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isn't it all relevant? the smaller the better!! everyone knows that!
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DH and I live in a 900 sq feet home. It would be fine for the two of us BUT we have 2 dogs, one large, one little AND we live in town so we have like no yard hardly. If we lived in the country and more outdoor space It would be a bit easier. But we love it.
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The three of us plus one cat live in a 1100-1220 sq foot house in an old urban neighborhood (http://www.flickr.com/photos/archymommy/sets/). It feels huge to me because we used to live in a less than 600 sq foot apartment. Our house has three bedrooms and one bath, a small urban lot and no garage. I don't consider my house "tiny" - it might be considered small, but I think it's just right!
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We just moved a few months ago from our 2600sq ft monster to a wonderful 1750sq ft dream house. Its a cape cod from the 40's, lovely little place! DH and I (and the baby) sleep upstairs, and the boys have their bedroom downstairs. We use the other downstairs bedroom as a playroom for now, but when Fleur gets older that will be her room. This house has a good layout and doesn't feel cramped at all!
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We live in a 923sqft house. A big bedroom (which is our study/closet), a tiny bedroom (where DH, DS, and I sleep), a tiny bathroom, living room, and kitchen.

It's a great size for us now, and I can see us making it work for a LOOOOOOOOOONG time, no matter how many kids we have. The basement also has finish-able potential (can anyone say "master suite??"), but that's not anytime soon.

We wish we had more land, though. Our front yard is 20x15, and the back yard is 20x50. We're trying some small-scale homesteading, so we'll see how that goes.

Oh, we also have 3 cats and a dog, so no matter what, this place is cozy. You always have animals on top of you!
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three of us in 580 sq. ft one bedroom "converted" into a two bedroom.

the living room is a nice size so we bought a HUGE shelf that is meant to be a room divider in the seconds section @ ikea (score!!), filled it with records and books so it feels like a wall, sort of.
couch, chair, record player, etc on one side. other side is a lofted bed and an office underneath.
ds has the bedroom. he slept with us until last year. he sleeps in a low loft, there is a play area under it. our dresser and his is in his bedroom, plus one closet for hanging clothes.

we miss family bed. and ds seems to miss it the most, he often wants to sleep on the couch so we are at least in the same room. our loft is too high so i wouldn't want to introduce him being allowed to climb up there (he actually has never tried thankfully, for safety sake).

we aren't ready to sell, the market isnt worth it yet...and we'd like to pay off some debt.
i'm not sure what we will do when we have another little one. because at least for the first years we would sleep with him/her.

any thoughts?!?
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560 sq. ft.
Which consists of:
Kitchen/dining/living room are all one big room, which is nice
TINY bathroom that is like 3'x6' it's the only part we complain about and only has a small stall shower, short "hall" area that has the washing machine, a closet that is identical to the bathroom (holds the water heater tank, clothes & junk)
and 2 bedrooms that are exactly 9'x9'

The only problem is lack of storage for things like camping equipment and seasonal blankets, and the bathroom is a little cramped. We hope to get a storage shed/outbuilding to hold our lawn equpment, tools and camping gear. I had a weed eater in my kitchen for a while this summer

oh, ETA: It can be kindof hard to find small, apartment sized furniture. We had to give away our dining room table when we moved in because it was too big. We have a 1970's orange love seat that I got from my parent's basement, it's on it's last leg (literally one broke so I took the other 3 off), but it's so hard to find the right size replacement.
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Originally Posted by Traci mom23boys View Post
We have a 1400 sq ft farm house with 3 bedrooms. I wish the living room was a bit bigger. when we all want to watch a movie, it is crowded. On the other hand it is easy to heat the living areas with our wood stove. The bedrooms stay appropriately cool. We do have a separate finished space that holds our pantry and freezer. Our 18 year old son who is attending University is living out there right now but, he grew up living inside and still spends a lot of time in the house (mostly just sleeping out there). I wouldn't want to go smaller and have to give up my wall of books and I do wish our bathroom was bigger.


Hey! Did I just write this post and forget?

Nah, I guess it's not me, because I would add : I want more space! lol 800 square feet. Master bedroom , and family room/kitchen combo. With a cooking fireplace. To bake bread...and all.

We love our land, and the area, but we have lots of people over a lot, and a bigger kitchen/family area would be total icing on the cake. Summer time we party outside, winter, it's a bit crowded.
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400-something floating square feet indoors, the whole briny sea outdoors.

But much bigger than our previous boat!
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currently living in 2200 sf, approx - 2 adults, 2 kids, baby on the way, 3 rabbits, 1 cat, 1 chinchilla, 1 pet rat ... nice size lot, 100 year old house, recently remodeled, 4 bedroom, 2 bath, 2+ car garage ... but it's TOO BIG. We actually "live" in less than half of it. the rest is cluttered with boxes from never unpacking 5 years ago. Girls share one bedroom.

We're "finishing" the house now to sell it - plan to put the house on the market in February. I'm painting the whole thing, and that's quite a task. We are planning to buy an RV trailer and move to life on the road. I'm so excited by the idea of having a teeny tiny space. I've never even lived in an apartment! After life on the road, we think we'll settle down somewhere in the northwest, buy or rent something very small. My preference is small house, big yard.

Now, what *I* want to know is *how* to live in something so small! Any tips from those in the super-small homes?

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Originally Posted by jrabbit View Post
Now, what *I* want to know is *how* to live in something so small! Any tips from those in the super-small homes?

I have two tips.

1. Think out of the box. Clotheslines inside, benches with storage under them, bookshelves to maximize storage on the walls. Look at lofting beds, and pare down the wardrobes. Keep stuff off the floors, for a feeling of space.

