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I can sympathize with the vexing mysteriousness of "good months, then bad months."  The not knowing what is helping, or what is causing the symptoms.


I found anti-depressants don't help my PMS and give me a wicked break-out on my chest, neck, upper arms and back.  Strange.  Since I've weaned my kids I've had good luck with a very low dose anti-anxiety medication for about ten days a cycle (one week before the period, a few days into to it as well).  It's been a marriage saver to me.  While I dislike taking any medication, the positive impact it has on my marriage is worth it.   It cuts down on those wild swings within the marriage.


I am this month starting progesterone cream (natural) on the advice of my doctor.  I'm going to take it on the days after my ovulation until a day or so before my period.  I'd love to just move to taking this, something more natural/subtle than a medication.  I do also take magnesium, b6 and 12, evening primrose oil, fish oil and vit d.  


One other symptom I get is very tender and lumpy breasts.  I don't really mind but sometimes it kicks off a whole medical scare.  I was at my dr getting a breast exam during my PMS/lumpy time -- and I had to get a mammo/ultrasound and consult w/a breast surgeon.  :(  I am hoping the progesterone will help with this, too.


Hang in sistahs!

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I saw my MW today for my annual exam and talked to her about my PMDD.  I have been taking Celexa (upping the dose 2 weeks before my period) and it hasn't worked at all.  Before the Celexa I'd tried various natural remedies, none of which helped enough.  After talking to her I've decided to go on the pill, YAZ, and also switch to Zoloft.  I haven't been on the pill in over 10 years.  I'm not too keen on being on birth control, but at this point my PMDD is really affecting my whole family.   My life is pretty stressful already (I have a son with autism and we have no family/local support) and I'm so hoping that this new treatment combination will help tame my wildly fluctuating hormones and help me be a happy mama for my whole cycle.  I'm also hoping that the Yaz will stabilize my hormones enough that I can eventually wean off the Zoloft.  Anyone have experience with YAZ or another birth control pill?

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I thought I was going absolutely crazy, my srtong independent capable self turning into an anxious, fragile, depressed being.  4 months ago, I started feeling AWFUL and called the acupuncturist and told them I felt like I was having a bad trip. (Don't worry ladies, my mushroom days were many MANY years ago). I went immediately to the accupuncturist and sat under the needles for almost 2 hours. I left feeling normal, like myself again. That evening, I started my first period for 25 months, since before the pregnancy of my 3d child, and having my tubes tied when he was born. I noticed definite and extreme moodiness the next couple of months, but this LAST month- WOAH. 2 days were bad. BAD. The 3d day, I was laying my son down, nursing him to sleep and had horrid, suicidal thoughts running through my head. It's not even like I was thinking them- more like they were just streaming in. I yelled out for my husband- I had to get up- I could not lay there in the dark like that..... 

I spoke with my sister about "the crazies" and she mentioned PMDD, so I looked it up. 
That's also how I found this site and you lovely ladies.  
I made an appointment with the midwives to discuss hormonal balancing. I was excited and anxious for it, to know what my battle plan would be. I CAN NOT ever feel that way again. I'm not sure I would survive it. I felt like it was breaking me..... I dreamed that I lit myself on fire. It was truly awful. 
Well- my excitement and hopefulness fizzled out into baffelment as she wrote some things down on a note. Excercise 3x a week, decrease dairy, increase protein, use B vitamins and evening primrose oil, take Zoloft.....
She suggested a psychiatrist.  
I am not big on pharmaceuticals, especially antidepressants. She said I would only need to take it for 2 weeks a month- beginning with ovulation.  I want a cure, not a band aid, but I'm afraid NOT to take it. She wanted to discuss an intervention plan "in case I was going to hurt myself or my children"  I was dismayed, and told her I would NEVER hurt my children. She said, I had never thought to hurt myself before either, and did I really think that all those women who HAVE hurt their children thought they would do that???? Oh. My. God.  This is friggin serious. Now I'm even more afraid not to take the drug. I can't ever feel that way again. I am really scared. 
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Responding to my own post, lol!  I've decided to discontinue taking YAZ.  I've been taking it for a week and feel constantly nauseous.  Plus after some research, I just don't feel comfortable taking it.  Well, back to the drawing board.  I think I'm going to actively search out a Naturopath that has lots of experience with women and hormone/period issues, even if it involves travelling to a larger city.  

