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HCG Levels

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I am 21 DPO ( I think) and on Monday my HCG levels were 625 and they were concerned becasue they didn't see anything in the ultrasound. Well I called today to check to see what the levels were from yesturday, they told me they needed to be around 1200-1500...they were 2200!!! The nurse said that their might be more than one in there with those levels, they trippled!!!! What do you think??? They want me to come in on Tuesday for another ultrasound so make sure they implanted in the uterus. ( My mom and grandmother both had a tubal pregenancy).
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I hope everything goes ok for you. Twins would be fun! What do you think? I don't know much about levels because my first appt is at 8 weeks.
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Congrats on your great numbers.But,you can't tell if there are twins based on that.The possibility is still exciting non the less!!!
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