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Sorry about the cracked tooth, asf! Major sucky, but I agree with Eman's about your body doing it's awesome job in regards to mercury.
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Oh fun Eman.

ASF, bummer about the filling. I wonder if you cracked it right before your gallbladder started freaking out and it just took care of the toxins for you.

I had a root canal without pain killers before and that wasn't fun at all (lidocain takes a LONG time to kick in for me, like 3 hours.) But a filling would be much easier for me.

Last night Anodyne and I went to Michaels and got a bunch of small wooden toys for $1 each and also a color your own doll for s and a color your own dinosaur for Little S for $2 each. Not bad at all and I think I know what they're getting in their St. Nicholas stocking!
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Blue - I'll PM ya later tonight. Been busy with school this week, but promise to get back to you.

ASF - Sorry about the tooth. I wouldn't worry about the mercury, personally, because you're so careful about everything else that I think your body can probably handle the tiny amounts anyway.

I know they filled E's cavity with no anesthetic and it didn't hurt her at all, but then again it was a very small one.

Can't make it to the zoo tomorrow like I thought I would. Sorry! Some school stuff came up that I have to do.
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thanks all - i love having something to freak over. dh said "maybe that is why you have been having short term memory loss, confusion and issues with learning"

emans - what time for the zoo?
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ASF, I'll smack your DH for you next time I see him.
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Hey all. I really wanted to make it to the zoo tomorrow but not sure if we will. I'm exhausted and based on my kids behavior today, they are too. I'll have to see how we're feeling in the morning. We've been so busy. What time are you meeting just in case?
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I can do any time after 12, but you don't need to plan around me.

So I feel asleep on the couch before 8 last night. D woke me up when M needed to eat and said I'd been there for 2 hours.
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I will try to be there, just let me know what time. Unless it is super windy...I hate the wind! :
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Anyone know if yeast can cause foul breath? Ds has been very stinky and has been fighting diaper rashes for like 4 weeks or so. I have a question over in H&H but no one has answered.

We won't be at the zoo. Kiddos are having a hard time lately and are not fit to be around other kids without mama going crazy.
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emans - we are planning on going whenever you go since it isnt any fun without friends
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Wanna meat at 12 then.
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oooohhh emans you dirty vegetarian - heh ill *meat* you at 12.
we can be there then
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Hey, we'll be there too. My friend just called to ask us to go to the zoo too. I hope you don't mind, but I told her she and her kids could come with us.

Emans - Is E going to be there today?
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Are you all eating lunch before we meet or bringing lunch?
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Thrush can give bad breath.

We are supposed to go to a play today but judging by the cartwheels L is doing in the living room, zoo might be the better choice. I will call someone.
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We are in for the zoo.

Should we bring lunch, snacks?
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F needs out; we'll be there. Where do we meet?
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We are just getting showers. I may have to find you guys inside. We usually meet byt he statue out front.
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we will be meeting out front by the statues at 12 - then we will go in - we usually end up in africa or the paly area first.

we are bringing snacks but not lunch - so eating snacks first then if we stay long enough - lunch :
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We are leaving now..
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