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This is a tip that I have been trying to get my website noticed more and listed higher up on the search engines. Google (or use whatever search engine you like, I actually did this on many search engines) things like Rockport midwife, Corpus Christi midwife (nearest big city), Texas midwife. This will #1 see how high up you are on the search. It also will help you find different sites like yellowpages.com, WebMD, Doctor.com, Local.com etc. You can list yourself free on these. On the Dr. sites, it is a multiple choice on profession. My title wasn't listed, so I selected CNM. I then immediately contact tech support and let them know that I had selected an incorrect job title because they didn't have mine listed. They then add it for you. I have been coming up higher on the search engines and also with multiple listings.
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I wanted to bump up this thread again.

I am trying to get my new practice up and running now. I have gained a few clients, which I think is a great start. I am trying to build a very solid practice though, so I am trying to do as much as I can right now. I moved to an area that has not had a homebirth midwife for quite some time, so I am mainly just focusing on getting the word out that I am even here. Here are a few of the things that I am doing:

1. craigslist ads. Once a month I am posting an ad on my local craigslist. I do get quite a few website hits this way and have gotten a few contacts and 1 client this way as well. Totally free

2. I have a website and have worked to try to get it bumped up in searches. It still isn't coming up the best, but my profile for birthpartners.com comes up right away in a search for a midwife in my area and through that people can find my website. I have submitted my site to all the free directories that I can find and have paid for a few as well. I am keeping track with google analytics to see which ones actually bring about website hits compaired to which are wastes of my money.

3. I have been putting business cards out at local businesses.

4. I recently got 200 free postcards from vistaprint that I typed out a message on. Just stating who I am and what services I am providing and I am sending them to all the local chiropractors, herbalists, massage therapists, etc.

5. I sent out an email to childbirth educators and doulas letting them know who I am and what I do. Most are quite a distance from me, there are only 3 doulas here who are not affiliated with the hospitals and there are no childbirth educators down here, just more up in the metro area.

So, that is kind of where I am. I am considering a few things as my next steps. I would love to hear from people who have tried these things as to if they work or not:

1. Offer free childbirth education classes. They could be geared towards homebirth or not.... I am not sure which would be more beneficial for getting my information out. The ONLY childbirth education in my community is through the hospitals so far.

2. hosting a movie night once a month, focusing mostly on homebirth movies. This could get pricey though.

3. Starting a homebirth meet-up style group. it would be nice to grow that community down here as Minneapolis/St Paul has a large homebirthing community and it is quite a bit smaller here.

Any other ideas? What has worked for everyone else?
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Contact and get your info to ALL the local health food stores, chiro's, natural path doc's, lactation consultants, doula's, childbirth educator, pregnancy & baby photographers, pediatricians, pregnancy centers, wic offices, health departments, play groups, maternity & baby/kids shops, local Birth Networks, local Yahoo/Goggle and meetup groups. Babies/Toys R Us usually do a once a month informational thing that maybe you could do. See if there are any baby expo's or craft fairs where you can set up a booth and do them. Trade links with any one who has a website. Check with all the local Cities to see if they have a once a month venue that you could attend. Get into every news letter/paper you can.
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Our local newspaper oftentimes writes articles about new businesses in town. If it's a slow news day, new businesses have even made front page. :P

Try having a facebook page for your business.

If you have a space to use, host movie nights, prenatal yoga classes, bellydancing classes, knitting groups, reading groups, childbirth education and breastfeeding classes. Communicate with food co-ops, peace groups, etc. Put fliers up at churches, natural foods markets, pharmacies that provide alternative medicine, coffee shops, clinics, public assistance offices, daycares, YWCA, YMCA, and other gyms. If you're supportive of the LGBTIQQ community, advertise at their gathering places. If you feel comfortable providing support to teen moms, advertise where the teens may be.

Wherever you put your information, be sure to get brochures/fliers regarding what services they offer, too!
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