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november '08 RI AP playgroup - Page 7

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Isaac and I will be there too. I have to go shopping this morning so I'm not sure what I'll bring yet.
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Gabe and I will be there too! I second Joanna-Gabe has been bouncing off the walls! I'll be there with something, probably cider and mulling spices!
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Thank you Mehera for hosting today, we had a good time I did forget my navy blue sweater there, it might be under the couch.
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Sorry we missed everyone again! Maybe we'll see you on Thursday.
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Sorry we missed you all as well! Perhaps Thursday, if we make it out the door in time...
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thanks for having us over mehera! we had a lovely day!
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Thank you Mehera! It was so great to see you all today...I was having some serious withdrawl! =)
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You're welcome for last week. Thanks for Thursday, Sonja.

Who's up for tomorrow? I can do it, but it will not be clean....

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Here's the Dec. thread. I know it's confusing- I often am hanging out by myself at the old thread wondering where everyone is
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Could a mod lock this for us?
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You can just delete the subscription . And maybe whoever starts the new thread each month can post a link to it in the old thread so everyone can find it?
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