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I'm so glad a mama directed me over to this thread!  I just went to a counseling center yesterday and was diagnosed with PMDD after having had many, progessively worse months of horribly negative feelings right around the time my period started.  What I'm not happy about is that the doc's first and only answer was to prescribe Prozac for me to take either daily or during the two weeks leading up to my period.  I want to feel better, but I don't want to chemically alter my body's composition when I believe something needs to be fixed.  Has anyone had any luck with anything other than birth control or anti-depressants?  I've got an appointment scheduled with an applied kinesiologist and am hoping that might help.

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Hi ladies, I just wanted to check in here, not sure if what I have qualifies but...I just got my period back just after my son turned two. So he turned 2 in December and I have had two periods now. In February, just the day before I started I had a major raging temper tantrum and I was just in a foul mood for two days and then BAM I started and I felt fine. I thought it might just be stress related because we had an out of town visitor, but now today I was having cramping and my nipples hurt like crazy when DS nurses and I have been SUPER irritable today. Like yelling and short with my kids all day, I even thumped DS1 in the chest today because I was trying to get him dressed and he was running around being a nut not listening. greensad.gif My period is not due for another week at least so maybe I'm just ovulating now? Can these sort of symptoms show up now?

I'm not sure if I've had these things always, but now that I think about it I feel like I've struggled with depression/rage ever since puberty and I wonder if it did coincide with my cycle? I never really paid that much attention before. I'm really interested in natural things I can do but I"ll admit I have not read this whole thread. I do take supplements, but not super consistently, only when I can remember redface.gif I have some vitex that I want to start taking, but I can't seem to remember to do it. Did I mention that also have ADD? Anyway, I'm just tired of struggling and I feel so awful when I treat my kids poorly. greensad.gif
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Add me to the list of sufferers and have probably suffered since puberty, which makes me so sad.  I call BS when they say only 2% of women suffer, I can guarantee it's about way more.


My symptoms are weepiness (sp?), depression, wanting to stay away from my friends, rage and they start just a few days after ovulation and go until 1-2 days into my period.  Some months are much worse than others.  I find that staying away from carbs/sugar truly help, as well as alcohol.  Eating lots of protein helps curb my carb cravings.  I also started taking Rainbow Light PMS relief and have noticed a difference in my mood.  I also take a multi most days :)


I too want to stay away from "drugs", so that means exercising! 

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Update on me.... I have been taking bioidentical progesterone for two months ... I take it for about ten days after i'm pretty surei've ovulated then up to the day before my period is due.

My husband says I seem less edgy and seem softer ... That's my sense too. Plus, it feels like my appetite is not as high during the pms phase. And btw ... Libido seems a little higher.
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Oh gosh, I just found this thread, and it's nice to feel a bit less alone. My mother called to say they needed the big extension ladder we have at my house, and I burst into tears and became angry about it.  Totally not normal for me, but my moods since my last child have been abnormal (for me).  I dealt with PPD, and that finally lifted a bit as my cycle bgan to return.  Now I am dealing with other issues and my cycles are very long 30- 90+ days and are complicated by horrific bleeding and cramping.  I think I could deal with the physical complications, but the emotional turmoil is so much deeper and more confusing to me than I've experienced.

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Hi there, well where do I start? Diagnosed with P.M.D.D a year and a half ago...b4 medication I struggled all month until the day I began menstruating. Once I began taking medication that was reduced to 14 days of hell.  Its like there are 2 people living inside me, when I am being affected by the symptoms of my illness I feel like someone else. EVERYTHING irritates me, I cant relax, there is a storm happening inside my head. The man I love becomes the man i cant stand to even look at...the children I love become extremely frustrating, they cant even ask me for a snack with  out me spitting venom. The guilt and shame of the behaviors perpetuate the moods and I feel trapped. Anyway glad to be here...

God Bless

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Hello, I have PMDD! Also bipolar II/major depression. I take Adderall XR (10 mg), Lexapro (20 mg), and lithium. Remeron and Ativan PRN. I'm developing my yoga practice, going to 2-3 classes a week, and doing a bunch of other things for my recovery, too. But the PMDD always breaks through. I'm afraid of menopause. hide.gif

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Anyone here have teenage or preteen girls with PMDD...I am pretty sure my 12 year old has this.  I was sent to this thread via another thread here....thanks.


I think I likely have this too, though for me it didn't kick in until about 6 or 7 years ago.  I am glad to find this thread!!

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How did you find this therapy, I would love to hear more about it!


Originally Posted by Subhuti View Post

Update on me.... I have been taking bioidentical progesterone for two months ... I take it for about ten days after i'm pretty surei've ovulated then up to the day before my period is due.

