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Bili Blanket

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Does anyone know of somewhere I can rent a bili blanket from? Our hospital does not have them available. We'll be having a homebirth this time around and due to an ABO blood type incompatibility there is a pretty good chance we'll be dealing with some jaundice this time around. I'm hoping to avoid light therapy at all but would liek to be prepared with home options to avoid being admitted to the hospital if at all possible.

Any info would be great.
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Call medical supply companies in your area,that would be the place that rents a bilirubin vest or blanket that can be used at home, but your Doctor will need to write a prescription in order for the company to dispense the blankets for at-home treatment.

So, your doctor must be in agreement with treating the baby out of hospital.

Good luck!
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Thanks. My pedi is the one that told me to look into finding one if I wanted it as an option as he'd never used one or seen it used in the area. So he will support it (and prescribe it) if it's medically appropriate of course.
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