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Travel with kids - need info/advice/resources

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We are contemplating a trip to Istanbul (we live in the USA). Our DDs will be 3.5y and 8 months when we travel there. We've traveled quite a bit with our first DD, but nowhere as different from the US as Turkey. Neither of us has ever been to Turkey, so we don't really know what to expect.

I have two questions:

1. I'm looking for books/websites recommendations that discuss travel with kids (for any destination, not just Turkey).


2. Advice from anyone who may have been to Turkey with or without kids - just what to expect and how to get more info, especially how difficult/easy it might be with two little ones in tow.

Are we crazy to think about this trip?
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I've never travelled out of the country with my kids but we do take several cross-country trips each year. I've found flyertalk.com to be a decent resource. Just beware that there are quite a few angry posters on that site that seem to enjoy venting about families. On the other hand, you'll probably find a large collection of posters that have current experience travelling to the destination you're interested in and many that travel internationally with kids.

Another site I found is flyingwithchildren.blogspot.com - lots of info that I haven't checked out yet.

Enjoy your trip!
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Hi, I lived in Istanbul for three years and my son was born there. Would be happy to help you with any questions, PM me if you like.
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