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I just found this thread and I am so relieved that I am not the only one who felt this calling. I have been wrestling with this internally for about 2 years now and it's to the point now where I feel ready to give up pants and start covering. It's mostly for myself, as I have struggles with self-esteem issues for so long. I need to get closer to the Mother but there are so few pagans where I am and even fewer who would understand the call to cover. Please tell me you ladies still cover!!

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I still cover :) welcome to the thread 


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yep. I'm here and I cover. Been covering full time  for... 2 years now? and off and on a few years before that. 


I only don't cover to sleep and sometimes if i'm just hanging around the house. :)

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Hello! I'm back and I'm covering again along with a more modest style. Happy to see this thread is still about

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I've been reading through this thread (though not the entire thing) and am just fascinated by it. I am a Muslim convert, and before I converted to Islam I was practicing/studying earth-based feminist spirituality with a women's community. I really love covering my hair, but not only that--I love the concept of hijab as a whole. And it is not only for women, contrary to what many people think about hijab in Islam. Head covering is only part of it, though in Western culture it's the most obvious part. 


I love hearing about women feeling "called" to cover, or to be more modest. It just confirms my belief that we all have this *remembrance* of our fitrah, our ability to live in alignment with and in surrender to our Creator, we have an innate desire to be worshipful and mindful and to "bring Spirit into the details" of our lives. 


I wear my head covering in a sort of non-traditional way, in that I don't usually wear it in a distinctly "Arab Muslim" way. I often will wear it in a turban style, or in a bun, or tied once under my hair and with the ends wrapped around my neck to cover my chest. As time goes on I feel more and more compelled to have my neck be covered, which I didn't feel comfortable with for a long time because I felt like it was a big "identifier" and I still felt like a baby Muslim and pretty self-conscious around my family and "pre-conversion" friends. Interestingly and sadly, covering my hair has been something that has clearly made some friends/family uncomfortable. It's like I look foreign to them now. 


Anyway, just for anyone who's interested, the concept of hijab is about humility and modesty in one's relationship to God--not to Men, not to other people, just before God. It is a "covering of our adornments," a recognition of the sacred nature of our bodies (awrah), an honoring and dignifying of our femininity. It has nothing to do with shame or any concept of inferiority or inequality. And it's not only a scarf. That's part of it, but it's also in wearing loose clothing (sooo comfy!!), guarding one's speech (trying not to gossip, be mean, etc.), lowering our gaze around people who we might feel lustful toward (which I see as a great sign of respect for those men AND as an acknowledgement of sisterhood--I do it to respect those wives and girlfriends and others, to indicate that I am not *in competition* with you for your men!), not being gaudy or flamboyant or extravagant in our behavior or in our CONSUMPTION. It is about simplicity and humility but also about strength and dignity. At least, that is what it has come to mean for me. I can see over time a pull to simplify--whereas I have a *ton* of scarves and use them as a fun accessory (so it's easy to SHOP, SHOP, SHOP), I know women who I greatly respect and admire who, for example, usually only wear blue or black. And I can see that making my hijab trendy can be a distraction from it's real purpose, to keep me more mindful of God...just some of the things I think about. 


Men should observe hijab too. They also have an awrah, though it is different from women's (obv bc their bodies are different), and should really also be wearing loose clothing that covers the body, not be showy, lower their gaze around women, use gentle speech, not be vain, grow their beard, etc. 


Love hearing about non-Muslim desire to incorporate this--the benefit is really universal. May the peace and blessings of our Creator be upon all of you!

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  I LOVE this thread!


As a child I saw Muslims about and thought their head coverings were so beautiful that I would convert one day ( I was like 5 and didn't even know a name for the faith, lol)

Then as a Catholic convert I very very nearly became a nun. I LOVED the habit but not the whole "obedience to the church" deal. I wanted to worship all day not follow a bunch of dudes rules.... anywho.

 I have always felt drawn and called to cover my head. I have thought a lot about writing a book about all the religions reasons for it. It is something deep in my soul.

I think I will now that I am an empowered Christopagan because- it reminds me of the divine above me and my values, it is to honor the blessed mother, and to cover the crown chakra.


i love many of the values of modest for men and women but fear the anti sex ideology that goes with most of that.


Can you be sex positive and modest???

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I'm a pagan and I cover. 

Can you be sex positive and modest?  May I suggest you read or explore the Catholic teaching of Theology of the Body.  It is a wonderful teaching. 

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Hebaume39, I will have to check that teaching out!

As a Vodouisant, I'm kind of both Catholic and pagan at the same time. :) I don't cover every day at this point - only during ceremonies or when I'm doing work for the spirits - but who knows what I'll be called to do in the future?

What are people's favorite sources for head coverings? I've gotten nice ones from two Etsy shops - maryann4000 and SpecificallyRandom .

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Joining in here... I haven't started covering yet but it's been weighing on my mind a lot lately. I LOVE the look of some of the covers at Garlands of Grace but don't have the money to spend on that especially if I end up not using it much. I did find a nice pattern to make a headband type cover so I'm going to try that first with some scrap fabric. (Just gotta get done with holiday crafts before starting other new projects!) I think the headband that can be stretched or gathered to change size will be the easiest way to move into this new phase. We'll see how it goes once I can actually get one sewn up!

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I enjoy wearing a kerchief covering almost every day. I only have three though, so I don't do it all the time. When I'm at festivals, I love veiling with silk or even an extra sarong. For me, it isn't about modesty. I'll do this at a clothing option festival with half my body uncovered. Part of it is the mystery, part of it is the convenience of not having hair blowing into face (my hair is very fine), part of it is covering up so I don't burn (I sunburn easily), but mostly I just like it.

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