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beta hcg level around 15dpo?

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I just had my blood drawn yesterday and was told today that my level is 890.6. They woman who gave me the result said she wasn't qualified to do any interpretation. It sounded very high to me, I'm wondering about multiples? Two weeks ago I also had a beta, and it was less than 2...so I think the dates are pretty on.

If you had a beta done around 15dpo...what was it?
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Mine was 357 at 15dpo, and I thought that was on the high end of normal. Will you have another draw to check the doubling times?
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No, just an u/s in a few weeks.

I'm thinking I may be further along than I originally thought, but it is hard to say. A little over two weeks ago I thought I was pg, but my beta came back <2. Then two days later I got a + opk, and then -opk, plus I'm charting and my temp dipped and went up into the 98's after that +opk.

I was going by those in saying 15dpo, but if somehow the first beta was wrong, then I could be further along.
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i don't remember what mine was... but if you haven't seen it, check out betabase.info - great site!
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15dpo, my betas were 339, at 17dpo they were 630.
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I just had betas drawn that also seem really high, but I know I'm right about dates.

16 dpo= 1356
18 dpo= 3105

I'm hoping that if there's anything "abnormal" about this pregnancy it's that I'm carrying more than one baby!
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My beta at 14dpo was 239 and at 16dpo it was 497 and I'm having twins. Since the numbers double every 2-3 days, though, if you're off in your calculations of dpo at all, it's hard to evaluate the numbers to know if they're high or what, though. I had IVF so there's obviously no ambiguity! 800 is really high and 1300 is really, really high for 16dpo-- even for a twin pregnancy. But it's doubling at a reasonable rate (e.g., not out of control) and if you're a day or two further along than you think, then it all makes sense. Or if you had two really early implanters! I hope your ultrasounds come soon!

(I should say, though, that lots of twin moms have opening betas higher than mine-- on my twin board of other newly pregnant women I had one of the lower twin betas)
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You really can't tell from the numbers, especially if you're not positive about your dates.

My beta was 210 at 15dpo with triplets.
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If you look at betabase, the range is the same for singletons and multiples, so you really can't tell from Betas. I did not have betas drawn so I don't know what mine were but I wouldn't be concerned.
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