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Originally Posted by fek&fuzz View Post
Good coffee beans.
Grass fed beef and pastured eggs. :
Eileen Fisher clothes. Sometimes.
And I spent what seemed like a lot of money on Wacoal bras a couple of years ago, but they are made so much better than the VS (and actually support my DDs) and they have lasted really well.

Things I'm frugal about: generic contact lens solution, buying dish/laundry soap on sale, lots of clothes/shoe/bag shopping at TJMaxx and Marshalls.
I love Wacoal bras. I can usually find them a lot cheaper on ebay than at my local brashop.
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I only give DS wooden/natural toys. I only buy them new VERY OCCASIONALLY, but usually find them at thrift stores. I could easily afford to buy him 10 blinky plastic things for every one of the wood toys I get for him, but I will not compromise on this.
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Arbonne RE9 facial serum - love it, never had better looking skin in my lifestime since I was a mini kid (pre 4th grade).

Cable internet for sure - I actually do have to have it for work as I telecomute and my company reimburses me for my bill, but if I no longer worked with them, I would keep this line item in my budget.

Dried apritcots - must have on hand at all times so I can make a wonderful red lentil apricot soup receipe we love.

We do eat out/ take out too often (1x a week), but it's in the budget and are making wise money choices aside.

We don't really have any other major splurges.
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Fun thread!

Really like having:

--high-speed internet
--hair cut and colored by a pro (but I go way too long in between, to save money. If I really had $$, I'd have it done more frequently).

also, the occasional Starbucks espresso drink
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My hair! To be fair, I'd probably go a bit cheaper, but my future SIL got a job at a high end salon (at least high end for Salt Lake) and I don't think I'm allowed to go anywhere else.

Last time I got my hair done, though, I had her color it close enough to my natural color that I think I can just get away with just a cut now. That'll save a few dimes alone... also I get guilted into buying oh so very expensive Bumble & Bumble and Kerastase hair product that I absolutely don't need... I swear next time I go... CUT ONLY and NO PRODUCT!
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NetFlix (although we consider this frugal because we've stopped buying movies)

Organic, pastured eggs.

Beautiful Produce.

Beautiful wooden toys for my kiddo.

Weekly Massage
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Ok, my un-frugal things:

Aubrey Organics facial moisturizer and body lotions
Aveda perfumes/oils: I cannot wear any other commercial perfumes
Victorias Secret cotton undies: I have tried many other brands and these just fit the best!
Lip balms: all natural, badger balms or pure goat's milk
Good shoes: I just recently started this and my feet thank me (dansko, clarks, ll bean)
CDs: I love music and need a new cd every other month or so (latest obsession: Eva Cassidy)
Art/craft supplies for myself: My sanity depends on this
Good quality toys for dd
We eat out about 2x a week
Oh and jeans from Victorias Secret: seriously the BEST fitting jeans I've EVER tried, and I've tried a LOT!!! I need long length, and on ebay I can get them for next to nothing (around 10-15 bucks)
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I refuse to live without:

-- Cable TV: specifically IFC and Sundance channels
-- Cable internet
-- Exquisite wooden toys for me mostly, occassionally my kiddos
-- Good shoes: Merrill, Birk, Crocs
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Oh, I forgot to add my one Starbucks Grande, extra-hot, soy, no whip, pumpkin spice latte on Friday mornings. It is the one morning a week when both boys are at activities and I have 2 hours to myself. I usually grab my coffee and run errands alone.
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Stuff I can't justify cutting out:

*trade magazines for my business. 3 every 2 months at $6-7 each. They're a tax write-off too, which helps justify the expense.
*date night with my husband when he's here. We usually drop about $50 but it's worth the cost to stay connected and happy, especially since those memories have been some of the best ones to go over and over in my head while he's been gone.
*chiropractic visits. I haven't gone nearly as much as I should, but when I do, it makes me that much better a wife, mother and massage therapist. And a much more cheerful person, since my back doesn't feel like it's made of lead for a few days afterward.
*eyebrow waxing and hair coloring. There's a running joke in our family on both sides that the only times since puberty my hair has come close to its natural color are named Kaitlyn, Jordan and Emma-Claire. Which is true. I'm aware of and comfortable with that. The eyebrow waxing is a have-to otherwise my eyebrows look like the caveman dude on the commercials. Seriously.
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Originally Posted by arismama! View Post
i too splurge on the chocolate underground yogurt, i probably spend 6$ a week on it for my family, it is so yummy!

