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Originally Posted by leanbh View Post
namaste does great dairy/egg/gluten/nut free mixes that are available at whole foods.... if that helps. we're gluten free here.. and it blows sometimes.
(I can't use the chocolate kiss if I am sugar-free )

Thank you! That does help. I keep a running WF shopping list for when I go to my mom's in the big city.
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Originally Posted by SweetTexasgal View Post
Are any of you Mamas giving your 14 month olds whole cow milk?
I was surprised to read that lots of mamas here give soy milk .... as a good alternative to whole cow milk. really?

Chaya didn't get any milk other than mine till 2 weeks ago, when we joined a dairy coop. Once a week I drive 30 miles away and pick up 2 gallons of delicious, whole raw organic milk. I think Chaya's had maybe 2 oz of it over the past 3 weeks. She's been doing cheese and yogurt since 11.5-12 months. Since we found our coop I've also been making my own cream cheese and buttermilk. Rennet is on order and coming soon, so mozzarella will be on the menu as well

I honestly would rather give her cow milk than soy milk.
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I just got caught up. Dahlia has gotten some tastes of cow's milk and drinks a bit of almond milk. I don't give her soy milk. I mainly just nurse her or give her some water.

Life here is so : So many people in such a small space. So many babies. dd and baby are doing great. She is a fantastic mom. Being a grandma is weird especially when I am still nursing two. It would be a lot easier if Dahlia would let me sleep.

I am trying to catch up on everything I have been neglecting the past several days. I hope I have more time to check in soon.

Sending lots of :

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I took dd1 to her dance class this evening. I was able to work out alterations on costumes for discounted classes and there is a mom there who's little girl has taken the same classes with dd the past 3 seasons who asked if I had bought new ballet shoes yet and I mentioned that I was going to this weekend and she said not too bc her dd had just outgrown her practically new shoes and she'd bring them to me to use. She said I could pay by springing for ice cream next week if the girls do well in class (they always do and it will be a fun outting for the girls).....:

I came home and checked my mail...::: Unexpected joy and love from friends...good cheer all around. I feel so blessed to have so many wonderful friends (esp the ones who live far away but still find the time to send love and cheer).....and esp my friends here. SO loved, so blessed. We are all so lucky to have each other in our lives....ear:

I have a childcare interview tomorrow. I've gotten the house decent enough and I really need some better income than what I have now. If this family hires me, it will be enough to send dd1 to the Waldorf school down the way from mom's part-time and start to tuck some more away... I've checked it out and dd has visited and can't stop talking about it. She's excited to maybe start so...the interview is at 5:45 tomorrow evening.

Heather: I'm so sorry to hear of your friends passing. If there is anything we can do......

Wendi: Whine away mama It has to be a big adjustment for everyone......I can't even imagine. PM or email me. You've been a great ear/shoulder for me this last year.

Jess: It has to be hard to see Jack moving on with someone else so soon and so close to the anniversary. But if he's happy, then that's what matters.....he's found someone who loves him and the boys. I am sure Jess is smiling down. Big hugs to you mama. PM me if you need to chat too.

Kelly: We had a nice time. It will be awhile before I have a place of my own and hopefully it won't come to that bc Dp will realize how much he needs us. I'm choosing to stay optimistic at this point. We will see him Friday for a bit.

Mommaj: See us when we're sleeping......: Yay for running! I've tried my hand at it and it's a no go. But get me in a boat and I can row away.....I have a wall squat/giggler too. It's hilarious. Raisins are a fave in my house. Dp was always like she's gonna choke and I was like she has molars, she's good.

Nikki: No biting here but for that...we have the face grabbing, pinching, finger in my mouth while feeling up the other boob thing going on here.....nursing necklaces bore her and she pushes them out of the way......I can tuck one of her arms btwn us but that's not the one that's all free range....

: Oh no on the signing milk when you set him down after biting. Talk about tug at the heartstrings. Lilah is trying to give up daytime naps. Her sister did cold turkey at 22 months. I am hoping she holds out......She did today though walk over to the swing, plop dd1's baby in it and tried to climb in it while looking at me with the saddest face.....So I went over, plopped her in, turned on the waves and out she went.

