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15 pond newborn!!

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On the news the other night was a woman in WA who'd given birth to a 15 pound baby!

1 week "early!!"

They had to do a C-section due to the size. Apparently the mom had diabetes and the dad is 6'6" (if that has anything to do with it.) I wonder if they had the due date right?
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One friend had a 10 pound 12 ouncer and another had a 12 pounder. With the 10 pounder Dad is around 6'4 or so and mom is about 5'3. The other's dad is maybe 5'9 and mom about the same. Both boys were born "naturally" as well. (And I couldn't even squeeze out 6 pounds 12 oz!)

Sounds like we're talking turkeys and not children! :LOL

I have two comments. 1. Ouch! 2. I'll bet she never thought she would give birth to a toddler.

I hope everyone is doing fine. My guess is the date may have been a little off...
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My brother was about 13 pounds at birth. He got his picture in the local newspaper! Anyway, he's now 30 and 6'8"...a huge guy!
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There was a baby born here at a birth center (to midwives I know) who weighed 16 pounds!
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As long as the *head* isn't 12 or 15 lbs, the vagina can really stretch!

My bigheaded 6 lb 13 oz baby was harder than my normalheaded 8 lb 10 oz baby!
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Pamamidwife delivered a baby that was 13-6 or something like that and she is a home birth midwife.
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The female body is amazing.
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actually, with a diabetic mama, the dates may have been right on. babies of diabetic mamas can be HUGE.
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