My husband says I seem less edgy and seem softer ... That's my sense too. Plus, it feels like my appetite is not as high during the pms phase. And btw ... Libido seems a little higher.


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please please please look into chinese medicinee..it is awesome for this stuff!!!

yes i'm obsessed but it works and i just have to tell the world!

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i'm backkkkkkk.....


well mamas, my meds aren't working anymore. i was also hoping that using a CPAP machine would help me regulate my hormones and make me feel better. but nope, i've been just a whacked. 


the doc wants me to change my meds. ugh. 


major discouragement. 



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I was diagnosed with PMDD just before getting pregnant with ds3 at which time I began a very low dose of Cipralex. It helped a lot, but after my pregnancy I realized that Cipralex made me fatigued. I have since tried several other medications and combinations. It has been very frustrating trying to find the right medication for me. But I know that when medication is not working I suffer and so it keeps me looking for some help. I just wanted to post to say that I feel your frustration about realizing a medication isn't working for you and the dreaded feeling of having to start all over.


I know many people are not in favour of medication and I wonder if I might be able to find help in another form, but until I am more emotionally stable I don't feel capable of shifting my healthcare dramatically. I hope you have a good doctor/psychiatrist who you trust and can help you through the maze of medications. hugs.

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After reading on here for a few months I decided to try some progesterone cream.  I've only used it 3x now (2x yesterday and 1x this morning) and I already feel so.much.better.  I'm not sure if it's a fluke, or the cream, but either way I'm totally stoked!!!


This is the stuff I bought from Super Supplements called Kokoro Balance Creme for $18

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My dr recommended progesterone creme. Make sure you get bioidentical. Its from any health food store ... AND verify with a dr that itis ok for you.

I got two second opinions on it and both drs said it was fine if used as directed ...

I love it and i have about 3 friends on it. We are all in our early forties and i think it mitigates the estrogen dominance typical of these years.

My ob basically said it is simpky returning me to balance rather than doing something artificial.

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Glad you are feeling better ... I agree it is the one thing that has worked for me with zero other effects!

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After several years of bouncing from bcp to bcp and doctor to doctor, I was first diagnosed with severe PMDD in September of 1998. Most people had never heard of it, including some doctors. At first people were like....so, all women have PMS. No, WAY big difference. 7-10 days before my cycle begins I "become a different person." Once I start, life slowly returns to normal. I have a medical condition which causes my body to form blood clots, usually in the legs. For this I take blood thinner. This problem turns me into a unique case...doctors treat PMDD with balance from BCP which can cause blood clots too, so it could kill me if I took the pill. So I have three different doctors who work together to treat me. 1. My OBGYN is in charge of exams, and my Dyazide for bloating and the spikes in my BP because of related anxiety.
2. My Family Practitioner monitors my weight which can increase 8-11 pounds due to fluid in that 10 day period, causing me to own 2 different wardrobe sizes. She also has me on a multi-vitamin for women, extra calcium, and blood thinner (as mentioned) a thyroid regulating medicine due to changes in my chemical/hormonal makeup from PMDD. I take 10 mg of Melatonin each night to sleep. NOT A SLEEPING PILL I tried them all, natural works best for me.
3. My Shrink, he basically saved my life, and helped mr understand this is NOT a mental disorder.....it is a chemical/hormonal Imbalance caused by unknown events in the female body. I take Wellbutrin twice a day 75mg tabs) I take Citalopram twice a day (40 mg tabs) and 1 mg of Clonazepam at night. I sometimes get panic/anxiety attacks that 7-10 day window but now these meds slowed or stopped them. In emergency situations, I take 0.5 mg (1/2) of a Xanax to stop the attack within 30 minutes. I take two 500mg tabs of Crill Oil each day which is must better than Fish Oil.
When my body changed, and I started being attacked by PMDD I thought I was nuts. That I just couldn't handle PMS and everyone else could....I have learned so much since then. It sti effects my life, but some months are great and others are really serious. My family and the few friends I have left understand this disorder and they help me. Sometimes they see a trigger that I do not, and then I can be aware of it. The worst part for me is the rapid mood swings, clinical depression, and fluid water gain. My energy level is more constant now that I take Zumba class twice a week, because before I had to miss several days of work due to constant fatigue and depression. My team of doctors saved me from ending it all, and I am now working toward a life as normal as possible. This has been a hard road, but trust me....if I can do it, so can you! My Fiance' and I will marry this September and he is who referred me to this news group. Having a support team is critical, and gives you a shoulder to cry on and ears to listen.
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