Falicia: How is Chaya feeling? I wasn't able to get back online and then did and forgot. The dose of Mucinex my ped gave me for Lilah was 2ml (just under the lowest measure line on the cup that comes with it). She is pretty anti-abx and such and very natural but said sometimes snot just needs thinned out in infants which is why they have the guides for weight and such. I hope she is feeling better and doesn't need it. Hugs for molars. We are still working on the SIX we're getting here. 5 have poked through very well and are on their way though. Total of 14 when they come all the way. Mmmmmm fresh mozzerella.....mmmmmmm......

Michelle: I have given her a bit of cow's milk but very watered down. She loves yogurt and cheese but I don't keep cheese around a whole lot right now bc her big sister will eat the whole block of it (with NO adverse affects...)... I have a friend though who has a working farm and the milk she's had thus far is raw milk.

Yay for another baby maybe!!! I : seeing Lilah with her big sister!!! I sent you a pm. Awe and thanks!
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Originally Posted by Faliciagayle View Post
I was surprised to read that lots of mamas here give soy milk .... as a good alternative to whole cow milk. really?
I should clarify: My big kids drink soy milk sometimes. Jamison has never had it. They drink water mostly. "They" say babies need whole milk until they're two. I figure if I nurse Jamison until she's two, then we're all good.
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I'll clarify - 'milk' is for creaming dh's coffee. I encourage yogurt on cereal. We will use 'milk' to thin smoothies or in cooking (pancakes or whatever) and juice or veg puree can easily be subbed in most times. We aren't milk drinkers. The exception would be hot chocolate but that is a rare treat in a land where it may or may not snow in a given year. Soy is one of the options that makes it into our home but nobody is chugging glassfuls of milk.
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I used to be a HUGE milk drinker. Huge. Whole milk. Mmmmm tasty.....then I had a long chat with a friend who is a holistic health counselor and realized that as long as I am eating calcium rich foods, I don't really need to drink a bunch of milk. We are the only mammal who continues to drink milk past infancy. Cows milk was designed for calfs....cows have 4 stomachs to digest the proteins contained within it.....she had a great link for me. I'll see if I can find it. With that said however, I do buy 1% and we use it on our cereal. DD1 doesn't like the raw milk in a cup anymore and she doesn't like soy, goat or almond milk so she's the milk drinker.....I'll put a bit in my coffee. We buy about a gallon a month...and that accounts for cooking, thinning smoothies and dd's cereal.
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I was a huuuuge milk drinker but I knew Lucy was sensitive to it, so I'd cut way back. Finding out how severe her allergy really was broke my heart for all the dairy I'd been ingesting while nursing! Lucy gets water and breastmilk only. I'd been using rice milk in cereal and coffee/tea, she had a few sips of it once, but my last carton was gloppy inside and GROSS, so I just grabbed some soy milk to replace it in my coffee and cereal in the mornings. I don't particularly like the soy milk, whereas the rice milk was tolerable as a substitute, so I'm not sure where we'll go from here.

Rough night #3 last night, I think it must be those canines. She'll drift off and I'll start to relax to try to get to sleep, and 5-10 minutes later, she's wiggling or flailing or whimpering. She started that around 11 or 12 last night, was wide awake from 2-4, then I think we got 45 minute increments or so from 4 to 8. I just need enough sleep to not trigger a migraine and I'm happy!
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Hugs for rough night. I broke down and used some orajel on the 4 canine area's Lilah is working on last night and she slept so soundly. I just went up to check on her and she is sound asleep on her belly all splayed out smack dab in the middle of the bed, diagonally.....no covers but she's in a warm blue sleeper that has a bear on it with a duck sitting on it's head. Her big sister picked it out for her to wear last night after bathtime.....it's how she helps get her ready for bed. I'd take a pic but can't find the camera.

I still owe some photo "vomit"...first birthday and halloween now....hahahha. I'll get around to it.

Getting the house ready for the interview today....a 3yo and an 8wk old..both girls....Wish me luck!!!!

to all.
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Good luck with the interview!
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Good Luck with the interview!!
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Originally Posted by SweetTexasgal View Post
Good Luck with the interview!!
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Thanks. I'm excited. I went online and looked up what everyone else was charging bc they've posted it with their ads and I offered a DECENT amount less for siblings for my area.......So hopefully that gives me a leg up.

