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Originally Posted by jeaninevp922 View Post
Nicole - since you have a plan, but no legal will... Did you write the plan down somewhere? Or you've all talked about it and agreed to it (and there's no one who would contest it?) I'd still like to know if an informal, written will would stand up in court. Anyone know?
we keep meaning to make it formal.....no, all we have at this point is understanding between the families. I dont see how anyone would contest it though. I worry a bit about it not being formal when I think of it Note to self, get that done!
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No formal will here either, but I want to get that taken care of in the next few weeks. My life insurance will be finalized and then it will be time for my will. My situation is a bit different being a a single Mama and can't believe I have waited this long to get a will and life insurance taken care of. It makes me sick to think that something could happen to me and she wouldn't be taken care of. Her guardian will be my parents and then one of my sisters.

Oh don't even mention hair falling out again. I had such an awful bout of it starting at around 6 months and it lasted for about 6 months. I thought I was going to go bald from looking at what was falling out. The new growth is still driving me nuts. AF returned for me 3 months PP and now it is gone again for the last 3 months and no I am not pregnant...nothing like abstinence.

Lucy's new favorite thing to do is run like a fool around in the field behind my house. She will bang on the door to go out and then I have to put her down immediately and she just runs and screams with her arms in the air. She will run one direction as fast as she can and then turn and run the other direction. I just sit there and laugh.
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Did I kill the thread last night? Where is everyone?
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looking for coffee and settling for tea.

I bought some loose rooiboos tea and thought I got a great deal. It is one of my favorites. As it turns out it is cut funny and slips through the mesh on my tea ball. I am sipping slowly so the leaves stay at the bottom of my cup for now.

Linus doesn't nap enough. I am very frustrated homeschooling but I feel like I can't give up. It would feel like giving up on my kids or their education. Too many ages to do anything well. I entertained Linus feeding him sunflower seeds one at a time this afternoon.

On a more positive note, lentil soup is ready for dinner and dh will head home as soon as the students leave his office this afternoon.

Fill me in on the mundane details of your life. Please. Somebody?
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You want mundane details? ok....

I spent the morning shopping for health insurance.

DH spent the morning shopping for life insurance.

The kids have some weird sickness. It involves tiredness and a fever for a day. Ds had it friday, Jamison seems to have it now. It's really hard to tell if dd1's crankiness is because of it or if it's just her normal 3 yo behavior

When I was a teenager my dad made a loft for my bedroom. It's at my parent's house. I'm trying to acquire it. The trouble is the top is *full* of my brother's crap. As is their garage, shed and back patio. I really want to bring it home with us after thanksgiving but my dad doesn't know if he can get it cleaned off. I want it for ds's room.

Jamison's very cranky and clingy today.

I made pumpkin pies yesterday. One's gone already.

This afternoon I was on the couch with a sleeping Jamison. I asked dh to bring me a salad. He brought me an ice cream sundae instead :

I kinda think he has what the kids had/have. He's *really* tired. No fever though.

We're having corn chowder for dinner. :

I need to go chop a tomato for Jamison - she's begging for one.
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I'm here, not feeling so great today. I lost what appears to be a big glob of mucus this morning and more this afternoon, but I'm not bleeding or cramping or anything so I think I'm just over-doing it. I see my midwife on Wednesday so I'll talk to her about it then.

We had Mexican for dinner. Andrew is playing hockey tonight so that leaves me to do bath and bedtime, and then maybe I can get a little bit of work done. We are looking into moving on post in order to save money. We would have to be on a waiting list and wouldn't have much say once our name comes up as for when we moved, so having to find someone to take over our lease complicates things. I'm hoping we can get something worked out because it would help us greatly.

Liam played outside in the leaves today while I raked, he liked to stir up all the leaves in the pile and then pick some up and put them in a bucket. I wish I had the camera close by to take pictures.
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I did ask didn't I?

I hope everyone is feeling better soon and you get your loft. I like your husband's style with the sundae. I had some sugar today and now I am done. No more sugar again. It isn't sitting well. Stay healthy and alive.

