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Our expanded house is 688 sq feet (we started with under 300, we wanted to build with all cash, no credit). When we found out baby #2 was on his/her way we decided to add on another small room for all the "kid" stuff so that will add on about 80sq feet for a whopping total of 760.

Key for us is OUTdoor living space. We have a large deck and large organic garden and yard.

I agree with whoever said it first, I'd much rather live in a small house with lots of space to roam than a huge house with no outdoor space. We are outdoor people though, so our setup suites us!
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I may have missed it, but what constitutes a "good layout"? I mentioned earlier that we have 1000 square feet, 1 child, and DH says we don't have space for another.

Our living space is a kitchen/livingroom that is basically one big room, about 500 sq ft. I wish there were more dimensions in our house, at least a hallway or something. But I also think the one big room makes it easier to heat with the woodstove.

Here is our kitchen:

Here is the livingroom: (the highchair is in both pix, for a reference point)

Including the french doors, there are 3 doors off the LR...2 lead to bedrooms, the third goes to the laundry room (which I LOVE having on the same floor!) The house is a ranch, the bathroom comes off the kitchen. And that's it.

This pic isn't so great, but it's of the whole 2 rooms. (And as always, please excuse the mess!)

Is this a good or a bad layout? My feelings won't get hurt, I don't really like the layout myself...like I said, I wish there were more dimensions. And can you give examples of good/bad layouts for small houses? TIA
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I suppose a good layout depends on what one likes...

I am in Europe, so some of the small houses mentioned here seem huge to me. We have about 830 (dh, 3 yo dd and myself) and if my dh was employed outside the home, I could easily lose one of the two bedrooms. Also, included in this amount of space is a lot of wardrobes and walk-in closet and a sauna.

I think out floor plan is clever: we have a bathroom with a toilet and stacking washer/dryer and a separate room with the shower and sauna. It works wonderfully that no one needs to wait to use the bathroom or do laundry when someone is taking a shower.

I think getting rid of visible messes and extra stuff is the key to enjoying a small space. My cabinets still have a lot of unorganized stuff but I am not too worried, as it is behind doors. Dd plays in the living room and has quite a few toys and books, but everything is behind doors and has a place of its own. Works great!

I would not want any more space!!
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Analogwife ~ to me it looks like you have too much furniture. I know I've said that before, but your house just looks crowded to me and you supposedly have twice as many square feet! It looks hard to walk around in, which is important to me and might contribute to why your DH is feeling cramped. Not to brag, but in this pix of my living room I see a lot more floor space than in yours. I could easily swap my upright freezer for your highchair and have it covered seat-wise. That's my brutal assessment.

and WOW your TV is as old as my dad's! hehehe my parents finally replaced it when the TV anchorman started coming in with a purple face
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Originally Posted by oneKnight View Post
and WOW your TV is as old as my dad's! hehehe my parents finally replaced it when the TV anchorman started coming in with a purple face

That's why I'm the analogwife.

It's true, we could get rid of the jumpy seat and we pretty much only use the pack-n-play for a changing table...but...I don't think with a little one it's easy to clearcut playthings for space. We both like it homey...I'm not sure I was asking about my stuff, I was asking about the structure of the house.
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Well I have lived both in a big house and in a small house. We lived the last 2 yrs in a 22ft camper with 6 of us. It was the smallest place I have ever lived. I learned alot. And I learned I could do it. I am back in my HOME now of 2600 and I LOVE It I am enjoying my space and having a bed and a bath room you can turn around in. I surely appreciate things more now.

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816 sq ft of living space. A 24X28 main house, plus a 12x12 room added off the side. On a crawlspace. We also have a screened 8x24 porch off the back, and a 10x24 deck off the front. We're on about 5 acres of my family's property, about 1 of which is ours. We have a good size unattached 2 car garage which is where we store our tractor, tools, has our pump room, and is just general storage. The whole upstairs is attic storage, but outside access only via an extension ladder and the porch roof.

There are 4 of us, plus 6 indoor/outdoor cats, & 4 outdoor only rabbits.

I love my small house too. It is a lot easier to clean than the 2 story 1600 sq ft one we owned before.

Ideally though, we will turn the screen porch into a finished 8x24 room off the back of the house sometime in the next year or two. It will become and entry, coat closet, washroom, office, classroom, playroom. This will allow us to shuffle stuff around in the main part of the house. We really need to add at least a small amount of counter space. I literally have about 4 ft of counter space total to work with. That's my only real complaint about our small house!
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VERY informative thread!

