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So what symptoms do you guys have already?

Me? I can tell my body temperature is higher than normal and it's driving me nuts. I feel like I'm burning out of my skin. I'm usually one of those people that is always cold... so feeling constantly hot is out of my norm.

Then I have the usual sore boobies. Gotta love those.

I am not looking forward to morning sickness. I hate throwing up more than any other illness.
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Welcome fellow TTC in our 20's groupie. We've had so many graduates it's nice. Yes, as for body temp. I definitely quit charting because I'd probably get worried. But, last night I slept with the window open (it was 45 degrees outside) fan on, and only one blanket. My husband is not liking me at the moment. And would you think, I still woke up hot? Well, I had to go to the bathroom too. What's with the having to pee twice in the night? I am trying to figure out my new body. It feels weird. I've had a hard time telling whatever the uterus is doing apart from a number 2 feeling. But, number 2 is not coming as frequent as it usually does. So if this is TMI but you asked about symptoms. And yes, I can never remember having sore boobs in my life but they are definitely sore now. I only threw up once, but it could be unrelated to pregnancy.
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I am already throwing up at 12dpo. It's no surprise, because with my first- I was sick the whole time I was pregnant. My boobs are sore and hot! It's like they have their own furnace in there. I made my husband feel them last night to make sure I wasn't losing my mind.

Blue Wolf You may get lucky like my girlfriend did and not ever have morning sickness. The thing that helps the most is to eat several small meals a day. Never let your stomach get empty. That's the best advice I've got for you.
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I don't really have any symptoms at 17 DPO. *maybe* constipation (but I tend that way anyways) and breast tenderness (but that is easy to imagine). It makes me a little nervous.
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Mostly I'm super hungry, and exahusted all at the same time! I just woke up (9am) and I'm still tired enough that I feel like I got hit by a train! I hope this is normal! and I do have some breast tenderness, but somehow that's taking the back seat to the rest! I have only been ill a couple of times!
I hope the ravishing hunger means it's a boy!
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I'm so tired. And not really hungry. I've even turned down chocolate! My lower back still hurts a little, not too much though. And that's about it. So far, so good. Of course, it's still super early!
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i'm 13dpo (we got our first BFP at 11dpo) and my boobs have been pretty ouchy since 7dpo. i also had cramping around 7-8dpo (implantation?) for the past few days i've had the feeling of slight cramping/ovulation pains. it's mild and constant and it feels warm. i have occasionally felt warmer than usual, but i like it -i'm the person who's always too cold.
maybe i'm cracking up but it seems like my hair is oilier than usual (which is not oily at all).
oh- and this isn't a symptom but it's silly so i thought i'd share. a friend showed me a cute christmas card with a sparkly goldfish in a bowl (i like goldfish) and thought it was so precious i teared up. duh!
congrats to all!

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im about 6 weeks now and havent had much. Not sure if Im trying not to think about it since Im worried I will MC..
My Only sxs is tired and alittle more hungry
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I'm six weeks Monday and I have been queasy all day, and threw up once in the afternoon. I boiled some water with a bit of ginger and that seems to be helping to settle my stomach.

I've also had sore breasts and extreme fatigue - I'm sleeping all the time now! Picky eating too, a lot less hungry than usual. I feel all around sick, and I've never been so excited to feel sick in my life!
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Start of MS today. Just slight, not too much, yet...
I am really tired as well. I thought I was the only one who was overheating - I can't remember it so early in my other pregnancies.
Some stomach bloating. YUCK!
No sore boobies, yet! Thank goodness as I'm still breastfeeding my 2 year old son.
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pee, pee, pee. i pee all day. i pee all night.

other than that, nothing yet. i expect more in a couple of weeks.
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Since about the middle of last week I've just had a constant icky, slightly nauseous feeling mixed with ravenous hunger not that long after I eat. I haven't actually thrown up, although I've thought I was going to a couple of times. I'll be at six weeks tomorrow, so I'm expecting the nausea to get worse. Other than that I've been more tired than usual, and my breasts are more sore than they've ever been before. It's funny, even though it's uncomfortable, it's reassuring for me to feel that stuff.
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I'm just starting to feel/have symptoms other than really tender breasts. today at Target I had my 1st wave of nasea and I had to leave. Tonight....I hope this isn't TMI, but I seem to have never-ending gas:
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I feel nautious and dizzy which is what gave it away for me. I am super bloated and achy and I am already having wacky dreams. And I pee almost every hour.
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