2. Don't have delusions of "my space." Living small, you have to be ok with the fact that you'll rarely have your own space.
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Originally Posted by jrabbit View Post
Now, what *I* want to know is *how* to live in something so small! Any tips from those in the super-small homes?

Learn to have less clothes. Most houses have the "standard" size closet, or smaller. Make all your clothes - for all seasons, fit into your part of the standard closet (DH and I each get half). If you get something new, something old has to go.

I have minimal counterspace, so I have to use the kitchen table as a prep area. Can't let the counter or table get cluttered or else I can't cook. Constantly put things away, don't let piles of stuff collect in your way.
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We are 6 now in ~1000sq ft., 2 bedrooms plus one great room. We've only been here a month and a half, and we love it!

Layout - there are 2 twin beds + one toddler bed in one bedroom, and a queen in the other. We all sleep wherever, although I usually sleep in a twin with 4yo and dh usually sleeps in the queen with 2yo ds. Dd usually sleeps in a twin and 8yo ds usually sleeps in the little bed. But it's not written in stone, and we'll switch around here and there. The only constant is dh in the queen lol.

We had 4 bedrooms and twice as much space in our last house, but we are so much happier here.

How? Well, we decluttered and downsized and donated like there's no tomorrow. We also got rid of the couch and other adult living room furniture. We have 3 desks along one wall of the great room with 3 desk chairs which dh and I usually sit in and sometimes dd (13). The younger kids have 2 of those little gaming style chairs and one little kid recliner on a rug over in the "living room" area, which in all truthfulness is now more like a play area. My kids never played with their toys so much, because they are always right here where me and dh are! The kitchen is in the same space (it's like a big open loft) so even when I'm cooking or whatever I'm right here.

I really think the lack of furniture helped tremendously, and it doesn't feel crowded in here at all. The open floor plan and the vaulted ceilings are also positives for making it feel bigger than it is. We do have a small area for storage where we can keep out of season items and lawn stuff, but mostly we use the 2 closets and under the bed spaces. We have really decluttered so much, every one of us, but we have everything we need.

I have some pics that I took today, and if anyone's interested I'll try to come post them in the morning. Right now I have to get some kidlets to bed, but I highly recommend downsizing if you think you'll be happy. It is soooooo much easier to maintain/clean and my life has so much less stress since moving here!
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stella, I'd love to see your setup!
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We have an 1195 sq ft house. There are 2 adults, 3 kids (14, 11, 5) 3 large dogs, 2 cats and 3 rats.

Sometimes I wish there was more room, especially when the kids are bickering and there is no place to go and not be in earshot, but we are pretty content. It can be cleaned pretty fast, and we have de-junked a lot over the years.

We have a kitchen/ dining room (A breakfast nook with storage benches helps a lot here), living room, sewing/office/play room, our room, girls room and teen son's room.

http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3141/...bb1820726b.jpg Here is a picture of the living room, from the dining area. Between the tv amoir and the window is a coffee table with a doll house, and under the table are 3 big baskets with toys.

From the living room, behind the bookcase is where the breakfast nook starts, There are shelves in front of the non-moving part of the sliding glass door: http://farm4.static.flickr.com/3073/...26a1c0c670.jpg
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Okay, here ya go:

This is one half of the "great" room, where the kids mostly play.

Same space, different view:

The other half, where the kitchen/eating area and mom's desk are (this is the first day we moved in, so excuse the mess in this photo!)
One of the bedrooms, with the queen:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/11...3210_0_ALB.jpg

Same bedroom, balcony window:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/11...3210_0_ALB.jpg

View from the balcony of that bedroom:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/11...3210_0_ALB.jpg

View toward the back of the house:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/11...3210_0_ALB.jpg

View of the outside of the house from the back of the field:http://img.photobucket.com/albums/11...2210_0_ALB.jpg

View of the front of the house:

The living space is all upstairs. I guess I don't have a photo of the second bedroom, but it is the same size as the one pictured but with 2 twins and a toddler size bed with 2 dressers, a night stand, and a small bookcase.
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We are in an 1800 sq foot house. It is tiny compared to the other houses here. (others are huge victorians) I could go much smaller if necessary, but would NEED walls and not an open floor plan. I need my personal space and need to escape sometimes. If I need to get away, I dont want to be able to see anyone or hear them chewing, farting, etc. Walls are my friend.
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we just moved into an approx 600sqf apartment. (4 rooms-1 office, 1 bedroom, living room and kitchen) 2 adults, 2 kids. I have been living in a 7 room 2000+ sqf and am LOVING it! We will only likely be here for a few months, but I will definitely be seeking smaller spaces for sure in the future! :
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Layout is huge!

We raised 5 kids, one large (100 lb) dog, 2 cats and assorted fish tanks, hamster cages etc, in 1100 sf. (it was actually 1000 but we[ve sqeezed in a loft and a laundry room.)

We have a LARGE bathroom, barely-there living room, decent kitchen. One tiny bedroom (5'9" X 6'6") one decent one with built in bnunks and a loft big enough for a futon and bureau, and our large master bedroom. It's large because we had the three youngest in there with us for years. Also a laundry/pantry. Only the kids room has a closet. (that exercise machine sure does hold a lot of hangers! )

Tiny is good! My whole place can get cleaned in a heartbeat. Storage is essential! Be organized or be messy.

Out living room is about 7 by 10. WE all fit for movies!
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965 glorious square feet. There are 5 of us humans, 2 good sized dogs and an enormous hockey bag that stinks.

One of the things we've done to create space is to stack full sized front loading washer/dryer. It opened up the other half of the closet for storage.
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