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kombucha and high blood pressure

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I have read that regular consumption of kombucha helps lower high blood pressure. Does anyone have any anecdotal evidence/experiences to share? How long before you saw results? How many oz did you drink? What kind of tea did you use?
I am trying to get my DH to go this route before the dr. prescribes him medication which will make him miserable. He exercises a lot, is not overweight, and I have reduced the salt I cook with and am using only sea salt or chicken broth for seasoning.
Any suggestions?
(BTW, he has this running in the family and no other symptoms, no dizziness etc.)
Thanks for any info/feedback
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Is he on any medication now? The dr may just prescribe a mild diuretic to begin with. It's important he get it under control. I have high BP (runs in my family, too) and have seen the results of it over time first hand. My dad had surgery for an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA) 6 yrs ago and has never recovered. His AAA was probably caused in part by years of high BP (although it was treated). He also had a stroke which can also be caused by high BP.

Anyway, the diuretic I take (HCTZ — hydrochlorathiazide) certainly hasn't made me miserable. I don't notice any effects from it at all (no increased need to pee, even) except for lower blood pressure. I am also now on a very low dose of an ACE inhibitor (lisinopril) and have noticed no effects from it except perhaps a decrease in anxiety and lower BP. I'm all about trying natural methods, but don't let it stay high if they don't work. Allopathic meds don't have to make him miserable and they're certainly better than a stroke!

I haven't heard that about kombucha although I do drink it occasionally. I haven't noticed any effect on my BP when I've had it, but haven't looked for it either. Other things that can help are:

• reducing salt — I don't think sea salt is any better for high BP than regular salt (I like to use balsamic vinegar to give an edge to dishes instead of salt, but it's not quite the same. Commercial chicken broth usu has a lot of sodium in it, too.)

• google the DASH diet which is a diet low in salt high in fruit/veggies and low fat dairy developed by Harvard's School of Public Health

• beets (I did notice an effect with this)

• a small amount of alcohol (like 1 beer a day)

• exercise (good for him on already doing this)

• losing weight if you're overweight (I'm not, either)

• yoga

• controlled deep breathing. This is why yoga can be helpful I think. There's a product called a "resperator" or something like that which is supposed to help with this. I've never tried it.

• untreated or undertreated hypo(low)thyroidism. Can also cause high cholesterol.

• I think garlic maybe? It helps everything, anyway!

That's all I can think of off the top of my head, but there are other herbs, etc, that are said to help. For me, I had to go on meds. I am hypothyroid as well and adjusting my thyroid meds and adding the very low dose ACE inhibitor has really helped mine. It's great now (102/73 vs 170/100 before).

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Thank you so much for your post. After reading it all again, I noticed that I neglected to mention his age (52) and that he is a smoker (I know, I know...I have cried, begged, pleaded, offered major amounts of money, but maybe this time he'll be convinced)
I read briefly about the DASH diet and will look into that further as well.
Thanks again.
I continue reading...
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I have noticed that kombucha will make me (sorry folks but I have to say it!) Tinkle a lot more, and it seems to be a mild diuretic. My last back shot appointment, they were pleased that my pressure was down a bit, but attributed it to the fact that I have lost 10lbs. I only have problems with high blood pressure when I go to have my shots as I know that they are going to hurt.. my regular Dr. visits my pressure is usually normal to low.
I would say that every little bit will help with the blood pressure issues, I have found that not nagging every time someone 'lights up' helps a bit more--but many of the In-laws family members have stopped due to my Father in law passing away from lung cancer. : I'll just send a hug and kiss your way and hope that things will start looking up for you..
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Ah, yes, smoking is bad. I'm sure he knows that. The very few can quit easily (my DH did years before I met him). My dad smoked for years and even after his stroke he couldn't completely quit. He used to sneak smokes out in the back yard. I don't think badgering him would have done a bit of good. He did cut way back, though, and really tried. I'm sure the smoking contributed to both of his major problems.

Anyway, try the natural stuff, but don't fear the meds too much. Some people just need them. My sister is petite and runs marathons and has had high BP since her late 20s. I don't think there's too much I can do to keep mine at bay except the meds.

Overall, high BP is a pretty treatable thing to have (not like inoperable brain cancer or something) so don't fret about it too much, but do try to get his down however you have to in order to prevent problems later on. Good luck on the smoking, too.
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