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welcome Charlie!

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Charles Jeremiah Hugh F_____ came at 4:47 pm on Halloween after 35 hours of labor! Our little punkin butt. Things started at 6am Thursday morning, but I didn't realize it. My water broke about 8:45pm my time, and labor stalled then. At 5am they started pitocin after being admitted since 11pm. By noon on Friday I thought I was looking at a c-section, since I wasn't making any progress. There was a second bag of water, and once they broke that, I flew into true labor. 6 pushes and he was out, no tears, stitches, or even a skid mark. My belly hurts worse from the tubal than my bottom.

His gestational age asseseement put him at 35 weeks 5 days, so he wasn't a 37 weeker. He needed 5 hours of oxygen and 12 hours of transistion (transistional tachypnea of the newborn and a little respiratory distress) before we were given a tentative all clear. I didn't get to hold him until sometime late that night, and even then he was attached to moniters and things.

He was finally taken off of NPO (respiratory rate got under control) in the morning, and around 6 am he was in my room for the first time since the night before.

His Apgars were 7 and 8, so he was ok, even though it was scary.

The pediatrician made a special trip back to the hospital to check on him today, and all the crackles are gone from his lungs, they didn't even do another chest x-ray. He never spiked a fever, and the doc said his blood work looked like he had a virus, which was consistant with me just getting over a nasty cold.

Breastfeeding is the only thing not working now, which is fine. He needs me as much as the other kids did even though he's getting a bottle instead.

I'm a little fragile, and making a hard transition home, it's been a crazy 3 days, feels like half my life.

He's currently sleeping on my chest, so there may be typos.

Because of IVs and formula, he hasn't lost any weight.

7lbs even
20 inches long
35 weeks 5 days gestation

I'll post a link to pictures later, once I'm able to get them uploaded and sit at the computer without him.
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Congratulations Coyote!!!: Welcome Charlie!!! Glad to hear everyone is okay, mama!!:
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Congrats and welcome charlie!
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Welcome Charlie, what an adorable name!
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Congrats! What a surprise arrival. Let us know how breastfeeding progress goes.

Snuggle that little one.
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Welcome Charlie and Congrats Mama!
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Congrats mama and Charlie.

Hope you're able to get some rest and sorry for the rough start
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Well thats great!!! I'm so glad things worked out and he got to go home with you! What a strong little guy! Congratulations Coyote! I can't wait to see pics!!
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whoo hooo! congratulations on your little man and welcome to the world Little Charlie!!::
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Welcome Charlie!!
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OHHHHHHHHHHHHH, another Charlie!!!!!!! ::::

I love that name! And he sounds just as stubborn as my Charlie, but a strong little guy too! Congrats to you all!! How wonderful!
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Wow, congratulations!!
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Congratulations coyote!!!! : And welcome Charlie!!!:
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Happy Birthday Charlie!!!

You have a great name (just so happens to be my first born's name :-)!!!
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I'm so excited for you!:
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Amazing! Welcome little Charlie! Not a bad size for his age. Sorry for the tough begining, but mama you can do it!

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Congrats!I'm so glad you're both alright!He shares a birthday with our 2nd Dd!(she just turned 5!)::
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Congrats!! Sending you lots of love mama.
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