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I caught this when I was at my dad's house the other night hanging out (we don't have a t.v. at home) and as I was channel surfing my little sister said "oh oh go back! You HAVE to see this, it's totally creepy and weird!"

It was BIZARRE! The way the girls spoke to the camera people was the way that people in cults sound when they're interviewed. Totally off the wall, incohearent, not necesarily factual answers. Inability to reason. Ick. The dads... oh my god. If my dad ever acted like that I'd have reported him

The whole thing is just wrong on so many levels.
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Originally Posted by PookieMom View Post
Same here. So....if you don't have a dad are you just destined to be a whore? I don't get it. Mother's clearly aren't smart enough or have enough self control of their own evil womanly ways to adequately direct their daughters. Oh please. This show is just another excuse to put men on a pedestal. And sons don't need purity balls as long as the girls have them. You see, if a boy has sex, then it is clearly the girl's fault for seducing him in the first place, duh
(Bolding is mine)

Oh, yeah! THAT makes sense...

And just think about how many girls a single boy could "deflower"! :

I liked the whole "I don't want them to get cancer" bs.

And the "it's in the 10 commandments" "which one is that?" "ummmmm"

I DO have to give a TON of credit to that interviewer!

ETA: The friend I watched it with (also a single mother) and I were both creeped out with the seemingly pedophile-like actions of the fathers.

And we were equally creeped out with the "A boy asked and we both decided he wasn't the one for me" comment! Both my A$$!! :
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Originally Posted by MusicianDad View Post
Reminds my of an episode of Family Guy, the daughter Meg takes one of those pledges and her and the boy she starts seeing decide to do it in the ear because it's "not sex that way". Hmm... Anyone else know about the "oral sex isn't REALLY sex" thing that's been going on among teens for a few years now?
I was reminded of that epsiode too!
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Originally Posted by jennlyn View Post
Yes, it should definately be the mom doing the talking to the girls. If I was that age and my dad talked to me about purity/sex/etc. I would have been very embarrassed. It's one thing for dad to say you're not going to date until you are this age, or if the family believes in courtship that this is what is going to happen when you are a certain age, but the extent of this whole thing is troublesome in my mind.

I don't feel comfortable with the idea of purity pledges and balls....but to each their own.

But I do agree with part of this statement it should be the mom talking to the girls. It should be both parents. Sometimes one parent is more comfortable. You know what I don't think the child being embarrassed by opossite gender really matters....My dh embarrasses the kids as much as I do. We both state and teach our beliefs about sex. My 8 year old dd about died when masterbation got brought up and I explained it to her....she would have been just embarrassed if it was her dad talking about it.
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