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Leather sole baby booties....

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Anyone know of a free pattern for baby booties that have a leather sole? Knit or crochet... I've been spinning, and I thought that it would be perfect wool for that kind of project!!
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I was wondering the exact same thing today. Yesterday I broke down and bought my DD a pair of Padraig slippers. I absolutely love them! http://padraigcottage.com/SearchResu...x?CategoryID=2
The pattern looks so easy, but I'm just not enough of an expert to figure it out myself. I want a pair in adult size, too.

I'll be watching this thread closely!
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That's them! I know what u mean.... I could figure it out, I just dont have a pair.... Keep our fingers cross someone will help out!!
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Theresa of Little Turtle Knits suggests in her stripey slipper pattern to knit the slippers then get a piece of leather or suede, put it on the floor, have the wearer put the slippers on and stand on the leather. Trace the sole of the foot, cut out the shape from the leather, put some holes around the edges and whip stitch it to the sole of the slippers.

I would imagine this would work with any pair of slippers really. I will be doing it for my kiddos this year b/c our new house has some hardwood and I don't want them slipping.

You could also use these~ http://www.knitpicks.com/Suede+2-Pie...SlipperB.html?
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The good thing about the Padraig-type slippers that's different from what the LTK or knitpicks ideas, is that the inside of the slippers actually have soft, fluffy lambskin on the inside. The leather has holes punched around the outside and the wool yarn is knit through them. It's like walking on a lambskin rug!
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a great pattern I'm using :)

good luck!
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thanks for the link!!!!!:
i'm gonna try it out, and post a picture!!!
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i've been making felted adult slippers (these: http://knittinghistory.typepad.com/k...y_slippers.pdf or these: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/libr...elted-slipper# or these: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/libr...elted-slippers ) with sheepskin insoles and leather sewn onto the soles. they end up costing ~30$/ pair to make, but they're amazing. very good xmas presents.
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