early pregnancy can be so tenuous and I want to be gentle and not get my body temp. up too much. I think I'm cautious due to a few prior losses. The first three months are rough - when you aren't showing quite yet but look like you're drinking a few beers every night. Oh well!!! I'm just sooooo happy that we're preggers - I'm living in the moment and hoping that little one implants and builds a big beautiful, health placenta!!!
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lol..I am looking forward to it. With dd, I never looked pregnant. EVER! I carried long, and wide, and not out - so I never had that cute belly. Plus I worked up until a week before I had her, was going to school and gradding from university as well, did a big major city move, and my husband was jobless for the last 3 months - so I didnt get to actually enjoy the pregnancy.

Bring on the large!
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I thought I was a beautiful pregnant woman.. but I felt like crap. I've got m/s now, and last time I felt good for about one month until I got heartburn and backaches for the next 5 months.
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I'm new at this - I don't know yet how I'll feel about being super pregnant. I'm definitely curious to find out! I feel like I might sort of like it, but since I know is very unpleasant for some people...yeah. We'll see!
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Yeah, pregnancy was definitely not a joy for me. I had all day sickness (thankfully for only 6 weeks), heartburn from hell, monkey toes in my ribs, ligament pain, a crappy labor and delivery. Oh, and gestational diabetes. I'm mildly optimistic that this pregnancy will be more pleasant!
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I'm actually anxiously waiting for it! : Like SoPac said (lol about looking like we've had a few beers) I don't like just looking bloated in the beginning. I love having that big belly (most of the time) and I'm going to try to cherish it knowing it will be the last time (even though that's what I did with Maya because I thought that was the last time. ) Of course I'm NOT looking forward to the back pain and sleepless nights.
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