Katie, I also had so much discharge while preggo that I could not have identified a mucous plug. Sorry for the tmi. Stay careful, don't overdue it, and : $ and moving works out.

Fennel tea, yogi nursing mothers tea, what else for my upset tummy? I was thinking peppermint but I am worried about heartburn. The sugar gave me toots.
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now i'm making job descriptions and employee evaluation forms for dh's business. see? this is why sometimes i don't post much. you all are now,

mmmm, mint tea sounds good
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I still listening. Linus just fell out of bed for the second time ever and landed on the hardwood floor. He seems to be fine. If I would go to bed I might have a better chanve of catching him.

My tummy is still upset. I may be too embarrassed to use a treadmill tomorrow and run outside but it is snowing/raining.

Wendi, my little girls love papo but I don't know that fills would ever happen. I tend to buy by the collection. Ian had the three musketeers and robin hood sets for example. What were you looking to get?
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mommajb - i hope you're feeling better today

i'm going to work on my job descriptions/evaluations while the kids are sleeping. but i have my priorities straight, so i checked in here first.

uh-oh. jamison just woke up - so much for that.
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Well, I feel like I've just gotten into a rut, of same old, same old day after day. Milo and I get up in the morning, eat some breakfast I do the dishes and/or laundry, morning nap, same in the afternoon, and sometimes I even manage to get dinner on the table. Last week, we went out to park in the afternoons, or the library to check out books, and I feel so much happier when I get outside for at least a little bit. And the weather here is gorgeous. Yesterday, DH had a long lunch break and we bought sandwiches and went to the park so Milo could play. That was great. And last night my MIL watched Milo so DH and I could go to a movie and get some much needed couple time. But all in all, I just feel kind of blah, like I need to think up some new activities for us. This afternoon we are going to a mom and toddler group for the first time so we'll see how that goes. And soon my sister and her 18 month old will be staying with us for a while, so that should be fun.
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Hi First Time Mama! I checked out the pix in your siggy Milo's cute

So where's everyone else? Trying to recover from my mundane details?

Falicia - where are you? cali, hopefully. i hope you have internet so you can get ahold of me. sonoma's right above marin.......
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Nothin' much going on here. Work is work and I am bored of it lately. I just want some time to spend with my girl. Tomorrow morning we are off the Little Gym to see what she thinks. I hope it is fun and that she enjoys herself.

Katie-How are you feeling?

Wendi-How is it going?

FirstTimeMama-Milo is a cutie. Love those eyes.

Mommajb & Jeanine-I will take more mundane details...it beats the quiet around here.

Made turkey meatballs for dinner and Lucy was eating them as fast and I could cut them up and cool them off :: I got a couple of great pics...now if I could only learn how to upload them so you all could see them.
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mundane details....made moraccan chicken for dinner. DD wouldnt eat it, she had spinach and yogurt instead We are having someone come tomorrow to drywall the soon to be playroom: one of my rats keeps escaping and I cant figure out from where....he is not in his jail cell as I just caught him:

Cian is still working on his molars and I am exhausted. He isnt going to be until around 10 and waking up every hour or less until he gets up around 7:30.

Lilah is almost potty learned! We have been doing big girl panties only at home and she had no accidents the last two days, including during lunch out yesterday. Even playing with other kids she remembered to go
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I am going to a friend's for lunch.


I am mad at my mother this morning because she never did figure out how to parent my sister so I don't have a good example to follow when trying to parent my own difficult daughter. I am mad because she did not model healthy eating habits so I don't naturally know how to do that either.

If shellac is listed as an ingredient it is not a good food choice! :
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I'm here, feeling alright today. I have a midwife appointment at 4:30, hopefully we hear at heartbeat if baby cooperates.

Liam slept all night last night which I desperately needed. I am so sleep deprived its not even funny.

When I went out to the garage to do laundry this morning my detergent was frozen :

Woohoo Lilah! Keep up the great work!

