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Anyone else pregnant and co-sleeping?

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I'm getting so little sleep lately that I'm overwhelmed. My DD is 3 and this past week has been going through a phase of not sleeping much. She's got a stuffy nose so that might be it, but between her waking me and the difficulties I'm having getting to sleep I'm exhausted. I think I was in bed for 6 hours last night and up with her 5 times and then she's been up since 5:30.

We're heading in the direction of night-weaning as she's happy to nurse for a few seconds and then roll over and go to sleep and I just think about how much easier this first trimester fatigue would be if she'd just SLEEP! Anyone out there want to wallow with me?
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Here I am! I'm co-sleeping...with my almost 7 year old! Oh my. I really would like to have him in his own bed before my belly gets big but I'm not sure how that'll happen. He seems to need contact with someone next to him in order to sleep. And even then, he doesn't sleep all that well. Last night he woke up at 2 am and has been up ever since.
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We're co sleeping with my 4 yr old and it's driving me nuts! He's all over the bed and kicks alot. We've been trying to transition him to a mattress on the floor next to us for a long time but he always ends up with us in the middle of the night.
I'm not sure what we're going to do but changes are needed soon!
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My youngest is only 10mo and nurses all night, so yeah...
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i'll wallow. my 5 year old sleeps in our bed and my 2 year old (who does sleep in her own bed) was up at 5 this morning. this sucks. yesterday i was so bagged i was asleep at 7:45pm. to top it all off, dh is sleeping all day as he is doing night shifts right now. bah. bah and bah.

my goal is to make it through the day w/o snapping.
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I'm cosleeping with our 13 month old. We have a toddler bed side-carred, but only because we needed the extra space! She moves around A LOT at night and will sometimes lay in there, sometimes lay perpendicular between DH and I, sometimes lay on my back. It's pretty funny to DH and I right now, but I'm sure as my belly gets bigger it will be less so :P Also, we had planned on continuing cosleeping with both kids when LO#2 is born, but I'm not sure it would be safe with our little monkey crawling all around! I'm kinda hoping she'll nightwean on her own and start STTN. Haha
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Oooh I feel ya! In our queen size bed, by morning we have me, DH, 5yo ds, 4yo dd & almost 2yo dd. Craaamped and we are going to work on getting them to stay in their beds starting tonight. lol They have one huuuge bed really (2 queen sized mattress sets on the floor). They think it's so fun, but they migrate to our bed when we're fast asleep.
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I am cosleeping with my DS as well. He has been teething 3 molars lately so I do not get much sleep. He would nurse every 0.5 -1 hr starting like at 2 AM. I was wondering about just giving him Tylenol and getting sleep, but he never had any drugs (besides Mylicon like twice which did not work for us). I ended up giving him Hylands which helped a little. But usually he sleeps fine first couple of hours, and then when he starts this thing at 2AM I am way to sleepy to try to put 3 tablets in his mouth...
So I feel like a zombie...
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Sort of co-sleeping too.

Willow is 5...and usually she sleeps at the end of the bed ("Like a puppy!" she says)... usually in the middle of the night I pull her up to snuggle with me.

We got a new bed...it's only a queen and toooo small. lol
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We are cosleepers and with #3 coming, we are going to have to upgrade to a King Size bed. I sleep on one side, dd2 13 months,dh and then dd1 almost 3.
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Pregnant, cosleeping and what seems like almost constant night-nursing. The last one I've got to fix. I can't take much more.
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Another co-sleeper.
My 2.5 yr. old is a sleeping miracle. We walk him to his bed, read stories, give kisses, and don't see him again until the morning.

My 4.5 yr. old is a sleep nightmare. He wants constant contact. For over a year now we start the night with putting him in his own room--Daddy goes with him and stays til he falls asleep--but he always ends up in my bed. ALWAYS.

My 10 mo. old is a horrible sleeper too and seems to want constant contact and nurse all night long. I am hoping this will will change as he gets older and I get further along in pregnancy. I wish those two would sleep with each other and hang all over each other all night long and let me get some sleep.
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We are. Thinking of nightweaning, unless it happens on its own in the next few months Yeah, right!
We have a king, but we are for sure going to sidecar another bed soon and have DD sleep there. I don't feel like our king would allow enough room for another person, and I don't want DD flopping on a young baby. It boggles my mind that some of you have multiple kids with you in a queen size! I don't think I would get any sleep.
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Not pregnant now, but have been there. We co sleep with our 8yr, 7yr, 5yr and infant. A few years back we bought a king size bed, chopped off the legs and now we sleep on the floor. We then bought a queen futon which we unroll each night next to the bed, and then the 6 of us, kind of find our groove sprawled across the "floor bed". I try to get everyone off to bed in their own room and they all make their way into our room throughout the night.

During my last two weeks of my last pregnancy, I could not take it so I landed up sleeping in my boys room by myself in the single bed! But the whole family just followed me there and slept on the floor of that room! Felt a little bad, but was too uncomfortable to care!
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Yeah...we've been trying to transition our 18mo to his toddler bed, but, we need to get a bed rail because he falls out. He seems to be working towards weening lately though he only takes a few sucks and then asks for water....he only nurses once or twice (in the past 2 days lol) a night now...so could be just a phase I guess.
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My 19 mo has a crib at this point, but he still nurses at night. I would say that 9 nights out of 10 he spends some portion of the night in our bed.

I would love to nightwean him, but he isn't on board with the plan and I am afraid that he will wake up his sister. She lives with us every other week, and one week is just not enough time to break the habit.
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DS is only almost 9 months, so we're still doing co-sleeping, night-nursing. We have our bed on the floor with his crib mattress right next to us, but he rarely uses it. I think when my due date starts to get close we'll start trying to get him to sleep on his own mattress next to me. A squirmy, kicking toddler + newborn just doesn't sound good to me!
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Alright, so reading that I'm not the only sleep-deprived fool out there makes me feel better. That's a good thing, right?

So last night we tried out something new. DH and I switched spots so that when DD woke up he tried to settle her. I think he managed to get her back to sleep once and then she came over to my side and nursed the next time she woke, so at least I got a little bit more alone time. Hopefully it's something we can work one especially for once the baby is born.
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Wallow wallow wallow.

My 19 month old has been nursing fairly constantly starting at about 2-3am. Ouch. My 5.5 year old dd comes in to the big bed at sometime during the night. She wasn't too bad last ngiht after I had a talk to her about snuggling a little too close (she's been throwing a leg over me that's been making me feel hot and trapped).

I'm not quite sure which has been a worst for me. The constant nursing or feeling so darn hot. I can stand having blankets and kids all in my space right now.

Oh and the dog has been lying on my feet most of the time as well. :
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Not in your DDC, but I can totally relate! DD (3yo) sleeps with us and is driving me crazy! Poor thing has a cold (we all do) and has not been sleeping well. She's been kicking, waking up all of the time, twiddling nonstop when she nurses...grrrr.

Don't really know what we'll do when the baby comes in April. Thinking about a sidecar co-sleeper. Guess we'll see!
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