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Originally Posted by TheLC View Post
My BFF had a house 57th st, Sheridan was a cross street. She lived there for quite a while, never had any problems, had nice neighbors, etc.

Ya know, Tacoma gets drug through the dirt all of the time and it's usually by folks who haven't spent a whole lot of time there....and that stinks. Tacoma has loads to offer, museums, diversity, cool little stores, decent transportaion, the T dome, Tall Ships festival, First Night, one of the best little zoos in America (and a great aquarium to boot). Cheney Stadium (home of the $5 ticket).....so much for families to do!

And sure, the North End is probably the best area in Tacoma to live but there are lots of other good areas too.
: Exactly!

Originally Posted by MonAmiBella View Post
I lived in Lakewood, right off of Stillicoom Blvd. In the two months I lived there my car was broken into, someone tried to get into our apartment, and someone was shot out behind the building. The night of the shooting was the night I moved back up to Bothell.

My ex grew up in Tacoma though and had a lot of problems growing up. We had a lot of friends in the area and I was never really comfortable in any of them.
Ok, Lakewood is not, I repeat NOT, Tacoma. We lived there for a few years. I wouldn't recommend it. For a variety of reasons.

And, as several pps have mentioned, Tacoma has changed greatly in just the last decade. Our neighbors across the street have lived here for over 20 years and can attest to how our neighborhood alone has improved in that time.

I think the thing is that Tacoma is even more neighborhood-dependent than Seattle when you are talking living experiences. Heck, sometimes I think it is actually street dependent - we have driven down a perfectly respectable, nice, well-kept street, turned a corner, and bam - plunged into, well, not so nice. I think it pays just to take a day or two, if you have the time, and drive around until you have isolated the blocks you want to live in. That was pretty much what we did. Just a thought.
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I moved from the east coast to Tacoma because of the military, and after nearly 5 years here I absolutely love it. There are certainly downsides, which is what people tend to focus on I've found. But, there are some great aspects of Tacoma as well, the North End is a fantastic area to own a home! My advice would be to tour the area or talk to some of us who've lived here awhile to steer you in the right direction
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We're off Sheridan, closer to the mall. But I have a friend who just bought on 57th and Alaska and loves it!!
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Thanks everyone. I think it's pretty much guaranteed that we'll be living in Tacoma soon... since the huge bailout, there aren't any more cheap houses in King County.

I've looked at a ton of houses there already and have a ton more to check out this week, so I will probably be posting more neighborhood specific questions soon!
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My husband is from Lakewood and my in-laws still live there... (((shudder))) My husband says University Place is the best/nicest area to live in if you have to live in Tacoma.
I'm from a Snohomish County cow town, so going anywhere in Pierce County is a shock to my system. I think it has to do with Ft. Lewis proximity IMO.
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I'm WAY late but have lived in Tacoma for most of my 29 years. Although we live in Gig Harbor now (much safer, better schools).

If you want, feel free to PM me for any questions. I've lived almost everywhere in Tacoma before I was 18.
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The only think I know about Tacoma is that if you live there, you are a TacoMan.

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Originally Posted by urklemama View Post
The only think I know about Tacoma is that if you live there, you are a TacoMan.

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Originally Posted by urklemama View Post
The only think I know about Tacoma is that if you live there, you are a TacoMan.

I've always thought of it as "I want a taco, ma."
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Did you end up finding anything you like?

Tacoma gets knocked down all the time. There is a song by one of my favorite artists who used to reside in Tacoma it goes:
People they laugh when they hear you're from my town
They say it's a sour and used up old place
I've defended it's honor and shrugged off the putdowns
You know when you are from Tacoma

Anyways, I love it.::
I've lived in both Seattle and Tacoma and I prefer Tacoma for it's smallness, character, diversity, and low cost living!
We're renting on hilltop and I love it. My daughter is going to Bryant Montessori in the fall and we can just walk 4 blocks to school. I don't feel unsafe in the least living there. It was terrible in the 80's, but it's really not anymore. It's a great central location, for walking to where you want to go.
Our best friends rent a 2 bedroom apt in Seattle, for the same price as a lovely turn of the century 4 bedroom house in hilltop.
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Thanks- that's great to hear! Our house hunting has actually been put on hold for a few months, but we're still planning on looking in Tacoma. You just can't beat the prices! I'm glad to hear about your experience in that area too, because a lot of houses we've seen are around there.
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