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Jamison is 14 1/2 months old. This is my first AF. I should be happy it was gone that long. But no, I'm like "Why not 14 1/2 *years*?" And I'm ill-prepared for it. Must go to town today , and must scrounge around in the back of the cupboard before I can go to town

Katie, I'm glad you will have an "easy" Thanksgiving dinner. I hope you go to a yummy restaurant :

We're going to my parents for Thanksgiving. We went there when ds was 6 months, but for the last 6 years we've done it here. I'm kind of glad we're not doing this year, although the 5 hour drive is not something I'm looking forward to.

While we're at my parents we're going shopping : Y'know, exciting stuff like Target, Costco, HomeDepot. Stuff they don't have up here in the boonies. DH and I are thinking of going out to dinner too. To a Thai restaurant. Without kids : Wow! We might get to eat food the kids don't like, without the kids. It's been so long it makes me
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Are you guys going to start talking, or do I need to break out my mundane details again?
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And no, talk of AF is *not* mundane. Trust me, I can get much more boring :yawning:

I talked to my accountant and insurance agent today.

Want to hear the details?
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I talked insurance at lunch while serving spag with marinara and dinner rolls with nacho cheese. Kids are weird. I need to nurse Linus. The big kids are doing papers. We had a chiro appt this afternoon. mundane, mundane.

My mil really does only want a photo for Christmas so I am scrambling. We almost have coordinating outfits, esp if the boys wear black pants and white shirts. Linus will get overalls.

be back soon with more details.
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Yay! I'm not alone :

I'm off to town. A little grocery shopping to get us through till we leave for my parents. It's free kids clothes day at the thrift store so I'm going to shop for my bro who's expecting a boy in Feb, and I'll probably find stuff for my kids that we don't need. I usually go by myself since dh is usually off on mondays. but with the holidays, he's working today, so i'm going with three kids : We'll see how successful I am. I also need to drop something off at the accountant. Go to the bank so the bills don't . Oh, and at the top of the list is get some "supplies" to take care of I've rummaged through every drawer in the house, and all the suitcases. I finally found something in the glove compartment. But I'd really better get to town soon.
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I took 4 with me this morning. It was only 1/2 as productive as i needed to be. ds1 would rather stay home and do math than shop with me and his sisters. Have I mentioned he is a genius and smart too?

Plenty left to do and my lentils are ready to be added to the curried onions and apples.
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We are heading to the airport to drop a friend off tonight so he can fly home for Thanksgiving in NY. His deployment is pushed back a bit so we're all really happy that he'll be able to spend this holiday with family.

We have our Christmas picture to do as well for cards, I'm not sure how cooperative Liam will be for them but I hope we get at least one good one.

We've been hearing that Andrew's deployment may have been pushed ahead and we'll find out for sure next week. If they pushed it to the new date he will be gone shortly before this babe is born We will try and pull some strings to keep him here for 2 extra weeks but there's no guarantee a baby will show up during that time. I guess we knew this was a possibility but I was expecting to have a whole year beforehand instead of 5 months.
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I have mundane details....

My insurance agent dropped off my life insurance policy this morning....finally got that finished. Now I need to decide which of my sisters I want to stipulate as guardian and then get my Will done.

Both my sisters arrive tomorrow with families in tow. Lucy is going to be very happy to have her cousins to run around with.

I have too many errands....not enough time and a non-cooperative toddler today.
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I haven't caught up at all still. I am here though and just going to jump in.
I had a migraine all weekend from stress I think. dd1's boyfriend is being clueless and not very helpful and is irritating everyone. dd1 is really disappointed as she thought he would step up when baby got here. I didn't see that happening but she had real hopes. I know that he still can redeem himself at any time but he doesn't even seem to be aware of any deficits so I don't see it happening. I feel so bad for her.

