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I would really, really like to take a screen printing class. I've been making t-shirts using inkjet transfers & while it's been a nice intro, I want to try a new printing process. I mentioned this to my Dad and he said he could pay for a class for me for Christmas. Yay! Except, I'm due with a new baby Jan. 10th & I pretty much plan around having baby with me until a year old, give or take. So I don't know if it's wise to regularly schedule a class when she's so young.

I have no problems taking her to a class in a sling nor do I have any problems trying to find a class with a teacher who will allow this. But is this just wishful thinking? Would it be pretty much impossible to try screen printing with babe in arms? Or, are there chemicals involved that could be dangerous for her?

I'd love to hear any input (even if it's just to say, I wouldn't advise it) before I spend time trying to find a suitable class. Thanks!