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Flying with a carseat?! Britax marathon

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My dd and I have flown many many times but all before the age of 2 and she was a lap baby. Now that I have ds too and I have to buy her a seat should I take her carseat? Is it worth the hassle ( I understand the safety issues) I will have 2 kids 2 1/2 and 6 months plus a carryon and probably a stroller by myself. There is one layover so if I brought the seat I would have to carry it through one airline and then through customs when we land.
The seats we have are Britax Marathon and Roundabout. Does the Marathon even fit in the airplane? I would want to install it rearfacing if possible so that I could put ds down in it if he naps then Shiah and I could read books etc. Shiah's still rearfacing in the car so this won't be an issue with her I'm just worried about space on the plane.

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The website says the Marathon is approved for airplane use. We're planning on taking ours on board next week for our Thanksgiving trip...I sure hope it fits!
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good luck, I'm not flying till december do you mind posting after your flight and letting me know if it fit?
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The roundabout fits, easily. We've flown with ours several times, here and overseas. You could call the airline, but seems to me they won't let you put it in rear-facing (the documentation that came with the seat may have that info too). You cannot use the extra strap--nothing to hook it to.

I take the seat so I know we have one for the airport transport (shuttle to the airport) and any rental car or pickup ride we end up in along the way. It's a very clear message to a kidlet when they see *their* seat in a car.

Schlepping it in the airport is a pain, unless you have a big strong hand to one-hand it (I don't). You might look into some sort of strap that would let you sling it over your shoulder (pull the strap thru the seat belt spot), or a folding luggage cart so you can wheel it--or throw it in the stroller! I've done that, but only with one kid in tow.

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As long as your dd fits the rfing requirements of the seat she may ride rear facing on the plane. I would always take the seat with me.

Britax seats do not have to be tethered rear facing in the car, it is just an extra feature. Whenever you are travelling, by air or car and then seat is not tethered it is important to make sure all metal parts of the tether are securely in the tether bag.

Fianlly, the base of the Marathon is only 1.5" bigger then the Roundabout. It should not be a problem to use the Marathon but in the interest of ease of carrying I would take the Roundabout.

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thanks mamas
trishshack-thanks I wasn't so worried about the footprint of the seat so much. I'm more worried about the height, has anyone installed in rearfacing on an airplane will it fit and a good angle or is it too tall kwim?
Moooommy-thats the other option I'm kicking around I could just take the roundabout both kids fit in that seat as well seems like that would be easier. Shiah is closer to outgrowing the limits on it rearfacing though height wise, guess I'll stick her in it and see how close she is.

thanks everyone for their replies
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Better call airline

We are flying on British Airways over Christmas to London and Istanbul and was wondering about taking our Marathon, too (another thread on that somewhere here). Anyway, the bottom line is that the Marathon is about 4 inches too wide for most planes. Most planes have a seat width of about 17.5" and the Marathon is about 21" - 22" wide. The planes we are flying (Boeings) have seat widths of 17". I talked with British Airways and they knew the Marathon (maybe because Britax is a British Company?) The woman I talked to said that she thought that the Marathon won't fit, but the Roundabout does, but she wasn't sure. I talked to one other customer service rep to find out about armrest heights (to see if the wide part would be over the armrest). The armrests are right at the height of the wide part of the Marathon and she said that the armrests must be down for take-off and landing. So if the carseat doesn't fit with the arm rests down, we can't use it and it will be gate checked. We decided that since our dd is going to be turning 2 during our trip, we'd just keep her strapped into her seat. I was reminded in the thread I started that the AAP recommends carseats in airplanes for babies under 2. Anyway, definitely check with your airline and find out the details of the seat width and pitch. Good luck taking a trip with two little ones! You're brave!
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thanks velochic I think I'll just take the roundabout its lighter and smaller. I'm definitely not brave I'm freaking out lol. Its been a year since I've been home and seen my family it breaks my heart that my dad hasn't met my little man yet. I've done this trip about 10 times now with one kid hopefully Ollie will travel as well as Shiah has.
Good luck on your flight
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