Mommajb - My mom modeled horrible eating habits also. Hardly ever had I seen her eat "real" food. She is a junk foodaholic also. I've pretty much had to teach myself how to cook and learn about good nutrition on my own. You're doing a great job

Michelle - Hope you had a great time at Little Gym!
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There really is a baby in there

We listened to the babe at my appointment and heard a good, strong heart rate at 155bpm. The babe was kicking away at the doppler and I could definitely feel them, everybody got to hear the kicking as well. It really helps make me feel more connected to everything.

Liam did something really funny on the way home from the appointment also. We were goofing around in the car and he was shooting his pacifier out of his mouth at me, I said to him "hey, stop that you" and he replied "stop that, mama". It was so hilarious and unexpected to hear him say something like that, its hard to believe that full sentences really aren't that far off.
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Katie - yay for the :. "Stop that, mama" sounds like a full sentence to me. The best we got here is "MaMAAAA!" which means mama *or* papa.

Mundane details - we're having homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches for dinner. the soup calls for a pinch of ground cloves. i used that up in the pumpkin pies i made the other day, so when i was at the store it was on my list. i didn't get any. know why? it's 8 FREAKIN' DOLLARS FOR A LITTLE JAR OF GROUND CLOVES!!!!!!!!!! Is it me or is that ridiculous? I knew we had whole cloves here, so I ground my own darn cloves. 8 bucks, sheesh!

mommajb - i'm sorry you're having a bad day. but your shellac comment cracked me up my mother also has bad eating habits. it doesn't really affect me, but when she's here she always wants to shovel food into my babies' mouths. if they open to laugh - shove it in. if they open to cry - shove it in. if they open to say "done" - shove it in. drives me with a little : for good measure.

Nicole and Lilah - congratulations on the potty learning :
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More sickies here (Judah throwing up for the second time in 2.5 weeks), my computer crashed, and he's waking up AGAIN... Gotta run...

Okay, I'm going to bed... Really. This has been quite an night, and I've been kept up by the kids most of the last three. :yawning:

I'm on DH's computer... Mine is home but will need software updates to get it back where it was. And I'm in desperate search of someone to take my drive apart and get the data off, in spite of the mechanical failure. I don't know how much more THAT will cost, but I can't imagine losing all of my pictures. Hopefully a company I contacted tonight will let us know in the morning what to expect of recovery and how much it will cost. :

Life just seems WEIRD right now and I can't quite figure it out. Grieving our friend, trying to help his family (but at times not feeling close or involved or particularly thinking about it at all); getting ready for my MIL's visit (did I mention she's staying HERE for 7 nights?!), but getting totally thrown off my planned housecleaning schedule by sick kids; trying to plan ahead for Christmas, but freaking out that it's just around the corner; time is FLYing and the last week or two seems very blurry. I have too many things to think about, and not having my own computer with which to manage it all is really hard.

And I should probably go take some fish oil.

Katie, so glad you heard the HB!! That's such a great experience. It definitely makes it feel more "real."

Is anyone else's baby's look changing to a "big kid" look, i.e., not baby? I'm so ready to : because he looks SO grown up now! When Judah turned 1, he still had his soft features and baby roundness. And now, he's getting leaner (okay, two episodes of stomach virus could account for that! ) and longer and just. so. BIG! We keep telling him to STOP!

He's talking a ton more all the time... Lots of nonsense words (the boys started saying the other day that he is their "Chinese brother," apparently because it sounds like Mandarin, which it does!), but more real ones, too. We were at a big park down town (ooh, the drama! the stories!) and he saw dogs and said, "Dah!" every time. He's said it for a while but it was so neat 'cause someone ELSE heard him and knew what he was saying. He's just learning SO much now - it's amazing. He's started hitting at people, so I've again been saying, "gentle," and stroking his hand on me, and he started responding to that now by being gentle. :

Anyway, won't go on and on ... more... But it's just amazing how much they grow and how fast they learn!!

: Hugs to all! Miss everyone!
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