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Originally Posted by Taradactyl3 View Post
I would love to hear what people think about that too Mystic. I just started on generic prozac (actually sarafem, same thing) and was told to take 20 mg from cd 14-28. I can't figure out how that works out. Does it stay in my system the other 2 weeks or not?

Also it is making me so tired all day long. I am thinking of cutting the pills in half so I can have only 10mg. I am only 105 lbs and have a fast metabolism so drugs really affect me strongly and I hate walking around all day feeling like a zombie. Honestly it's not really better than spending the two weeks in major pms in my mind. My DH and Mom keep telling me to stay on it and try it out for the full two weeks, but I keep wanting to stop because of this stupid zombie fatigue. A mother of two young boys doesn't have time for low energy, kwim?
Hi there, Have you tried taking 10 mg and seeing how you feel yet?

I took my first dose today. I decided to go all month on it after day 5 of my cycle yesterday and getting caught up in whirlwind of tough emotions.

I talked to a friend who is a counselor who has taken prozac for times when she needed some help getting through some rough spots.

I'm feeling like that is what I need right now and I hope it helps. I will keep updated.

blessings all and happy fall.
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Haven't had time to add to this thread in awhile but Mystic I've been reading along with your journey. I really hope this works for you. There is a good study that explains how it's supposed to work (I have it printed out in my bag - from my pdoc). Have I posted the link before? Will try to find a link and post it when I have a chance.

Hugs to everyone on their journey.

Over here we decided to TTC #3 -- I ovulate on Thursday so we'll see how this goes. Last two babies we were pretty lucky to get PG in the first or second month.
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thx for writing surfacing...I'd like that link, thanks.

its day 2 of the meds...a few hours after taking it I felt a mellow come over me and felt super mellow ever since. I'd like to get myself moving and motivated now....feels good to feel sooo calm but want to get some things done also...

I definitely feel it in me doing some work...I feel a very slight funny feeling in my stomach.

I am feeling like western medicine can have it's place in this crazy world, finding out what that is now for me...
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A prominent researcher in PMDD is Ellen Freeman. Here is a study in which a link between normal fluctuation of sex hormones and a problem regulating serotonin is discussed. Then it gets into the various nonpharmacological and pharmacological treatments. Very interesting reading. Thoughts?

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the link doesn't seem to be working....

so the Prozac is in effect...it is effecting me anyway, I was a bit dizzy today...I notice I am a lot calmer and less anxious...we shall see...

I am so Grateful for finding the counselor I did....I got in to see her today, WOW! I was definitely led to this womyn for a reason and I know I am really truly on the path to healing and growing thru this into my full potential...she agreed meds can help me where I am at now...9-12 months or so she said they say it takes to reset the seratonin...

there is lots of hope...blessings all...
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Hi Mystic~Mama, it's good to hear you are feeling some mellowing effects of the medication. It can be such a godsend when it does it's job right!

As for the link, if you look on the left hand side of the page, there are a few hyperlinks, like Table of Contents and some stuff below it. If you click on the second item - Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder: Recognition and Treatment. You will have to increase the size of the document so you can actually read it. Across the top of the page you will see a minus sign and a plus sign. You can click on the plus sign to increase the size. Or where it shows what percentage of the actual size of the text it is showing, you can click on the drop-down box and chose "100%" or "actual size". You should be able to read it from there.

If it still doesn't work, PM me with your email address and I can email the study to you. I saved it as a .pdf on my desktop. You have to open it and read it with Adobe Reader. Do you have that program?
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anyone ever have their pupils unevenly dilated?

I've had this annoying dizziness w/slight nausea all day, I'm tired of it, want it to go away and don't want to look like I'm on drugs either, especially at work!

did not expect the pupil thing...

and missing my DP....he's at sea....
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mystic, i think your dose might be too high. i would cut back and call your doc. that seems like a troublesome side effect.

the dose of SSRI to treat PMDD is a lot lower than the dose needed to treat depression.
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I'll call

I'm on 10 mg the lowest dose but I wondered about taking 5....too bad I already took it this morning....I may have called 1st

when I woke up my pupils were fine, hopefully they stay that way...
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Originally Posted by mystic~mama View Post
anyone ever have their pupils unevenly dilated?

I've had this annoying dizziness w/slight nausea all day, I'm tired of it, want it to go away and don't want to look like I'm on drugs either, especially at work!

did not expect the pupil thing...

and missing my DP....he's at sea....
Mystic - it takes 14 days for the symptoms to subside - and they will! You should lover the dose and not go up until side effects have disappeared. Hang in there! Hugs!
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Originally Posted by mystic~mama View Post
oh and I also have a good case of anxiety/depression going on with the PMDD for years and the issues coming to the surface so I am taking the meds all month...
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I feel way better today, I ate more, my appetite has really decreased A Lot...

no weird eyes today, well no weirder than usual anyway

feeling good, feeling like I've taken a very effective chill pill

DP is on his way home

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This is good news.
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mystic, I'm really glad you're finding relief--no matter how it comes. I agree with the pp: it takes some time to get into your body & your body to get accustomed to this stuff.

I fell off the wagon last month with EVERYthing... I stopped taking my night dose of my insulin-regulating meds (HUGE contributor to depression/PMDD) and B6. Add that we have more stress going on in our lives that anyone has ever seen and it's just been a REALLY bad week. I called a counselor and we're playing telephone tag, but what are they going to tell me? "Take your pills"? (meaning my regular stuff, not the valium)

So I'm back to being diligent and just really angry with myself for falling off the wagon. But I'll get over it.
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hugs heather, sorry you have been struggling, hope things feel better very soon!

its been up and down for us. for 2 1/2 days my ovulation changed me into someone else....it was very hard being in my skin those days than magically I was back to normal and that quick switch back isn't something that's been going on lately/before the meds so I hope they are helping w/that

the side effects went away after a week, I dont really feel it now, I do feel a bit more stable as far as moods go, I am nervous about PMS time..\

have a good day all
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do you think your partner can have pms?
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Hi Mystic, I read your post in Pap - also the one you posted a while back. I think there seems to be an abusive cycle going on that has most to do with your DP.

I'm sorry hon - take care of yourself and write me if you ever feel the need.

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i have to get ready to go to yoga, but i wanted to share something here.

i started taking the zoloft in what? june? july? i can't remember. beginning of summer i guess. i saw an immediate and drastic change for the better in my mood. after 6 years of feeling like hell (when i was pregnant i was depressed and anxious, so no break then), i suddenly felt much better. do you think my DH, who has been accusing me of being "crazy" for a long time noticed? nope. he is happy we aren't fighting as much, but do you think his mood changed, improved, or he started acting better because i wasn't as moody, anxious or cranky? nope. in fact, i don't know that he even would have known if i didn't tell him.

so, i can tell you, i have spent a lot of time blaming myself for all the tension and conflict in our marriage, but frankly, it's not all me. clearly. now my DH cannot blame my PMDD, but he hasn't put much effort into changing himself..

so, i can't say mystic what might be happening with your DP, but i will say with confidence, it's not all you. no matter how touchy you have been, it's not all about your PMDD.

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Not a lot of time to post right now but thinking of you Heather and Mystic.

Yeah, I totally think he could be stirring things up and then blaming it on your PMDD. Are you attending counselling? Just wondering. Take care of yourself, glad to hear the meds are helping to some extent. It's a better quality of life than before.
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it is helpful to come here and read your supportive posts, thanks mamas
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