and i buy Dr. Haushka or Aubrey shampoo and conditioner which average 12$ a pop but last us a month.

organic ground to order coffee, that too.

organic baby products and organic cotton baby clothes and blankets.
Well, my Aveda shampoo could be frugal actually. I get the huge $27 bottle of Blue Malva and I'm not kidding you this bottle will last a year-and I have nearly waist-length hair!!! So I figure im saving by not running out of shampooall the time and using gas to go get it....ahh how I love rationalizing
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I won't give up:

High-speed internet (though it is actually about the same price as having a phone and paying for dial-up)

dance lessons and the gas to get there

occasional clothing purchases (thrift store and used online)

nice cheese- seriously, I spend as much on dairy as I do on the rest of our groceries
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The lovely, home-owned Thai place at the end of our neighborhood. We do it as cheaply as possible (carryout, 15% off coupon, etc.), but we just love it too much not to visit every few weeks, or so.
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Good coffee, locally roasted just the day before :

Racing ~ triathlons and running. Both are expensive (the triathlons more so). I LOVE to race, but easily spent $500+ this year in race registrations alone ! I don't really like to exercise for the heck of it, but I really like to train for a big event. No way will I give up my races .
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Bare Minerals makeup. I guess it's not really all that non-frugal b/c the container I currently have has been open since 2/26/08 and I probably still have another month worth of it. So, $25 for 10 months worth of makeup isn't all that expensive, but it's a decent chunk of change to drop all at once (at least for me it is). I know the date I first used it b/c I write the date I open things with a sharpie so I can get a better idea of how long they last and can look out for sales when I know I'm getting low.

The other thing that I can't cut out is high speed internet.
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Good food.

For example, I am making a butternut squash soup tonight and the recipe calls for blue cheese crumbs and crispy pancetta slices to finish it off.

Now, there is no reason I need to spend what will probably be an extra $6 or so on fancy toppings for my soup but OMG, they would just take the soup to the next level.

My new one is good shoes. For the first time ever, I gave myself permission to buy really good shoes. I want less of better things rather than a lot of not-so-good things. (and I do have a lot of not-so-good quality shoes and clothes)

I ordered a pair of brown shoes (Privos) and a pair of black (J-41s) this fall. It felt almost dirty at first but now I am loving it as well as less clutter in my closet. I got rid of all the pairs that I didn't like and didn't wear.
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Right now? My homebirth midwife! I totally could get a hospital birth at no out of pocket cost to me. No, thank you! I'd rather cut back on EVERYTHING else!
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My blockbuster.com subscription, although it's a hell of a lot cheaper than cable.

Good, organic food. I love to cook, and I can make most things better than you could get them at a restaurant. :

Take out twice a month. Sometimes, I just crave a pizzeria pizza - I make my own often, but I don't have a pizza oven (obviously), and sometimes I want the "authentic" pizza experience.

My $60 DKNY Ludlow style jeans, which are the only ones that fit right - although I do wear them forever (my 2005 pair are almost shredded...there's a whole bigger than my hand in the knee, and I think the inseams are about to go).
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Wow, I don't feel so bad after reading this thread. We've been forced to give up so many things lately & I still feel like it isn't cutting it, so I tend to feel guilty about the things we haven't given up.

We will probably never get rid of cell phones, cable & high speed internet. We do have netflix as well, but it is one of the least expensive plans.

We do eat out more than we should I guess, but we have cut WAY back on that too.

That being said I have been trying to talk myself into buying a $35 pair of boots for 2 months & I just can't do it yet. However if they were for the kids I probably wouldn't have such an issue.
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I have been thinking about this all day. I thought I was frugal but the list is pretty long

high end ingredients for cooking
good beer/wine
good coffee
violin lessons for my dd

But the most unfrugal thing I cannot live without is MY DH!!!!!
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