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Joining you

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I got a positive test today, but I've miscarried before so I am cautiously joining you. We were practicing FAM, but through caution to the wind one night and here we are. I have a 13 month old dd and another who will be three next month. I am a little freaked out at this point and I'm waiting for dh to get home to share the news with him.
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Hoping you get a big ol' sticky baby
Grats on your positive test!
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yeeee-haw! congrats! looks like you are going to have your hands full!
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Congratulations and I hope this one sticks! I understand wanting to be cautious. Last time I tested positive at home, I called everyone and was so excited. I went to the doc two days later and was told I had an early miscarriage. So this time I waited a week after testing positive before going to the doctor, trying not to think about it, because I didn't want that to happen again. I hope you and DH are celebrating the great news, though! Congrats again!
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