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Would YOU take castor oil at 41 weeks?

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I've heard all the negative. I've heard all the positive. So let's see numers on here.

Normally, I wouldn't consider such a thing- but I'm in pure misery. I now have infinite sympathy for arthritic elderly women. My hips pop and are sore as I walk- constantly.

When I get out of bed, it feels like my pubic bones are made of toothpicks and my son's head is the size and weight of a bowling ball rested on them, and that they're going to SNAP IN HALF at any given moment. I'M MISERABLE. I want to cry most of the day. I'm a wimp, I realize this.

Getting desperate at this point...desperate enough for castor oil.

Or not. Would YOU take castor oil at 41 weeks?

This baby has got to come out, people...if natural induction methods do not work, I'm seriously considering having the midwife break my water. Again, something else I would have never considered, until now.

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I wouldn't but I don't remember being THAT uncomfortable. I believe babies come out when they are ready and we shouldn't try and get them out any earlier.

I hope its soon for you mama!
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Not at 41 weeks. I'd try it as a last resort before being pushed into a hospital induction, that's it -
my 1st was born at 43 weeks, my 2nd at 41w3d - but it always seemed true that "the darkest hour was just before dawn". I'm guessing, since you feel that desperate, you don't have long to wait.
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I used it because I had to at 11 days over due and low amniotic fluid. It was my last chance before my midwife would have turned me over to a dr for pitocin!
It worked pretty standard for me. Contrax started about 2 hrs after eating it with scrambled eggs.
Baby was born after just 3 hrs of labor.

I did all the other natural stuff-nipple stimulation (had contrax but not consistent), sex, and walking everywhere.

Castor oil was pretty mild for me even though others had bad experiences with it. I say try it if you are at the end of your rope.
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I haven't heard the negative...unless its the whole "baby will come when its ready" thing.

I took castor oil at 41 weeks because I was trying to induce in every way possible before going to the hospital for an induction due to pre-eclampsia.

It didn't do anything except give me some major diahrrea. My cervix was totally hard and closed, so I was fighting a bit of an uphill battle I guess. Milena really was not ready, but I was sick and needed her to be born.

Taking the castor oil itself was really no big deal. I thought it would be totally disgusting somehow from the way people talked about it. It tasted like chapstick melted to me. No flavor, just oil. And I didn't really mind "cleaning" myself out prior to pushing a baby out.

Again, I don't know the negatives, but I'd say it would be fine to give it a try before doing something like breaking the water. I'd be scared of PROM if you break the waters and nothing starts happening. Castor oil seems way less "invasive."

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You sound so miserable right now This is so hard for you, and i don't think you're a wimp, at all. Making it to 40 weeks is hard enough, making it past 40 weeks can be agonizing, especially when you're so uncomfortable and in pain. I'm so sorry that this last bit of pregnancy is being so hard on your poor body.

I would not take castor oil in your situation. I did, actually, do castor oil with my second dd, because my water broke and I wasn't contracting, ten hours later. So, having gone through a castor oil labor, I can tell you that it was the most intense pain in my life and that I prefer the 25 hour labor I had with my first dd to the three hour labor I had with my second. Those contractions were like getting hit by a freight train, with no time to assimilate them, you know?

Obviously, this is your decision, and you have to do what is best for you and for your family Hopefully, you won't have much longer to decide
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Also, just wanted to add, you have to take two doses to actually go into labor; one dose will just...um...clean you out. It's the second one that gets the contractions going. My mw had me take the doses four hours apart.
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I took two doses (I cannot believe I was able to do it a second time!) and the baby still came when she was ready. I was just about 42 weeks when I tried it and she came a few days later with no signs of labor until a five hours before she was born. I don't think it is worth it, imo. Just relax and save yourself the ick factor.
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No one but you can decide how much pain and discomfort you can handle.

i did castor oil twice to no effect and I'm actually glad it didn't work. I found the whole ordeal exhausting enough without having to go through labour afterwards.

Hang on as long as you can.

I would only use it as an absolute last resort. Even then, i think they come when they're ready.
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I wouldn't and didn't. I'm not comfortable with castor oil short of true medical reason for induction. It has seemed to increase mec in some situations. Might not. Might.

Babies come when ready.

Have you tried chiro? Or a massage?

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I wouldn't...but since you are so miserable, you might consider getting your membranes stripped. Much gentler and will work if your body is ready.
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As you can read for yourself there are many different reactions to castor oil. I don't think it's a black and white issue, but depends on the individual and their situation.
For me it worked well and saved me from the hospital, others it didn't work out so well.
You might look at how your other labors went and use that as a guide. Some people have said the the castor oil just intensified their past labor "style" for lack of a better term.
Good luck with what ever you decide!
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No way. Not even at a last resort at 42+ weeks.

I'd worry about me getting dehydrated or the baby having meconium. I have been terribly uncomfortable at the end of pregnancy - to the point where I couldn't stand for 5 minutes. My kids were born at 41 and 42 weeks - and the 42 weeker included pitocin. But, from all I've read, I do not feel castor oil is a safe option. As it was, both my kids had meconium and had to be rushed off to the nursery. Thank goodness they were fine. But I'm not about to do anything that will increase my risks.
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i would do chiro, acupuncture, etc.... to get you ready. Maybe you are so uncomfortable you are unable to relax and let labor come?

the baby knows how to be born, your body knows how to listen.

why risk inducing and the baby not be ready?
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I would try it - as a last resort only!

I felt just like you when I was pregnant with my DD. I ached all over. I couldn't get comfortable sitting, standing, sleeping, etc. My feet, ankles, and legs were terribly swollen and I had terrible carpal tunnel syndrom (I couldn't feel my fingers most of the day). I tried every other natural induction method, besides caster oil. None of them worked. DD came when she was cooked - at exactly 41 weeks.

Hang in there Mama, you don't have much farther to go!
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I did at 41 weeks. I think it made my labor harder than it would have been, `but it was fine.
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Have you talked to your midwife about your discomfort? Midwifery care is mother centered, but it is still a collaborative effort. There might be some real indication why she wouldnt want you to go there. I fully sympathize with you being so uncomfortable, it is so difficult to be SO uncomfortable and SO anxious to meet your baby at the same time. Hang in there mama, your baby WILL come out.
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I wouldn't. Ditto the suggestions of acupuncture, massage, chiro, first, with the discussion with your midwife. Definitely don't do castor oil without talking to your midwife about it first. Like someone else said, she might have insight into your situation we don't about why it's a good or bad idea.

I know you are in a lot of pain and discomfort now. I hear the desperation in your post. (((hugs))), but a lot of that pain and discomfort is either not going to disappear immediately after birth, or be replaced by other pains and discomforts and if you can just stick it out until your body and baby are ready, I think you will find the benefit is worth it.

In my personal experience, most people I know who have used castor oil have found it totally ineffective and sometimes really unpleasant (gut cramping along with the diarrhea), plus there's the risk of dehydration, so it just would never be my first go to natural induction route. I wouldn't want to put myself through that for nothing.

good luck!!
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Originally Posted by tallulahma View Post
why risk inducing and the baby not be ready?
Because it's just so hard :
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Originally Posted by Celticqueen View Post
Because it's just so hard :
I know it is hard. *props up celticqueen's feet for a foot massage*

I will tell you this....I don't know a single mama who regretted waiting for their baby after the baby was born. You will be holding your baby soon. I promise!

ETA: I would look into the chiropractor for your discomforts. The only relatively pain-free pregnancy was my last one, and I had faithfully visited the chiro throughout the pregnancy.
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