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Not vaxing in MA- help?

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I just moved to western MA and we stopped vaxing our son at 4 months. Is there anything we should know? I went to a pedi appointment today and they had me fill out some paperwork and one of the forms had something to do with vaccines- it almost looked like a registry? I didn't fill it out, and I tried to remember the name but so much ended up happening that I've forgotten it. I decided not to see this pedi anyway and have an appointment with another one coming up, so I'm not sure if they'll give me this form as well. Does anyone know what it was, or if I should sign it? It didn't seem to say anything about me acknowledging risks by not vaxing, it just looked like it wanted basic information about DS (name, address, etc.) I think it was actually put out by the Mass DPH office of immunizations or something like that? I hope someone can figure out what I'm talking about!

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How old is your DS now? That sounds like it was the doctor's own form. It is up to you whether you sign it or not, or whatever it was....

You do need to know that in MA there is no philosophical vax exemption. There either needs to be a medical reason or a "sincerely held religious belief" and you will need to write a letter saying so. My religion has no restriction, but the letter is just a formality and I just go with it... I figure that I "don't believe in vax'ing" so therefore it is a religious belief. LOL

You may find this site helpful in explaining it all to you: MA Citizen's for Vaccine Choice
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My two youngest are not vaxed although we have just started selectively with our 4yr old ds.... anyways for his preschool (public) I just wrote a letter stating it was against our "sincere held religous beliefs" just like pp posted. I had no problems with turning it in with the school nurse. The schools just need it on file so they're covered.
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I have not vax'd my children and never had an issue. I would be hesitant to fill out any form with my dc's info for DPH...I have never had to sign anything at my pedi's office wrt vaxing(or not, as the case is) but I have a very good doc. We also homeschool, so there is no issue there. Any activities the kids do tht ask for vax proof, I simply say we don't and as of yet have not had any issues.
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thanks for the responses. since none of you have seen the form i will assume it's not standard procedure and not worry. thanks
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