Dahlia is great and fun and silly and hard to deal with at times. She scowls all the time now because I was trying to be serious about not picking at the outlets. So now she thinks its funny to do bad stuff while scowling at me and looking me in the eye. She is talking so much and LOVES to dance and carries around her babies while dancing. : She really loves the new baby and is pretty gentle with him except his toes she can't resist pinching them.

I think AF is trying to work her way back to me. I am so hormonal and pimply and feeling weird.

Well it has taken me all morning just to get this written.
I will try to catch up at some point.

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i keep getting blown away by DD2's shenanigains. She is just over 14 months, she has been walking since a week before her 1st birthday, she "talks" all the time, she has a few"real" words "hello" and "bye" complete with hand waving, "shuttup" "no" anf "fred" and i think but not sure se says "shit" (yeah, my bad,oops)
she is aslo clever, she can scale the sofa, climb in her stroller, on request too. she runs pretty much everywhere indoors, she has reas9oning skills i still dont see in my 6yr old. for exampke, today i was in bath, asked hubby to breing her in for a wash, he stripped her off and she walks in, there is something in her way, she cant quiye step over it, so she bends down, picks it up, moves it, puts it down, and carries on to the bath.
she scared the dog the otherday, she accidentaly hurt him some how, he walked to dh, away from baby, she walked to him, patted him rump made a cooinf sound then hugged him, patted him again and walked off, as if she was saying oh poor doggy, im sorry, all better now.

she loves dance class, yep, she joins in with DD1 and DS2 in toddler dance (so do i as DS2 wont if i am not there, he has gone from having to hold my hand the whole time to me just joining in, he just needs to know im there)
she loves being a part of it, she wriggles and get upset if she cant join in, she is not old enought to "pay" so she get in for free, i have asked if i should sign her but was told she is too young.

she strikes me adn very smart for a baby her age. so much so i am wondering if i have a gifted child in there, and i jstu need to do what i can to help her flourish, the others too, but something about Evie just shines.
anyway i have babbled enought, its late and i need to get to bed

Night all

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So, town was thrilling as usual

Although I did get two brown grocery bags full of baby clothes for my bro :. Plus a few things for my kids.

I'm making mexican lasagna for dinner :

I need to start packing for my parents' house. It's a little early, since we're not leaving till Wednesday, but I need to make sure we have enough clean clothes. And if I need to do laundry, I'm gonna need a couple days, cause I'm slow like that.

Katie - I really hope Andrew will get to be home for the birth

Mommajb - I think *I* would rather stay home alone and do math than shop. Of course, once everyone left I'd probably not do the math. But that whole "stay home alone" part is very foreign and appealing to me

Wendi - is there any way you could gently let him know what to do? I think a lot of men are clueless about how to help out. I hope everything works itself out soon. It's a huge transition for everyone, you included.

Kiz - Evie sounds so cute

First Time Mama - I don't have many friends IRL. That's why I have internet friends : I find it hard to meet people IRL who I like and whose kids I like and want mine to be around. I'm too picky, I guess. I was pretty lonely when it was just me and ds. Now that there's three kids, I get out even less, but it's totally fine with me now. Go figure.
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You ladies are so much more interesting when you share your mundane details.

katie, I hope the dates and all work out for you. try not to borrow rtoruble right now if you can help it.

Michelle, you are on top of things with the will.

Kiz, it does sound like you have a smartie on your hands.

jeanine, I think with multiple kiddos it is just to hard to find the right families to hang with. I mean, first they have to be on the sme reproductive schedule, you have to like their style and their children, the rest of the family needs to get along and so on. Too much. I like my imaginary on-line friends. Have you noticed how bad my typing has gotten? It isn't me it is the wretched keyboard. I promise.

First time momma, I can only repeat what jeanine said.

Wendi, I had ideas for her bf but then I realized that I still have so much work to do on dh that I am in no position to share what hasn't worked for me. I do hope everyone can come around even if you find yourself in the position of waiting for him to get some maturity and perspective. Remind her to ask for what she wants, not just get mad when she doesn't get it. He needs to be given the opportunity and he probably can't figure it out on his own. He did not give birth.

