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My girls turned 1 on December 16th so I guess I'm official now. I nursed my oldest dd throughout my pregnancy with my twins. I did encourage her weaning but we took it very slowly. It took about 5 months for her to wean and her last nursing was on the day my 3rd trimester began. I made my dh video tape it and take photos. So heartbreaking....

My girls are doing a lot of the typical twin nursing stuff. Tell me if you all are experiencing any of this...

Jealous nursing. One baby isn't allowed to nurse without the other one dropping what she is doing to join in the fun.

Picking at each other. Lillie will often reach over and poke Faith in the eye or Faith will slap Lillie on the head.

Fighting for good nursing positions. Their favorite is to flop on top of me and nurse laying on their side. Whoever gets in that position first really ticks the other one off which starts a crying fit.

Standing up while nursing. I'll lay on the floor (bear style, Lex ) and let them nurse. They'll push their butts up in the air, stand up, dance around...it's hilarious! My mom has it on video.

I SOOOOOOOOO enjoy nursing them! I know it's silly but I also find ways to get it in conversation with people that they are still nursing. Sometimes someone will ask me how much they weighed at birth, etc. I'll tell them that I carried them to 38w3d and that they were 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 7 lbs. 1 oz. People will "Wow!" and then I add "And they're breastfed too!"
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I always tried to work into conversation how long I nursed Meg. I'm sure I'll do it again.
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Your list was so right on with what Luke and Jaz are doing too! I'll add one more favorite: un-latching each other. If one breast is still tucked away safely inside my shirt, the non-nursing baby will produce a finger, stick it in his brother's mouth to delatch him, and quickly pop the nipple in his own mouth! All of this happens so quickly, that I really have a hard time stopping it (I'm usually balancing one baby while trying to stop the other).

Yesterday, I was nursing Jasper, and Luke climbed into my lap to nurse the other side, but instead started sucking on Jasper's toes. He thought it was pretty hilarious, so it was like, "suck, suck, giggle, giggle, giggle, suck, suck." Jasper didn't seem to mind.

Happy birthday to Lillie and Faith!

I can't believe how quickly it went by!

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