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is bloody show necessary?

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I can't remember if I had bloody show last time, and I don't know if it's necessary for the onset of "real" labor or not. Can anyone answer this?

Also, if you're dilated to, say 2cm, would your mucus plug already be gone? I forgot to ask the doc this.
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I have never had bloody show. I never saw my mucus plug w/ ds, but with dd, I remember it came out all in one glop, about six hours into active labor - I was probably around 5 or 6 cm at the time.
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I didn't have it with DS2.
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The only one I remember it with is my 3rd child.
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with DS#1 i didnt have any bloody show until my water broke. I dont really know if I lost my mucus plug with him either, although I was 3 1/2 cm when I went into labor with with him. With this pregnancy, I believe i lost my plug in a couple of slimy globs over a weeks time. I was only at a finger tip dialted, and am still only at 1 cm. I am 100% effaced though. So I think it is just different each and every time. No matter what it was like before or what it was like for anyone else.
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I don't remember it with DD. I also don't remember losing the mucus plug.
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Jumping in from Dec here... I only had a small amount with DD and none at all with both DS's. The boys were actually born 'in the caul' (amniotic sac), so no mess at all till the pushing stage
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So far with 2 births I have never had bloody show and never seen my mucus plug...
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Me either.
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only had bloody show w/middle ds. just lost some plug prior w/this baby

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Never saw any with my first 2; saw a little bit with #3 AFTER early labor had already begun. So no, you don't *have* to see it, and I would also imagine it'd be easy to miss anyway (like if you went to the bathroom and it came out then in the toilet, you might not even notice, yk?)
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Thanks, everyone. After dealing with these on-again off-again contrax and cramping episodes, I've finally come to the conclusion that all I can do is ignore them until they demand I pay attention.

Glad to know bloody show isn't necessary--b/c I didn't think it was. I really don't think I saw anything last time.
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Nope, I've had three babies and never seen a mucuous plug, I keep wondering if I'd even know what it was! Also I've never seen any bloody show.
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hehe, i was going to post this same question. i didn't have a plug or a bloody show. my ob told me to rush in if i had a bloody show... but i've never had one so how do i know if labor is near... obviously if my water breaks but any other signs.
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