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Dingos turkey trot into november!

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Okay come join us, newbie, master, speedster, snail...we have all levels and woggers, joggers, walkers and runners!

Join us as we prep for the eating season!
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I think I need to set some goals for myself as we enter, as I put it, "eating season." Run minimum of 4x a week and shoot for 5. At least one long run (+8), one mid-run (5-6) and two more 4-5 milers. One speed workout a week. Sigh. How can someone who does half marathons regularly be so darned lazy when it comes to speed work?
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also Dr Jen, can you add me to the race list for Nov 27 for a 5k Turkey Trot?

I can't believe it's November already, I graduate from college in 2 months!
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My goal...I WILL : this month!
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Here's the race list for the November thread. Please PM me if you'd
like me to add something for you!

: dingo race list

its_our_family - 99th Annual Thanksgiving Day Race (Cincinnati) - November 27
HBM, mamabeth - Atlanta Half-Marathon - November 27
doctorjen - Turkey Trot - November 27
mommajb - Drumstick Dash - November 27
ashcav - 5K Turkey Trot - November 27
babybugmama - Turkey Trot 8K - November 27
modmom and dd - Bonfield Express 5K - November 27
JenLove - Thanksgiving 5K - November 27
cornflake girl - Las Vegas Half Marathon - December 7
SugarAndSun - NYRR Hot Chocolate 15K - December 20
SugarAndSun, kate~mom - Boston Marathon - April 20, 2009
Penelope - Kentucy Derby Half Marathon - April 25, 2009
JayGee, doctorjen, Balancin1, Runningmommy, babybugmama, Geofizz, mommajb, bec - Indianapolis Mini Marathon - May 2, 2009
Plady - San Juan Island Half Marathon - June 7,2009
Plady - San Francisco Marathon - July 26, 2009

The Preggo Dingo List

VeganCupcake - It's a , welcome Li'l Cupcake!
Jenlove - mid-February

Other places to find the Dingos:

: cooking blog :

knitting blog

We have a private Yahoo group. Submit a request to join and mention your MDC
username in the request so we know who you are.

We also have a private location map. Send a PM to eksmom to get info
and join up.

Why are we called the Dingos?
See this post.
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It occurred to me after not looking at mdc all day that I better get over here in case there was a new Nov thread so I could get the race list up!

The younger 2 trick-or-treated last night - little dd in her Cinderella costume, and ds with a friend. We gave out an amazing amount of candy - mostly to very polite little people, though. We get a fair number of teenagers later in the night, but as long as they bother to put on a costume they don't bother me!

I haven't run since Sun due to sewing madness and general busy-ness. I'm planning to hit the treadmill after little dd goes to bed tonight. The middle 2 kids have a swim meet tomorrow and dh is taking them because I'm on call and have to stay home.
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Hi, I will join...I am training for a marathon in 09. I live in Bozeman MT which means high altitude running. I run now about 25-30 mi/wk. I may do a 5 k in a month or so, if I can fit it into my vy busy schedule...The cold weather always knocks me down a bit, but I will get acclimated in a month or so.

I love the positive attitudes on these threads and will be subbing!
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Another for you DrJen.

Thanks for the new thread. I think I need to find a Turkey Trot or something for later this month. Otherwise, I see myself descending into sloth-dom!

All the results from today's half are finally up. My chip time was 1:40:38. Gun time was 1:41:13.
Overall: 153/1736
Womens: 22/959
W40-44 AG: 5/125
I'm pleased, to say the least .

Now I need to get my aching fanny off the computer chair and bake a cake and some cupcakes for DS's birthday party tomorrow. The fun never ends, does it???? And would you believe he's at his very first sleepover ever tonight? My boy..... growing up.
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Welcome SMUM

Add me for the turkey trot 8k on thanksgiving....

Drjen a therapist can't hurt. If she meets the person and is adament about not going though I would respect her wishes and perhaps keep trying to find someone else with which she could connect. It just seems like you guys need someone on the outside who is not emotionally charged by the situation and someone that she could perceive is on her side even though they are more of a mediator.
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Popping in to sub.

I'm exhausted.. baby shower was today.. and I didn't think it was possible to be showered with so many gifts!!
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: gigi!

sparkle - hm...why do you say that about lafoot? i will definitely check out transports - seems like a good place. there were a few bad reviews of transports on yelp and mostly good ones of lafoot, but i don't rely on those solely, would love to hear your point of view on that one

my ankle is twinge-y but i plan to run a few miles tomorrow. it's been dumping rain all day so i hope it breaks enough tomorrow for a quick run!
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I found out today that my great uncle passed away last night. Our family has been taking care of him for the last two years since his wife died. He has no children. My mom, and her siblings and my grandmother went to visit him (in KY) on Tues because he was sick and in hospital. Now they have gone back up there to arrange things. He had been splitting his time between KY and GA.
My dad is very sick too. He has celiacs and has been having problems lately
I'm just so tired. I work so much, that I don't have time to help care for people like I used to. I actually don't mind helping take care, but I feel guilty because I can't do all the things I used to. I can't help take care of my grandparents right now etc.. I think I have to change things up sooner, so that I can get back to that.
Sorry, just had to get that out. blork!
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I'm here.
Here's the goals for November:
a. pass phd defense (thursday 115 central time for the phd-stalkers out there)
b. I'm giving up all coke products with the end of graduate school. I've done it in the past and this time I'm the real deal. Even no diet soda with my chipotle dinner after I rock the exam thursday. The folks down there in Atlanta, Georgia have taken enough of the R-C dollar over time. It's coffee or nothing here.
c. Catch up on sleep. I'm about -40 hours for October and frankly, my health is feeling it.
d. Be able to run/walk the local turkey trot on turkey day. I don't care if I have to crawl, my body is feeling very 33 and I want to feel younger and more fit.
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subbing. TY for the Bday wishes!!! I had a good day today, as I am blessed with a great family, extended family, adn frineds :
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I ran. I feel better, if still not great. I've run 800 miles this year - a lifetime personal high, with 2 months to go!
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