It's rainy here but 55...19 the other morning. Gotta love Ohio.
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Good luck Sunshine!!!

It 's supposed to be 70 and sunny here today :
But it's still freezing (literally) at night :
gotta love the mountains!
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Originally Posted by mommajb View Post
I'll clarify - 'milk' is for creaming dh's coffee. I encourage yogurt on cereal. We will use 'milk' to thin smoothies or in cooking (pancakes or whatever) and juice or veg puree can easily be subbed in most times. We aren't milk drinkers. The exception would be hot chocolate but that is a rare treat in a land where it may or may not snow in a given year. Soy is one of the options that makes it into our home but nobody is chugging glassfuls of milk.
This sounds a lot like us, except no "cream" in the coffee unless dh makes it extra strong as he's known to do sometimes. then i use whatever's around - soy, cow if my mom's been here recently... We use buttermilk for pancakes/baking. Soy goes on oatmeal - we don't eat dry cereal except, well, dry, as a snack. Nobody here's chugging glassfuls of milk (of any kind) either. The biggest milk drinker is hands-down Jamison

Oh, and we cook with cow milk sometimes. There's a cheese soup I make with cow's milk, and we make biscuits and gravy with cow milk. The nuttiness of soy just doesn't work. Mmmmm, biscuits and gravy.
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Good luck, sunshine!

We got into the habit of not drinking dairy when Liam was about a month old and showed sensitivity to it, so we still don't drink it now. Something in soy milk makes me sick so I don't drink that, but I like almond and rice milk. Liam usually has rice milk in the morning with breakfast and then water throughout the day (and breastmilk of course too). My milk is changing over to colostrum now and it doesn't seem to bother him, though I'm sure he's happy that there's more of it now.

My MIL is coming this weekend to help Andrew's best friend pack up his stuff before he gets deployed shortly, his mom is coming as well. Hopefully she actually helps and doesn't devote all of her time to seeing Liam. My sewing machines are finally here and I am getting busy with that, I have a few goodies done for you already, Wendi!
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Ishy Congrats on your fuzzy feelings I hope you are able to find a good midwife and arrange the birth you want.

Faliciagayle Is there something bad I don’t know about soymilk? We just started getting delivery from a fairly local dairy farmer so I feel better about the cow milk that DS has been drinking.

Wendi It is so good to hear from you : Glad everything is going ok…even if it is a bit crazy!

Sunshine Yes, he’s happier than ever and I think that speaks volumes. I’m crossing my fingers for you for the interview!

Well we’ve got a busy day here, but I had a sec so I figured I’d stop by and just . Hope you’re all having a good one. I’m off tomorrow (thank you and can’t wait. DS was a last night when we went out, but there’ll be time for that story another moment…gotta run!! :
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Well....my interview was about 30 minutes and they are.......


I was in a cleaning flurry and set my contract folder up and brain farted and couldn't remember where. The dad said, "I do that all the time. We'll print it out and bring it by tomorrow around lunch if that's ok."


The baby is 8wks old and about 9ish pounds and slept the whole time but she looks like an old fashioned Bye Lo baby doll (like I had when I was a little girl)....I can't wait to pop her in a MT and have her snuggle. The mom is nursing and will bring milk and stop by to nurse if she has the time and is in the area.

Her sister is 3 1/2 and she and dd1 were like peas in a pod. They got along great and she actually put up the things she played with while she was here and dd1 helped her?!?! She NEVER picks up. I think she's happy to have a playmate who's her age.

It's a huge weight off my shoulders that they hired me and for $20 more a week than I quoted them even!!! BONUS!!!

Must've been all the crossed fingers and luck from here!!!

The father said as he was walking out the door (mom had walked ahead to get the kids in the car) that they knew within 10 minutes of being here it would be me. How good does that make me feel????

So, I came to share with you first......

: : :
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Yay Sunshine!!!!
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Not only am I glad you got the job, but I'm also glad you posted it when you did. I just came on to vent about my ILs, and after the good news and all those smileys, I'm just not feeling like it any more. Thanks.
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