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elmh - great news on the diagnosis! At least now you have somewhere to start! Hopefully it can be managed easily without more diet changes too.

crazy - I was just going to mention the molds at Target, I got the same ones too. I would be up for soap as well.

We got ds's blood taken today (possible low thyroid), so hopefully in a few weeks we will find out that it is a non-issue. Keep your fingers crossed! We also got the results of DH's latest MRI, which actually proved why he has been having back pain for YEARS, which no other Dr has been able to figure out Unfortunately now we have to figure out what it means, and howto deal with it if we can to manage the chronic pain

Off to bed and a busy project day tomorrow!!
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Cronic back pain sucks, I have a cracked verabre and when it flares up, oh my lord.
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Hopefully you'll find out what it really means for him. Cronic pain sucks in general but one of the worst places to get it is the back because it effects everything else.
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Anyone have a really big box that they don't need? I need one to make Little S a "cave" so he can have alone time when he feels out of control. He won't go in to the other areas we have for him to do that. We used the box his carseat came in for awhile but then the kids stabbed it a bunch with a pen (thanks hubby for showing them that!) and it fell apart.
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We probably have an extra one lying around. Remind me tomorrow, ok?? My brain is fried and i'm trying to do 8 things at once right now...
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so does anyone know anyone good with networks and computers who does home visits? My whole neckwork is being wonky and we may have computer issues too :
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Originally Posted by a-sorta-fairytale View Post
so does anyone know anyone good with networks and computers who does home visits? My whole neckwork is being wonky and we may have computer issues too :

I think the fact that it's a "neckwork" might be your problem but I'm no expert.

We don't have any boxes that are around that size sorry, I'll double check though.
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that it too funny - but you lose 2 points for mocking a fellow nakker!

did i tell yall that dd has a month off of school for winter break
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I can help you out, ASF. Computers and networks are my specialty! No seriously. . .I've been in IT doing just that sort of thing for about 10 years now.
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awesome crazy - i will pm you
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Alright, ASF.

Elmh - how big of a box do you need? We bought an over-the-range microwave, just haven't installed it yet. Will do so this weekend, but I figure you can have the box if it's large enough. It's big enough E can fit in it no problem, but I don't know how big you need it.
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That would be a good size Crazy.

So a side effect of the Reglan has me feeling like I could fall asleep at any moment. I called dh at work and he hasn't called me back. Hopefully he will soon. I'm tired! and Little S is refusing a nap. Thank God for movies.
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I'll try to get the box to you on Sat when we come over. . .hopefully we'll have it installed by then.

Sorry about the side-effects I was on Reglan for a while and it made me feel the same way at first. It also gave me depression, which is another potential side effect, so just something to be aware of. I hope it does help with your tummy trouble, though! Did the doctors say anything about your condition going away at some point? Or is this going to be a life-long issue?
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Adam is sick so I was going to not recommend him right now , but I totally forgot that Crazy was in the same field! So cool!
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It can go away at any time, we just don't know when. The plan right now is to stabalize on Reglan and then eventually wean off of it.

Dh can't work from home today. I'm so tired. Thankfully Little S is finally taking a nap and S is watching a movie in my room. Wish I had caffiene.
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So are we ever going to have a December thread or are we stuck in November forever? LOL

On the upside, my kid can now sit. Took him 'till 8 mos old, but he finally does it willingly now. You don't know how much easier this makes my life. Maybe he'll actually sit in a shopping cart or restaurant high chair like normal babies do.
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