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International Removals?

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We are moving from Aus to NZ in January next year and I'm trying to get a ball park figure for shipping our stuff. ATM we have no idea how much stuff we'll take so contacting removalist companies is kind of hopeless (but I'm also doing that anyway).
I just want to know if we are looking at say more or less than $5k AU to move a whole house (2 adults one toddler) or more or less than $10k or far far less than that. I have no fricken idea!
We are looking at sea freight since we will definitely have more than 1 cubic metre of stuff to move.
I know there are a few expats on this board - can anybody share there experience please? US to NZ or even to Aus would also help me guestimate.
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On Friday the movers came and packed up a full 20 foot container for my move from Boston, Massachusetts (north east USA) to Napier, New Zealand. We are 2 adults, 2 kids, without too much furniture. We have 4 beds, 1 couch, 1 dining room table plus 6 chairs, lots of books, lots of games, lots of CDs, DVDs, lots and lots of stuffed animals and toys, and lots of kitchen stuff (dishes, pots, pans, glasses, mugs, etc.). There was a little room to spare. All in all, it should end up costing us just under $10,000 in US dollars. That includes insurance. But obviously, it's going a lot farther than your stuff will go, so I'd say you've gotta come in well under $10,000.

Have you checked out movingscam.com? They have a lot of good info, mostly for US moving, but it might be helpful.

Good luck! Where are you moving to?
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Thanks! We're moving to about an hour outside Nelson (north of South Island).
From what you said it looks like we're looking at less than $10,000 AU. We've only got two beds for a start and it's not going anywhere near as far. That's a start
It's been so frustrating trying to find out, everywhere wants to do detailed quotes and I just want to scream "But we haven't decided what we're taking yet!"
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This is really helpful. We were thinking around 10k US from Boulder, Colorado. Any other links would be great. Is it worth it to bring our stuff?
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Originally Posted by Spring Sun View Post
This is really helpful. We were thinking around 10k US from Boulder, Colorado. Any other links would be great. Is it worth it to bring our stuff?
Are you moving to NZ? I would say definitely bring your stuff. I wish I had brought more. Stuff is expensive here. And resale value of used stuff is high. So if you bring stuff you decide you don't want or need, it's fairly easy to sell on trademe.co.nz or elsewhere.
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I agree, take your stuff. Stuff in NZ is mad expensive compared to the US. Obviously don't bother taking any electronics though.

I just got a quote Singapore - Sydney for our stuff (3br apt, 2 adults, 2 kids worth, taking about 75% of it) and it's c $8K (SGD). I'd imagine well under 10K for you then.
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Thank you guys, that is really helpful, as it is such a big cost and decision to make.
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