Earlier when I said I got out of the gym with my wallet intact, I, um, went back tonight. I signed all three girls up for a winter term. Holiday money and good exercise and all sorts of things. We'll see if Charlotte can follow directions.
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I agree, mundane details are much better than silence.

I'm *still* working on health insurance crap. blech. in addition to filling out the personal form, i have to fill out all the employer forms too. blech.

Michelle - you rock! hopefully we get around to life insurance and a will before another 7 years goes by : . oh, that reminds me. there *is* a life insurance packet around here somewhere. dh is supposed to be in charge of it. i guess i'll fill it out and tell him where to sign

I hate . She needs to go away and not come back for another 14 1/2 months.

here's a funny conversation I had with dh the other day:
me - i think aunt flo's coming for a visit
dh - who?
me - aunt flo........you don't know who aunt flo is?
dh - from Nemo? :

the kids all woke up earlier than usual today. they are excited about going to gramma and grampa's. they don't realize we're leaving not until tomorrow. want to place bets on how many times today dd1 asks "are we going to gramma and grampa's now?"

ds wants muffins for breakfast. guess i should get on that.
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So quiet around here....

One sister has made it in with her 5yo DD and 2 yo DS. Lucy has been following them around like a little puppy. Other sister is on the road and we will see her in the morning with her almost 2yo DS. : Lots of chaos, noise and fun. My parents love it.

I will sneak away with Lucy in the morning to take her to her Little Gym class. Since her class she has been bending down to do a somersault...it is too cute. Let's see what fun she learns this week. Then we will be off to the office to tie up some loose ends and then we will return to the chaos.

Can't wait to see Lucy : tomorrow in her class.
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I was busy today getting ready to go to my parents. We're leaving tomorrow, and I don't know if I'll be on again before Monday. I hope you ladies have a happy Thanksgiving :

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Happy Thanksgiving Jeanine!
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Have a safe trip, Jeanine!


I don't really have much to update on our end. Still not walking really, but she's saying new words every day! She's been having a possible allergic reaction to some apple cinnamon "Perky O's" last night and this morning, but it might just be a cold coming on. We're having my mom and brothers over for Thanksgiving and have managed to find/make everything "safe" for Lucy and me, except pumpkin pie (but we did find a safe apple pie!). I've been cleaning and reorganizing and making plans for things I want to change about the house, lol, before potential-future-homebirth. The midwife we've talked to does prenatals at home, I believe, so I want the house to be presentable as soon as possible, just in case!
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Last night DH helped me cook a nutloaf for Thanksgiving dinner. We made extra just for us.: Yum! And almost the whole time we were chopping and mixing, Milo was just content playing by himself in the living room. I love my boy! I love how easy and happy he is! We are just going to have dinner with my side of the family tomorrow (mother, stepfather, and stepbrother and his family), and they have kids close to Milos age 2 and 1/2 year old boy and a 10 month old girl, so I think Milo will have fun with them. Friday we are going over to DH's parents house to decorate their Christmas tree (already?!) and out to dinner. Milo has been a stomach bug I think. Monday he threw up in the car and had no apetite, and yesterday and today he has had awful smelling, runny, mucosy poop. Not fun to deal with cloth diapers. Today he ate a little more and seems to be interested in food again, so I hope it's passing and he won't be sick for Thanksgiving. I have to work Sun night, but I am so incredibly excited that DH and I have 3 days off in a row together. I REALLY need to call and figure out Milo's health insurance, as we're switching, and I have been procrastinating it for a week. Ugh. Today's a little cold and rainy so we're indoors.
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: Happy Thanksgiving! :
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Last year with our new babes I remember posting how thankful I was to have you all here with your experience, helpful advice and loving support. I am even more so thankful this year to "know" each of you. Thank you!!! :

Happy Thanksgiving!!
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