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U/S question

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I had my first appointment and they did an u/s today. I am only like 4 wks 3 days. They didn't see anything in the uterus. I go back next week to see if there is a sac. When do you normally see the sac? I have had 3 m/c that is the only reason I had one done today. Now I am worried that something is wrong. They also did the HCG test, which I should now the first results sometime today.
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Not sure about what should be seen in an u/s that early. But wanted to say that one HCG level won't tell you much. Do they plan to have you come in for a series of them?
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I had an ultrasound at 4wks 4days and they were able to see the sac but nothing inside of it. Then they did an internal and saw something. I have the option of having another done in a couple of weeks but Im not going to.
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THey are doing a seriese of the HCG on Wednesday and Friday. Today was just the baseline. I am just so nervous now.'

I got my results a little while ago, she said they were 650 and it correlates to what they saw on the ultrasound. I go back on Wed. to make sure that they numbers double.
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