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My lovely hubby bought strawberries last night!

Guess who had a nice big bowl of sliced strawberries and banana for lunch? Yummy!!!

yes, I also had Taco Bell, but thought I'd just be proud of the healthy stuff...

I've lost 3 pounds, which is really, really good. I've been trying to watch what I eat, and now that I'm leveling out hormone-wise, I'm not stuffing bread down my throat all the time.

I am already overweight, and I was gaining more than I should be, according to normal preg gain. So, yay for eating healthy! :

(A long-time weight watcher lifetime member)
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Yummy indeed! The taco bell too! Sounds like a terrific lunch to me.

But yes, I am a WW too. So yay for eating healthy!
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Ohhhh, no no no Taco Bell! When my morning sickness was in full swing, I went aginst my better judgement and had Taco Bell for lunch - ending up throwing it alllll back up! I was so disappointed because I LOVE TB! It's one of those things that I know it so awful for me but sometimes I just have to have it!
Anyway, TB is on my 'do not eat' list at least until my morning sickness is over!

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i normally can't do taco bell at all, but after reading this thread, i kind of want a taco and some nachos :
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Thinking about Taco Bell (ok it has been a looooong time since I've had it, prob over 10 years so not sure if it is different now) just made me gag! yuck!

haha But, some McDonalds french fries (which I haven't had since I was prego with my son!) :
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