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Need help with rotating toys

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My dd is 2 1/2 and with Xmas coming up soon, I can just imagine the amount of stuff she's going to get...first and only grandchild so far. We try to limit what grandparents get her, but she still ends up with too much. Her bedroom and our living room is fairly small and always seems to be spilling over with toys and such.

I am interested in the idea of "rotating" toys but just want some input. I really don't have the space to keep tubs of toys in a closet or downstairs. How many baskets/tubs do you usually rotate through and how often? Does anyone have some suggestions or can share their routine of rotating toys they wouldn't mind sharing with me.

I would greatly appreciate it.
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Do you have garage? Storage shed? Basement? WHat's currently in all your closets?

Honestly, I tried rotating and we just never um...got around to doing that. Now all of our toys (the main ones) fix in one of six boxes. We have a few floaters, but those get kept up at the top of closets and brought down on occassion.
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I never used to. I thought it was a grand idea - I just never got around to it.

However, now that my oldest two are 6 and 4, we do switch toys out. When I notice certain toys haven't been played with in a while, I ask them if they want to go through toys and switch some out. They pick which categories they want to pack up for now and which categories they want to bring back out.
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I know the thought of rotating toys has been with me for awhile, just never got around to doing it. That's why I was asking for other's setup...guess we're all in the same boat

With her being 2 1/2, I would not be able to have her help. As soon as get something out to remove the batteries in it or put it away, it immediately becomes her pride possession. I can't even try to declutter or rearrange her room when she's around.
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I use different sizes of mesh laundry bags from the dollar store to bag up toys that aren't in use. I keep them in the under-the-basement-stairs cupboard. Bags take up way less room than bins, and you can see what is in the bag easily.

I have some nice boxes/baskets out. I put one kind of toy in each basket. When my kids have trouble keeping the toys tidied up, we assume there are too many toys out and put some away until it is manageable.

When they are bored with what is out, we pack away some toys and bring out fresh bags.

When the cupboard gets overflowing, we cull toys and donate extras.

For example, my children have tons of Little People toys. I had the dollhouse and main street and schoolbus out for a couple weeks, then when they weren't being played with anymore, they got bagged and I dumped the bag of Little People farm/zoo/animal toys into the box instead.

Tonight, I'll be putting those toys away and bringing out the wooden dollhouse and barn instead....

Great thing about the mesh bags, you can wash the toys and put them away slightly damp and they will still dry.
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I keep two milk-crates in the top of ds' closet that are reserved for toys that he is still too young for, or are out of season. On the floor of his closet, I have a storage ottoman that is filled with age-appropriate toys that are out of rotation, and a small box of books out of rotation. Maybe once a month I pull out the crates/boxes and let ds poke around and I see what he's interested in. Whatever comes out, an equal size toy is put back in storage in its place. I would say 2/3 of the toys/books are out, and 1/3 are stored.
In his room, current toys are kept in his red wagon and books are in a basket. Downstairs, I've reserved a large cabinet in the kitchen for toys, and he has a shelf on our family bookshelf for some of his books.
I decided to let my space determine the amount of toys we keep. If we have more than what can fit in our designated storage areas, then something goes out to Goodwill.
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