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Anybody out there who has had experience with a pregnancy AFTER your cervical scar tissue has already been broken up from childbirth? Does that make sense??? I had a LEEP and a cone biopsy and fotunately, then went on to naturally deliver my dd without complication (other than 2+ months of bedrest and extremely painful contractions when the scar tissue broke up).

So my question is... what does this mean for future pregnancies??? My ob told me before my dd was born that my cervix was completely thinned and the scar tissue was pretty much the only thing holding her in. But since the scar tissue was broken up during childbirth, it's not there any more to hold in another baby, right? So what should I expect if I get pregnant again? More bedrest? Is my cervix more likely to be incompetent now?

I'm thinking about having more children, but I'm worried about all the possible complications. I talked with my MD about it today and he was really no help... just saying that I'll really have to think about it before TTC. Gee thanks.