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I noticed Cal-Ben here and on Debra's List, and she recommends them, so I e-mailed them for their ingredients. Does anyone know what this means? I don't understand it.
These are some of their products.

Complexion Beauty Pure Soap Bar
20% Cocoa Butter (Extra Virgin Copra Cocoanut Oil) U.S.P. Grade
80% Vegetable Fat (Highest Grade Tallow Oil)
A few drops Pure Almond Essential Oil Extract for essence

Gold Star Shampoo (Triple Concentrate)
Extra Virgin Cocoa Butter Oils, Vegetable Protein Oil, Amide Cocoa Fat, Essential Cocoanut Oil Essence, Vegetable Fat Conditioner

Seafoam Liquid Pure Soap
Vegetable Tallow Oil, Extra Virgin Cocoa Butter Oil, Foam Stabilizer, Opacifier, Essential Oil Extract Of California Oranges Essence

Seafoam Laundry Soap Granules (SUPER CONCENTRATE)
Dry White Cocoa Granules, Tallow Oil Granules, C.M.C. Degreaser, Anionic Degreaser, Sodium Metasilicate, Washing Soda, Essential Oil Extract Of Lemon Oil Essence

Seafoam Laundry Liquid (SUPER CONCENTRATE)
Liquid Cocoa Amide, Tallow Oil, C.M.C. Degreaser, Non-Ionic & Ionic Degreaser, Essential Oil Extract of California Oranges Essence

Almond Hand Lotion
Purified Water, Glycerin, Tea-Sterarate, Vegitable Fatty Acids, Almond Oil Extract, D& c Red #33