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Here are some pictures of our sweet little guy. I am so in love

He weighed 9lbs, 21 1/2 inches long and 14 3/4 inch head. :

My little girl rocks birth! I can't believe how powerful she is.

What an experience.


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Wonderful pics! Rioux is beautiful! So is Kaija - she's got that new mama glow, yet doesn't look like she's been through a challenging birth! So glad everyone's doing well. Is it strange to have a newborn and not be nursing him? Judah was nursing down while I was looking at pics and it struck me as funny.

Thanks for posting!

(apologies for all of my typos.. I'm typing in my iPhone and don't catch them all. )
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Look at all that sweetness! She looks so proud and very accomplished, congratulations again to her! Grandma definitely looks very much in love, he is adorable!
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:::Congratulations Wendi and family!!!!:::

Congratulations Wendi and family!!!!

Rioux is such a beautiful name! He's so beautiful and mama looks fabulous too. So proud and happy.

What a wonderful time for your family!!! :

I wanted to come on yesterday but the site kept timing out.

The Indian Summer has left us here in Ohio. It's cold and dismal out. My best friend is picking me up in a bit and we are gonna go have coffee and head to the grocery. My sister is gonna watch the girls. It's the first time I've left both of them there with her and mom. She's SOOOO PERMISSIVE and common sense sometimes goes out the window but I am hoping that dims a bit now that we are there all the time. I am hoping to gather enough soon to get a place of my own. There are a bunch of places that do short term leases here bc we are near the university. That way I can open back up my daycare and have positive income flow again!!!

Heather: Many prayers and positive thoughts headed you way to you and your friends. I think just being there for her and making sure all is well with her is a great thing to do for her. I am sure she would appreciate any meals too....time to rest etc......

Ok, I need to pick up books that dd1 is refusing to do. She can pull em out but is toooo tired to pick them up. Yet she just pulled out Lilah's rocking duck.
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BTW I am the VERY tired granny in the beige shirt. The one in blue is the dad's mom.

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Originally Posted by HeatherB View Post
Grabbed my iPhone to see a text from a one-time-close friend that goes something like, "fell 14 feet, brain swelling, unconscious, critical." drop Thank goodness for the iPhone as I could get to all of my email, to see that her DH, a roofer, had fallen from a ladder (they think it broke?) onto concrete and sustained major injuries. So the rest of the day has been praying, waiting, anxiety, more prayer, updates, etc., on him. They have 4 kids, from a year older than DS1 down to 8 months older than Judah. Her DH is now in a coma, in ICU, with more questions than answers. The latest CT scan came back with no change, which we'll take as good.
Heather I just saw this and I am so very sorry. I will be keeping them in my thoughts and prayers. I am sending lots of :
I hope he recovers quickly.

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What a beautiful baby and family:
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Wendi -

OMG what a gorgeous family you have. Your new grandbaby is beautiful and your daughter looks amazing after all that work!! What an inspiration!

to you all - : for baby Rioux!! (love, love, love that name!)

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Wendi, words fail. : and :

Heather, : for your friends.

:yawning: I am exhausted and have a big plans for tomorrow. I am probably going fall asleep faster than Linus tonight.

Dh had a conference so I went to my moms the last couple of days. That didn't work real well for me but I love them all just the same. I don't want to vent and can't really out it all into words w/o whining right now. So much stress and too much consumtion. They live in a hoity little town and it just overwhelms simple little me.

Wendi, I am so excited for you!!!
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Wendi-what beautiful pictures...Kajia just looks blissed-out and wonderful. How is it having a bitty babe in the house again? What does Dahlia think of the babe?

I think Lucy is working on some molars....if it isn't that then I don't know what. I might be wearing earplugs by the end of the weekend. The constant whining and crying is making me:
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Our friend is gone.

Thanks for the thoughts and prayers. We got to be there with the family tonight. They have four little kids. We're just in shock.
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Oh, Heather, I'm so sorry. : for their family. If there's anything I can do to help, please let me know.
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I'm so sorry Heather, my thoughts are with them.
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Oh Heather....I am so sorry. My thoughts and prayers are with them.
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Heather I am so very sorry.

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How is it going here? hmmmm........... Great for Kaija and her new family.
Not as great for me. I am choosing not to whine here. I absolutely adore my grandson. Things will be better for me soon. At this point there is just a lot to be done.

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Wendi - PM me if you need to chat, I'll check back in a bit. Your life is turned upside down right now - I can only imagine.

Post removed - don't want to make anyone uncomfortable.

Well it sure has been a busy weekend around here, huh? I feel numb from all the news - good, bad and uncertain. I am so grateful to have this place to come and feel safe, unjudged, and loved. I love you all :
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