My boys and I have just under 1800 sqft and it seems huge! Even with the dog! Bedrooms are too big; dining room and "bonus" room are wasted space; kitchen and bathrooms too small.

If I could redesign it, I'd cut 500 sqft; add a half bath; enlarge the bathrooms and kitchens and would have a much more functional but smaller home!
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We live in about 860sf. It is a good size for the three of us and our dog, but the layout isn't the best. Our house has block walls (c) 1950, and we've been told that altering the layout would be very costly and difficult.

We have a very open living room and kitchen, and the two bedrooms are cozy. The only thing I'd really want to change is the access to the attic and the bathroom. Our bathroom is so small that my husband and I can barely both fit into it to give our daughter her nightly bath.

Cee :
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DH and I live in 900 sq feet with 2 dogs. I love our house but sometimes I wish we just had a basement or garage for storage. The other thing is our house is old (early 50s) and its hard now to replace anything in the house since it has alot of the original pieces and the new pieces dont fit right. (example: electrical outlets, garbage disposal, doors) and now the bathtub needs to be replaced and the door to the bathroom is not standard size so a tub wont fit through the door.
Photos of my House
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Originally Posted by AnalogWife View Post
Is this a good or a bad layout? My feelings won't get hurt, I don't really like the layout myself...like I said, I wish there were more dimensions. And can you give examples of good/bad layouts for small houses? TIA
Our house is similar to yours (one long room for living/dining/kitchen and then rooms off of that). But in our house, the rooms that go off the main room are down three stairs so it is not a two-story house, but a split level.

You know what I would define as a good layout? A house that feels big enough and that you can heat with one wood stove! Our wood stove is in the living room and so everything down those three stairs is cold : unless we turn on an electric heater.

We are thinking about getting a very small wood stove to put in one of the lower level rooms to see if that would heat the house.

I also think good layout is when each of the rooms feels just the right size (not too big, not too small).

By the way, have you all seen the book "Little House on a Small Planet"? It is great! Lots of pictures and ideas about living in smaller spaces and the benefits of doing so.
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we live in the first floor of a duplex that is less than 1000 sq.ft.In our house there are 7 of us (dh,5 kids 4-15,a guinea pig and me w/an ever expanding belly that'll make #6 on the kids list in April 09) I like the space with the exception of the bedrooms really there is only 2 with an xtr off one.One room is normal (square) and the other is long (like a wide hallway).More space colud be nice but that just means more to clean!I would like 3 separate bedrooms shaped more normally so we could fit better-loft beds extra.
How we do it now?Lots of shelves on the walls and storage boxes-organization is key and I downsize a lot,meaning I go thru toys,clothes,extra every couple of months.Also in the girls' room (3 dd)we have a bunk bed tha kind with the double on the bottom,my youngest 2 girls share.No need for a crib as the newest will sleep with us for at least the first six months.
We are planning on monving sometime next year but probably not to much bigger just with separate bedrooms-3 of them!We have no problem finding "space"-if we need it we just ask for it and the house is set up in a way that no two people have to be together unless they want to.
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We currenly have 900 SQ feet with 2 kids, 2 adults, 2 Cats, and one dog. We love our tiny place as it is the only rental we can afford in this town. We are currently not in any postion to purchase a home so we are making it home. We do have a large yard so we do get out a lot in the summer months to garden and play. Our home is a large living dining area, to one side is 2 bedrooms and the other side is the Kitchen and Washer with a door to the outside.

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DH and I are currently in a 200 sq. ft. yurt. We're looking to live in a retreat cabin of about 500 sq. feet for a traditional Buddhist 3 year retreat. We want separate bedrooms in case we're doing different practices at times and then will share a small kitchen/ bath area. The bedrooms have to accommodate a bad, storage, and meditation/yoga space so we're thinking about 14x 14 (at most) for those rooms. The kids have grown and just moved out so that makes it possible.

We'll be completely off-grid as we are now. The retreat center has wireless which makes the web possible.
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We live in a housing co-op. The house is split into 4 units, we each own a unit. We have a joint account. We share basement and attic space. We all do our share of work around the house. We share garden and yard space.

Our unit is 900sq. feet. There are 4 of us with a 100lb dog. It is a 1 bedroom, we are in the process of making it 2 bedrooms. We love our house and our "house family" We thought about moving and buying a bigger house and we couldn't imagine raising our children isolated in house just for our family. Our quality of life beats our desire for quantity.

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