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I miss my Little Brother

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I am a little drunk and feeling the sting so new of my brother being gone.

its been so long. since 98 since i was forced to say goodbye Andy, but I miss you, and some days its like it was just yesterday that we unplugged you and I watch you stop breathing and I slowly watched your heart stop beating by watching your chest. Your heart seem to be beating so strong.

I don't understand why you were taken from us so early, why you left us, why I am stuck here without you.

it's only fair that I should let you know.. that living without you sucks, it sucks so bad that my children can't meet you. It sucks, that I can't hug you. It sucks and its not right and I should be held here without the only person that understood me. How I waited for you to come into this world, and how I waited the seconds everyday that I could be with you again, how cruel that my last time with you, you were already gone.

I miss you and I want you more than I can bear.

i Know your in a better place Andy, But can you please say a prayer for us, stuck down here and missing you so bad that it stings our hearts?

Your Sister,
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I'm very sorry for your sadness.
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I lost my younger brother to suicide in 1993. He was my only sibling. I still miss him and I so regret that my son doesn't get to have his uncle in his life. I know what it feels like to lose your little brother.
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I also recently lost my only sibling, too, my little brother. He was killed in Iraq about 8 months ago. It's still so new for me, but I'm there with you.

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Hi. Just wanted to let you know I understand....I lost my little brother a year and a half ago. Still can't believe it some days. He was my only sibling, my big "baby" brother. I know those days you are going through! I hope that tomorrow and the next days bring you peace and wonderful memories of your brother. I truly believe that they are in a special place, guiding us, loving us and helping take care of us. It just sucks that we can't hug them tight in this life.....but some day, when it is our time, we will all meet.

Thinking of you,

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Oh my gosh....you have me weeping. I honestly cannot understand this pain! I have a little brother, still with me on this earth, but the thought of him being taken from me is unbearable. I am so, so sorry for all your losses. I can't stop crying thinking of how awful this must be!
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Your post touched me.

I also lost my little brother. It totally sucks that he will never meet dd, never see ds grow up.

I thought about him a lot during this last election because we always talked politics, he would have loved that Obama won.
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s to everyone and : to our brothers
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I am sorry for your sting and hope you can come to a place of peace.
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I miss my little brother too.
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I do fine most days, then it hits like a tun of bricks, wow, Andy would have laughed his butt off at that, or wow I wish Andy could see this.

He was only 9, and I can't stop wondering what he would look like, how would he sound? how tall would he be? Would we still be best friends? What career would he pick? How many kids would he have? I wish I could see him right now.

Thanks for all the wonderful supportive replies. I needed them and appreciate them more then you can know.
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