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Exercise and Big "Ta-Tas"...

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Okay. I have an issue. I have big ta tas... I wear a 42 DDD bra (I'm nursing, but even not nursing I am a 40 DD). I REALLY wanna work out (seriously need to lose weight - not baby weight (I am below my pre-preggy weight just due to being so sick during pregnancy) just WEIGHT! I am tired of being big! But it really is hard with these big old things bopping up and down! It HURTS!!!!!!!! Are there any other big ta-ta mommas that work out? (IE jogging, aerobics) What do you do do "corral" your big boobs? I have tried sports bras, but they just seem to make them bounce "together" in one big bounce! I am in PAIN when I work out (even when I do a very light jog/fast walk - just to rush somewhere) and also I feel VERY self conscious of these big ol' things bopping up and down, but I don't know how else to help lose weight if I can't get moving! HELP!

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Well, I wear my regular bras when I workout. I am 38F at the moment and 42G when I started losing weight.

I don't do any cardio though so I can't really help you with jogging and such.
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i'm subbing to this one. i really, really want to run in a Race for the Cure but the only things stopping me from training are my boobs. oh... the irony.
hope some other big chested runners have some advice!!
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The enell is great for running.

But I now wear 2-3 bras a day. Maybe overkill, but it's how I feel most comfortable. the 1st one that I put on is my fave playtex cotton underwire bra. very basic. Then I top it with a pull over sports/compression bra racerback. I tend to buy them a size smaller, so they compress well. And sometimes I get in a 3rd bra that's built into a tank top (but that bra is pretty whimpy)

I was only doing this for workout days. but I ound that I am just more comfortable even not workout out when I have the extra bra on. The n if i need to run or carry a load of laundry upstairs... I am just more comfortable

even with teh enell, I double up...... HTH
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I second the recommendation for the enell bra (www.enell.com). It's super-duper supportive. I really can't workout in anything else.

Have you been fitted for a bra lately? I found that a regular bra on my low-impact days is enough if it's well fitting. Good luck!
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actually pain while exercising is insurance criteria for a breast reduction. Not sure if it is something you would be interested in at some point but just wanted to point that out.
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I was a 38F (and nursing) when I first started working out after DS was born. I loved and still use the Moving Comfort Fiona bra. It's the first sports bra I've ever used that I didn't have uncomfortable bounce with. I run, bike, hike, everything in it, it's great! Plus, a bonus, the way the straps adjust makes it work as a nursing bra, too.
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Ennell sports bra! Seriously. Awesome. i'm a 36DDD and it's the only thing that keeps them in place.
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Thanks SOOO much, ladies!! Money is tight right now, so I will be saving my pennies for an Ennell and/or a Moving Comfort Fiona!

Thank you! Thank you!
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Moving comfort also makes a great one called Maia. It's very supportive. If I were just getting one, I'd totally get the Enell.
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40 G here...

Are you weight training at all (great workout, without the big tata impact)? Also, you could always (while you're saving) use ace bandages around the tatas over your bra (you know the elastic fabric that people wrap around their sprained ancles or something)...or choose a lower impact exercise--walking, walking with weights, swimming, bike...

But really, it sounds like you need a bra fitting...to make sure you're wearing the right size.

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I've spent years struggling with this one. I've found a couple things work adequately.

-I once found a bra that was meant for back support so it had big, wide straps with a large criss-cross on the back. It held me in very well.
-Currently I use an underwire bra I found at a plus-sized store in Canada. It is actually their sports bra but with the underwire I find that makes all the difference.
-Often I have found that just the most supportive underwire bra I can find is MUCH better than any sports bra.
-When I need additional support (ie. for running) I add a pullover sports bra - the extra compression seems to help some.
-I always choose bras a little tighter than I would like for every day wear - especially in the band.

I must admit I do avoid activities like running specifically for this reason (I DESPISE jumping jacks!) & try to stick to things that burn as many calories without the bounce (the rower is fabulous!!!)

I have a friend who always wears 2 or 3 bras - ugh - so uncomfortable!
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I run up to 10 k, and found the only way I can do this comfortably is as follows:
2 sports bras (1 tback, 1 regular worn on top to catch the overflow, haha) and a tight yoga top on top of that. I get very warm, but it doesn't hurt to run. I should add that the sport bras are at least a size too small.
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yeah... the only way I've been able to solve this problem is with multiple bra's.
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Thanks so much, ladies!! I really appreciate all the help and advice!
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Originally Posted by aquarian View Post
yeah... the only way I've been able to solve this problem is with multiple bra's.
Me too
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try ebay. sometimes you can get a real deal on enell bras there. just make sure you double check the sizing. sometimes they sell off sizes there.
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