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November IUI's

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Hello- Thought I would start the November IUI thread. I have never been a thread keeper, but am going to punt here. Please put your info in, (as I don't want to assume anything) and I will update as needed

Waiting for O
FayeO- IUI #7, no meds
Lissame- IUI #1 no meds, TTC #1

Waiting to know (2WW)
DM360- IUI #3 with injectibles. TTC 2 years
BarefootFarmer- 2nd IUI with injectibles
Shesabuckeye- TTC 2 years, IUI#1 clomid/gonal-f/trigger
Poetgirl- IUI #4, super happy responder to Follstim!!!
Soc-IUI #3
DaisyMae- IUI#2 with clomid/trigger

Waiting to be ready
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My IUI went well. DH and I were cracking each other up with pre-flight instructions for the test tube of sperm. (My seat was not to be in an upright postition.) And we were wondering what the spooky consequences of conceiving on Halloween would be. At least this means that my dpo is the calendar date and thus easy to track.

La la la two week wait time.
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Just thought I would pop in and say that unfortunately we are out for this month . Our IUI was cancelled ten minutes after I took my first chlomid pill . . . I called the clinic to say it was day two so they could book my u/s and they told me their tech was very ill/hospitalized and IUI's were to be cancelled for the month. I feel awful for that poor tech, but I'd be lying if I didnt' admit to being so very upset about how this has affected us. Due to xmas travel etc we won't likely do an IUI in December, so we wait until January. I know it's only two months and I shouldn't be so whiney, but it was just such a let down, yk?

Best of luck this month, mamas. I'll be rooting for you!!!
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Another Nov IUI. This will be my 2nd IUI, both w/ injectibles. It is scheduled for Wed 11/5; please keep your fingers crossed.

Attached2mason, sorry about the cancellation. I too would be upset. My Sept IUI was canceled (due to hormone levels). I was so frustrated. Hopefully the holidays keep you busy and the time flies.

Sticky vibes to all.
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Attached- So sorry, what rotton luck!

Barefoot- Best of luck. Keep us updated!

Masel- Fingers crossed!!

AFM- CD8- finished letrazole yesterday- 1st FSH injection done this AM.
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Barefoot- how did the IUI go on Wed?

Follie study #1. I had 3 11mm follies and blood in the uterus: Ever since I started down IF road, the meds make my period super long. So I am keeping on the gonal-f till Sunday, then another u/s. Oh the estrodial was 70 something, whch means I got a ways to go before my follies are mature.
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Just got the BFN from the Oct. IUI. I am now awaiting AF so that we can get working on IUI #2. We're doing the same thing as last month. 100mg Clomid and Ovidrel trigger.
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. I am very sorry
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Thanks Naturalmom. DH is taking me out for wine and sushi tonight. Trying to make the best of things. Good luck with your next u/s!
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DaisyMae, enjoy your wine and sushi. Here's to hoping November is your month.

My IUI was unremarkable. Ovulation has been pretty easy this month compared to last month which was pretty painful. On to the 2ww.....
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Is there a higher IUI success rate with injectibles vs Clomid?
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Daisy- Are you dealing with male, female, or unexplained IF? I did lots of research on injectibles verses clomid, and here is my conclusion. Injectibles do not interfere with the uterine lining like clomid. My doc says lower success with clomid verses injectibles for that reason. Also, you are monitered really close with injectibles, which helps the timing for the trigger shot become really refined. My 2 cents
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We're dealing with unexplained IF. Our RE told us that he believes if we were to keep trying on our own we would eventually get pregnant, but that it might take a really long time and that with ART he thought it would be "very easy" (his words).

I'm just trying to arm myself with as much information as possible so I can at least ask the right questions. With the protocol we're currently on I had only one ultrasound last month on day 12. They had me do the trigger on day 13 and then IUI on days 14 and 15. With injectibles, how frequently do you need to go in for u/s?
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My doc does a baseline u/s with estrodial draw cd2-4 (somewhere in there) and another u/s and estrodial cd 10, and then plans according to whats going on. For me this month, cd10 u/s and estrodial showed 3 immature follies, so I stay on gonal -f until tomorrow, sunday, cd13, to see whats next. So, definantly see what your doc does.
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They usually schedule a follow up visit between cycles, but didn't for us this time because the plan was going to be the same and we live so far away. If IUI #2 doesn't work we'll meet with the dr. again and I'll ask about all of this stuff then. Does everybody deal mostly with nurses, or is that unusual?
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When I started infertility treatment at another clinic, practically everything was through the nurses. When I switched to my current clinic, my doctor has a ton of involvment. I really don't talk to the nurses except to report my first cycle day. So, to answer your question, I've experienced both.
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The doctor doesn't even do the actual IUIs. We have appts. with him and he looks at all of the results of testing and u/s etc. and decideds what to do, but the nurses are the ones we always talk to and are the ones to do the IUIs... This is a nationally recognized clinic, so I assumed they know what they're doing. I have to say I was surprised by the IUI thing. I hope to heck the doctors are doing the IVFs!
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Oh yeah, IVF is doctor land all the way.

Had my follie study this a.m. 2 big triggerable follies, a third smaller one also. Had estrodial drawn; waiting for results. Trigger tonight. Praying for this one:
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Hello! I am very new to this forum and posting stuff. I am so excited to have people to share my worries and concerns with. DH gets tired of hearing about my twinges and possible symptoms. Here is my situation: been ttc for a little over two years now, I have one DD 8 years old and a step daughter 13 years old. Last month we tried Clomid 100mg days 3-7/Gonal f injections day 9/HCG trigger day 12/with no IUI. This month we did the same only we did IUI on Friday (day 13). I had cramping and a very small amount of bleeding right after the IUI, but am feeling pretty good now.

I hope this is a successful month for all of us!
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