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I get to join!

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: Yay!

Hello everyone I just got my BFP this morning and I'm in total shock. It doesn't feel real!

I'm Sarah and I'm 24. I've been married to DH(26) for 2 years back in August. We've been TTC since June. On one hand I feel really young.. but on the other hand, I know DH and I (and our relationship) is ready for this. I'm scared and excited and not sure what to expect!
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hip hip hooray!! I'm peeking in from June DDC, but I saw it pop up and had to say congratulations! I'm so glad it wasn't a cold!!!!!!

Yay for Kali for calling the preggs.....

preggs, preggs, preggs....

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your chart was just looking too good!!!

congrats! glad to see you here!
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Thanks guys!!

I still have the cold! But at least I have a nice BFP to go with it... LOL
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Congrats!! I've been fighting a cold, too... but I'm a lot better today. If you think you're young for your first, look at my signature. I turned 21 just before we had our first, and now I'm 26 with our 4th on the way! Being a Mom is amazing.
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Congrats! You are in no way too young. I was around your age when we had DD. It's going to be great! And, I hope your cold eases up.

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What a great group we have in our DDC! I'm so excited to be among you guys!
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